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FB Listening & Speaking

Date: 1/23/19
Unit Lesson: Ethics and Values (Unit 10)
Day Lesson: Introduce the unit
Enabling: By the end of the class, students will be able to…
A. Understand key vocabulary:
a. Values
b. Ethics
c. Moral dilemma
d. Moral compass
e. Charged
f. Change (money)
g. Price
B. Have discussed various moral dilemmas
Terminal: By the end of the unit, students will be able to…
A. Participate in a debate about a moral dilemma
B. Use the new vocabulary
C. Use the correct intonation for questions
D. Correctly use the phrase “[Subject] should…”
o Attendance roll
o Chalk and board
o Computer and adapter
o Top Notch 1
o Copies of page 84 from the workbook
o World Map
o “Ethics and Values” PPT
o Vocabulary sheet
Time Activity Materials
Before Write on board: Chalk,
class board
 Jan. 23rd
 Prayer
 OE signup and world map
 Check hw
 Ethics and values
 HOMEWORK: L/S Log Jan. 23rd
9:30 Welcome, prayer, attendance.
Explain opening exercises signup and world map.
Have Ss put a dot on their hometown and sign up for 3 opening
exercise days.
Check hw.
Trans. Last week, we talked about different cultures. Different cultures have Vocabulary
different values and ethics. Individual people also do. Hand out sheet
vocabulary paper.
9:40 Pull up PPT and go through. PPT
Trans. Now, let’s talk about different moral dilemmas that people face in real
10:00 Ask Ss to take out textbook. Open to page 110. Top Notch
p. 110
What are the moral dilemmas in the pictures? Describe. Then, ask Ss
what the people should do. Teach vocabulary charged, price, change.
Trans. Now, I want you to give advice to some people who need advice on
moral dilemmas.
10:10 Pass out the moral dilemma page from the workbook. Go over any Workbook
questions about vocabulary, etc. Put Ss in groups of ~3 to give advice. page
Give them about 10 minutes to discuss. When finished, bring class
together and have volunteers speak.
Trans. I think we helped these people a lot. Let’s review what we’ve learned
10:30 Review class. Ask Ss what they learned. Specifically bring up
vocabulary. Say that tomorrow, we’ll continue talking about ethics and
values and moral dilemmas. Remind Ss of homework tonight.
10:35 Class dismissed.
Contin. Explain clock buddies and have Ss fill out their clocks. Clock
Class Reflection
What went well?
 Ss really seemed to understand the concepts we covered.
 They were generally engaged during the pair work.
 Everyone signed up for opening exercises and put a dot on their hometowns.
What could have gone better?
 I think it got a little boring from all the lecture. I wish I could have engaged them more.
What concerns were there?
 [Students] didn’t have their homework sheets.
 [Student] was on her phone/computer for a lot of the time again, but she did offer
comments multiple times.
 We did not have time to finish the workbook activity, so we will start class with that