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oear reader,

In this story the little bov learns rhat rhere is

nothin\l better rhan nís father's love. And with
him you tearn to say some new things in

í Now you can:

• say what you like and don't like;
• say what you can and can't do;
• talk about your pets.
There are lots of other \-lelblin\l Young Readers:
Happy readingl

to lave

fish tank fridg

ca ge

to leave

to slee

dog bed

- When you see me

~ ;~ . d~~-~-he acti~it~ .. -.
··. ;.
~ .
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Dadfor Sale
And s · Andreu

·a6o:J a4::¡. u~ s~ · · ····· · ····· ····· ª41. J
·paq 6op a4::¡. u~ s~ · · . 041. 8
ª41. '11
1 ¡ ~·~
. "·

~</ .
! . . . . .- .
'Lp¡ew pue ua¡sn O ~
f) Look, read and match.

Have you got )

. a pet? .. · ~·

A Yes, I've got a mouse. B Yes, I've got a bird.

e Yes, I've got a cat. O Yes, I've got a rabbit.

~ 8
Ask and answer with a friend.

Have you gota pet~

----- ·-
Yes, I have. -~
I've got a ... ___.-/

·· · ··········· ····· ª:>J:! l :i,uop r :inq
......................... . . . . . ... O)l! l 1
':>J:UW pun
uro] '.rnnnq ····· ··········· I :inq ª:>J:! l :i,uop I .mq :>J:l tur
eotnf puo s66a 'umq · ······· ·· I 8 puo uro] '1annq ª:>J:! l I 'V
Listen and say the chant.
Look, read and tick (V) or cross (K).

1 1 ike jam, but 1 don't 1 ike butter.

Do you like jam?
Yes, I do!
Do you like butter?
No, 1 don't.
1 1 ike jam but 1 don't 1 ike butter.

1 like milk, but 1 don't like juice.

Do you 1 ike mi lk?
Yes, I do!
Do you 1 ike juice?
No, 1 don't.
1 1 ike mi lk but 1 don't 1 ike juice.

1 1 ike ham, but 1 don't 1 ike eggs.

Do you 1 ike ham?
Yes, I do!
Do you 1 ike eggs?
No, 1 don't.
I 1 ike ham but I don't 1 ike eggs.

]am, milk and ham. Jam milk and ham.

We 1 ike jam and mi lk and ham!

·poa SÁDS "¿aw exo¡ :.tuop TIOA,,
"·aJowÁuo noÁ aAOl :i,uop I 'poa,, ~
"No. I want you to leave the house.
I don't want to see you anymore."
"But, why?"

Who do you lave?

·uo:> eqs 'esnoq s,a!socr +V
")[UD:J. 4S!J a4+ U! uro] and sur +al +,uop noA,,
4su D 6op D '.lD:J D
ti' ) )p ! .1
¿:iad o :io6 noÁ aADH
But Ros ie can.

1 1
You don't let me hide my mouse in the
fridge. But Rosie can.

What is in your fridge?

c:x? Te11 a friend.

¿do4s a:p.rnoADJ
.rnoÁ S! ~DLJ:M
Let's go to the shop, Dad!"
"What shop?"
"The Dad shop. I want to get a new dad."
"What about me?" says Dad.

Where is Dad?
Tick (V).
D In the coge.
D In the dog bed.
D In the fridge.

"Don't worry, Dad.

Another child can buy
you. I can so y that
you're good.

·a~!q D 6U!P!~ [J
·noq 5u!Áºld []
·aa.q o 6u!qwqJ []
'CI') ~:J!.L
¿6U!OP Áoq at.n S! lD4M
I can soy that you like taking me to the park.

And you like playing with me and buying me toys.
And we hove lots of fun."

A He is under D Dad.
B He is on top of D the ball.

