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What is “Light”?

It is kind of like people exist in a bubble of sense of self. To me, people (and beings) are more
like obscured blobs of light, with those obscurations being the issues, fears and karma that keep
one locked into that individual sense of self. What people call the ego is all of the issues and
fears that are stored in the bubble of sense of self. As one clears and lets go of those issues
and fears, the energy is freed up, and one begins to realize the natural and free state. One’s
actions are natural and flowing, rather than autopilot responses driven by fears of the past being
projected on the future. "Going light" is beginning to break down that bubble.

In more classical chakra terms, it would starting to open the eighth chakra (classic seven
chakra model). ​After the seven main chakra all open, they then begin to kind of integrate into
more of a unified field. That unified field is often also called the beginning of the "light body". In
mystical Christianity, it would be called the realization of the soul. In Buddhism, it is the
realization of "emptiness of self". I also sometimes call it beginning to perceive beyond local

What is the difference between “Light” and “Energy”?

Ultimately light and energy are the same thing, but it is easiest to think of it in terms of relative
"depths" or levels of refinement. Energy is what one "sends" or feels flowing in the body. It could
also be described as light with some "attachment" or form in manifest existence. Light is the
"pure stuff" or the building blocks of that form.

What is a “hug”?

Before I would ever hug, when I first interact with people, I will often ask if I can "stop by" or
"check on them". When I stop by, I do not astrally visit or remotely send energy. It is more like I
deeply know that nothing separates me from the other person, and hence nothing does. It is
more about what I am focusing on, kind of like if you focus on an individual part of your body
(like a fingernail or toe). So it becomes kind of like sharing presence (or space) with the other
person. When focused, I can directly know/perceive the person's relative clarity and
structure/openness of the energy/light body.

A hug would be an extension of above, kind of like adding active connection or

engagement.Like with any physical hug, it can be simply social or it can be deep and heartfelt.
Kind of like if you are having a bad day, and someone gives you a loving hug, it can help you
release or let go because someone cares. An energetic hug is like that, but since I am sort of in
the same space, it is not just an outside contact thing, but more like hug that energetically can
touch all levels of your being.

But, the depth and power of a hug is really more found in the acceptance (and how much of) of
the hug. And more powerfully, if one hugs back. Consciously hugging back sort of helps expand
it all and take it to a higher level.

So at the simplest level, it is kind of like energetically sharing caring and love, with the person
possibly accepting it, and then later returning it in kind of shared space of oneness.

Can you explain a little more about what happens with a hug? Is there an
energy/light transfer?

When one works with energy or light, rather than feeling or noticing the flow, they are actually
noticing the flow sort of "hitting" issues and obstructions. That hitting brings issues and fears
into the conscious mind so that they can potentially be faced and let go (or dropped).​ ​The
"receiving" person is sort of taken deeper into consciousness. This greater depth kind of creates
more "space" for the emotional energy, allowing for it to be more easily let go. It also becomes
easier to accept the deeper subconscious issues that were creating some of the emotional
issues in the first place.

Creating "space" really more an analogy. Another way to look it is that we all sort of reside at
various depths in consciousness. When two beings "overlap", there is a natural flowing. The
"deeper" person is kind of like a low pressure point. Energy flows, similar to the wind as with
higher and lower pressures. This deeper (or depending on your perspective, higher) residing
creates the "lesser pressure" or more space for the issues and fears that are energy structures
to "unwind".
Another method you teach is “seeing”. Can you explain more about this? Do
people actually see the energy?

What people "see" is a translation of the energy/light flows by the "local mind". Everyone will
translate it in a slightly different way subject to their perspective and past karma, but it can often
be seen as a bright light or sometime a vortex of light.

With perceiving energy/light, most seem to be either more heart (feel) or mind (see) focused.
When sharing space, most of what is happening is at a subconscious level for the person. I will
often ask the person to focus on me and ask what they see or feel. The focusing is about
attempting to helping to bring the subconscious components into the conscious mind, which
leads to greater integration. Also, just the concept that such a thing is "possible" has a
meaningful effect on the local body mind; like a crack in the wall of one's "sense of self".

What about the “male/female” aspects of light/energy?

Light can be a tough word to use/define. Often people confuse it with visible concepts of light in
mind, it may be better to say that as one breaks beyond the perception of local body-mind, they
first hits sort of a "universal human" layer. This is also sometimes called realizing the "soul" or
sometimes "emptiness of self" (Opening of the 8th Chakra). At this "light level", one can begin to
differentiate both male and female energies/components. All form/energy has sort of two
polarities... transmission and reception. Most commonly transmission is associated with male
and reception & return (or creation) with female. At that "level" we are both male and female (or
neither), but we tend to lean more one direction or another which leads to our manifest physical

Is this a tantric practice?

You could definitely call the male-female loop a tantric practice as the mind often translates it
into it at an energy level. But, in the purest sense of the word, it is more of a hybrid process.
Tantric usually means "energy" practice, the loop that you are asking about is more of a "draw"
with a return, rather than the direct sharing of energy with something like Shaktipat.

Where do these practices come from?

26 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and
gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.” 27 Then he took a cup, and
when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. 28 This is my
blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29 I tell you, I
will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in
my Father’s kingdom.” 30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.
The words are describing in symbolic terms the meaning of true communion. Jesus is describing
an advanced form of light transmission (or shared oneness/presence), similar to guru/divinity

Historically, there have been two main different types of transmission. First, earth or Mother
energy often called Shakipat. And second, sharing of presence (or knowledge), which
momentarily create a state of "clarity of mind".

In communion, the "body" represent body/mother energy (often called "kundalini"). The "blood"
represents spirit energy or "state of knowledge". In Christian terms, the state of knowledge is
often also called "the peace that passes all human understanding". Bringing together both
components greatly accelerates overall human development because you have the "kundalini"
force pushing ongoing "clarity" rapidly forward, while the guru/master provides an ongoing
"sharing" of peace (mental clarity) to help protect from the normal issues that can come from
kundalini. This shared clarity or peace is also why many ​Christians​ will describe a "top down"
rather than a "bottom up" feeling to energy/kundalini.