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Srishti Rai

April 7 2019

Breakaway positioning helps the customer to identify a product depending
on its features based on appearance, design, luxury, functionality, pricing, etc.
This type of marketing technique helps the brand to create its own image, or
niche, which could lead to impulsive buying as it is able to connect with the
consumer at a whole new different level which also increases loyalty and helps
the brand in retaining their consumers.

A Product Example for Breakaway Positioning :

In a society that cares about appearances, consumers continually look for

new, innovative oral care products to provide an extra sparkle to their smile and
Colgate, never fails to do the same. Colgate is headquartered in New York City
and is the biggest seller of toothpaste and a world leader in oral care products
(Mouthwash, Toothpastes and Toothbrush). Colgate-Palmolive company serves
people of above two hundred countries and territories. These consumer products
make people’s lives healthier, easier and enjoyable and around 75% of the sales
are from the global operations.
The company is leading the business of toothpaste under its brand name
COLGATE, an oral hygiene product. The company manufactures a wide range of
toothpastes. In 1873, Colgate-Palmolive Company introduced its first toothpaste
Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream in glass jars. Later in 1896, this toothpaste began to
sell in a collapsible tube. Colgate has successfully ruled about half of the
toothpaste market all over the world.
COLGATE TOOTHPASTE – “Make Brushing Fun” Range.

Colgate as always, mainly focuses on Oral Hygiene and has come up with
various types of toothpastes and has successfully won a high market share.
Previously, Colgate had always mainly focused on their ‘natural white’ toothpaste
which is still being sold successfully in the market. But, the breakaway positioning
they followed here was the introduction of the Colgate toothpaste for kids from the
‘Make brushing Fun’ range which made cleaning fun for kids.
In this range Colgate focused on bringing in famous Disney and Cartoon characters
around the world and introduced a unique flavor for each of the cartoon with their
own colors which made it very attractive for the children.

Some of the products from this range are :

Character Flavor Color Price

Barbie Strawberry Pink US$ 3.99
Minions Mild Bubble fruit Light Blue US$ 3.99
Spiderman Bubble Fruit Blue US$ 3.99

As the Tagline says “Make Brushing Fun”, The colored and flavored toothpaste
makes it interesting for the kids and are willing to brush their teeth everyday. This
product is designed for kids from the age of 2 and up. Its not just the flavors and
Color that make it interesting and fun, but mainly, the packaging of the product.
The packaging includes images of Cartoon characters and kids have a wide variety
to choose from. The advertisement for this range of Colgate products, shows that
the kids feel a superhero once brush their own teeth and in reality, the kids who
used this toothpaste were actually motivated to wake up every morning and
brush their teeth by themselves and this is especially because of the bright and
colorful packaging.


This changes a lot in the consumption pattern as every child has their own
favorites. For example, in a family with 2 kids of different genders, Before the
introduction of this range, the entire family would be using the natural white
toothpaste, But now, the girl child would preferably opt for the Barbie toothpaste
and the boy, for the spider-man toothpaste. Now, The family, not just buys 1
toothpaste for the entire family, but 3. This breakaway positioning has changed
the consumer consumption pattern and increases the sales of the Colgate
products as the consumers would also want to buy the entire range and collecting
all flavors which makes the buying of the toothpaste more often.


The Value of toothpaste is no longer boring and simple, it could be a fun game,
and in this range, a fun game especially for the kids. Colgate is clinically proven
cavity and enamel protection especially for the kids 2 and up. This new range of
toothpaste tells that the toothpaste does not have to be just the normal boring
white color and with the same old mint taste but now is also available in different
flavors (Bubble fruit, Strawberry, Etc.) and also various attractive colors which
makes Brushing fun all the way! The kids can use different flavored toothpaste
everyday as there are multiple options available in the market. Hence, this range
of Colgate product is not just a toothpaste, it is a fun game for every child.


The Colgate “Make brushing Fun” range is specially designed for kids because
of which the target market changes from Parents to Children. Though it’s the
parents who are the customers for this products as they are the ones who decide
which ‘toothpaste brand’ is best for their child and are the final customers for the
products. Yet, the children, being the consumers have their own choice on the
flavors they would like to use. Hence, The Target market for Colgate, Which was
general, now has variants and different products for each of the market
segments. And this product range has changed the consumer base from parents
to Children.

Conclusion :
The breakaway positioning by Colgate was successful as the Colgate range
“Make brushing Fun” is working really well in the market and is present
worldwide. This range, has also given importance to the culture of individual
countries and has made new changes accordingly. The product range being
successful is also now present with toothbrushes and Mouthwash and are all
priced reasonably.