"Yes, we hove lots of fun."
Dad is sad now. He doesn't want another child.
"But who can buy me at the Dad shop?"
2 forks 2 plates 3 spoons
poa / A:ddo4 / 'Mou / st ~
.repro ut ecueaues a4:i. :i.nd ~ --
"iPl..IOM atri U! pop
aseq a4:i a..I,noÁ asno:>ag
¡poa 'aw,,
·puap~ e o¡ ÁJo¡saLn na¡ pue >tººl 8 ~
·asnot.:¡ a4+ a1\Dal ·pop Mau
o+ pnrj sauo.v, Áoq ªL!l o +aB o+ s+uoM Áoq ªL!l
·ppoM at.:¡+ ut pop aseq at.:¡+ ·aBp~..IJ at.:¡+ ut asnow
st poa sÁos Áoq ªL!l stu and o+ snro.v, Áoq at.:¡l
·)luo+ L[S~J a4+ ut
uro] and o+ s+uoM Áoq at.:¡l ·Mou pos st porj
~ E) Complete the sentences with the correct verbs .

A Rosie can .... jam in the fish tank.

have B Rosie can . in the dog bed.

l hide e Rosie can her mouse in the fridge.

play O The boy can . ... to the park with Dad.
E The boy can .... with Dad .
. . 1 sleep
F The boy can . . fun with Dad.

Find 1 O words from the book ( ~ ~).

w o R L o H p
What do the
e H L o o E remaining letters
T s s A o u F
What can you buy
G o o o H s u there?

o F s H E N
--- ----

F R o G E p

e A G E o o G

~ e Listenand match.

Qcleaning J


doing the

Qplaying ball J

Qriding a bike f
Qsleeping J

0 0 and mime. Ask a friend.

'., ~,ti"---------~'
Look at

What am I doing?

-----------.-:.":~. ·
You are sleeping.

8 Look, read and write.

cooking V V
doing the shopping V V
playing ba11

riding a bike

The boy 1 ikes

But he doesn't 1 ike


But he

~ E) Ask a friend.

Do you 1 ike e leaning?


Read and match.

Q You can drink thiij Q You can clean with this. 1

Q You can ride this. J Q You can cook with this. 1

~. G) Match and put the sentences in order. Then write.

1 read / You / this. / can

2 this. / You / with / can / play
Qbed 1

Q book ] 3 sleep / can / in / You / this.

G) Look, read and@r(}i).

A There is a table. YES NO

B There are three chairs. YES NO

e Dad has got a book. YES NO

D The boy has got brown hair. YES NO
E Dad is ha ppy. YES NO
F Dad and the boy are in the bedroom. YES NO

~ e Listen and check.

Badges ,
DJJ \ \k-.\\-\ \
Make your own badges.
<i,\ \ \ \;;,\
\ '' \ \ . \-- ·.

Yo. u need:
. ~\J----'---~
paper or card \~

colours~ Use your ru1er Cut out the Ask en odu1t to

cnd divide the cord eight squores. put the sofety pin
ruler~ or poper into eight through the bock of

squores. one of the squores.

safety pins ~

glue ~ ~fl
\ 1
\~·) I ------¡
sticky tope ~
Fix the sofety St~ Drow o nd co1our
pin en the cord piece of cord en o bordar to decorote
with sticky tope. the bock to moke your bodge.
the front of your

Now write on
the bodges.

Go to to download this page.

toy shop

to buy


to climb

toys ~-



'lil l l
< 9 7838
In this book:
Structures 1

Can (permissionl 1'

f l like / 1 don't like
i •
l love / 1 don't love t

1want/1 don't want


Simple imperatives

Family 1



Pets (t
Toys (t
(t Revised from lower levels

Use this book in

~ Civics class ~ Reading class

Dadfor Sale
Andrés Pi Andreu

"Dad, 1 don't lave you anymore."

"You don't lave me?" says Dad.
"You dont let me put jam
in the fish tank. And you don't
let me sleep in the dog bed."

Poor Dad. No one laves him

anymore. Does he have to go to
the Dad shop? Find out in this
charming story about lave.

Level Cambridge Young Trinity

tearners English




ISBN: 978-3-85272-954-1

9 783852 729541