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Complete this passage with appropriate words from the

box below.
at – beat – wore – natural – enchanted – warning – attractive – in – rush
– embarrassed
Red is one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Red is one of the most
beautiful _(1)_ phenomena. Nature has an _(2)_ paintbrush which
plashes the horizon with vivid colors _(3)_ every sunrise and sunset. Red
is a primary color. It is associated with a _(4)_ of blood coursing through
our veins which happens when we are _(5)_ or angry. The thumping _(6)_
of drums in a marching band is inspiring and if the band is dressed in red,
it makes the occasion even more colorful and _(7)_. During the frontier
days _(8)_ North America, the natives were referred to as Red Indians,
perhaps because they _(9)_ red paint on their faces and bodies. The color
red also serves as a _(10)_, so it is hard to imagine life without this color.

1 6

2 7

3 8

4 9

5 10