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My name is abid khofif amri shidqi, from bekasi regency. I would like to present
about my post program activity. My program is Daar El Improvement.
Many young people want to get an international experience, study there.
Unfortunately, they dont know how to do. Actually , to enter the international field is
only need the ability to communicate and information related to this matter. Youth is
currently considered to be lacking in communication skills using.
For this reason, concrete solutions are needed that can improve youth language
skills and provide information or international knowledge. So that young people are
able to realize the dream of plunging into the international field through concrete steps.
Daar el improvement is come from 2 words, the first is daar that come from
“daarul” arabic, it means “ruangan/rumah”. And improvement is
“peningkatan/pengembangan/perbaikan” so, daar el improvement is rumah
Daar El-Improvement as a program initiated by 3 sub-programs, among others :
1. The Therapy
In The Therapy, youth are given international motivation and knowledge. This
programme is based on interactive discussions so that the participants are required
to ask for much information from facilitators. With interactions between discussion
participants and facilitators, new knowledge and motivations will be formed. Thus,
youth, especially students who feel confused in self-development can be answered
through this programme.
The process of implementing this program involves a facilitator who has
international experience. The facilitator is invited to attend a discussion forum and
exchange ideas with participants. The program also provides information about
event that can be followed in the near. And the participants will asked to join that
event. So, not only motivation and information but also actions that will be made
in order to develop themselves.
2. CLI (Central Language Improvement)
CLI (Central Language Improvement) is a programme that purposed to improve
youth communication skills. This programme is focused on developing youth
English language skills. That is because English is the language used to
communicate in the international field.
CLI is based on the anxiety of youth in communicating using English. Youth
who have good ideas will find it difficult when he has to communicate his ideas in
English. This certainly makes a problem for youth to carry out reforms, especially
if they want to go into the international field. In its implementation, CLI will form
a path as follows:
a. Participants were given a topic in the form of new vocabularies.
b. Participants in pairs discussed the topic with English.
c. Outside the forum, participants must communicate using English on certain
days if they meet other participants.
d. So, with practice, participant will be fluently in communicate using english
GEROBAG stands for "Gerakan Online, Baca, dan Bagikan". GEROBAG uses
social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Line to share information. Using
those social media, because those social media is being widely used, especially
among youth.
In its implementation, GEROBAG proveides informations through social
media. The content uploaded in each social media account is in the form of
infographics, videos, and images that contain international information and English
education.In technical terms, GEROBAG will form a plot like this:
1. Admin uploads information to every social media.
2. Youth / social media users read and share.
3. The general public will also know this movement through the content that
4. GEROBAG is able to provide english education and information for the social
media community, the majority of whom are young people.
Food presentation – Sagon Cake

The basic ingredients of this food are sago flour, grated coconut, sugar, and a
little salt. the sagon cake is cooked with a thin mold using the mold as we want,
then roast or use the oven to cook it.

The Taste
Sagon Cake's most striking taste is sweet and crunchy. The aroma is also different
from other foods. The aroma is fragrant.

In early times, people gave a name so easily. such as looking from the basic
ingredients or the name of the inventor. Like cireng, cimol, batagor. Furthermore,
with Sagon Cake, it's still not very clear who found it. Many say Sagon name is
taken from the basic ingredients that use, sago flour.