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Categories of banks in India -

1.Nortionalised Banks or Public Sector Banks
2.Private Banks
3.Co-Operative Banks
4.Foreign Banks
Q. What are the functions of Commercial Banks?
1.Financial Intermediation
2.Payment System
3.Financial Services
Q. Competition face by the banks -
1.Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
2.Mutual Fund
3.Post Office Savings
Q. Role of Reserve Bank of India -
1.As the currency authority.
2.RBI controls the money supply.
3.RBI manages the foreign exchange reserves.
4.It acts as a banker to the government.
5.It helps in making the financial infrastructure strong in the
6.It supervises all commercial banks and other banks under it's
7.RBI has got the power to suspend the banking operations of any bank,
if it acts against public interest
or indulges in any malpractices.
8.The RBI has the responsibility to maintain price stability and growth
in the economy.
Q. NDTL, CASA, CRR, SLR, Bank Rate, Usance Bill of Exchange,

Q. Lending rates of the Banks

Q. Prime Lending Rate (PLR)
Q. Base Rate System
Q. Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)
-The marginal cost of funds based lending rate (MCLR) refers to the
minimum interest rate of a bank
below which it cannot lend, except in some cases allowed by the
1.Marginal Cost of Funds
2.Negative Carry on CRR
3.Operational Cost
4.The Tenor Premium
Q. Bank Nationalization -
-when it was approved
-why it failed
-again 6 banks nationalized
Q. Types of Bank Customers -
-Individuals, Businessmans, Salaried Persons, pensioners, students,
minors, firms, trusts, Public or Private ltd
Companies, partnership firms, Associations, Physically challanged
people, proprietory concerns, illeterate
persons, pardanashil women, Govt. departments, NGOs, non residence,
Q Types of Bank Accounts -
- Example of an individual
- example of an business
- pay interest on saving bank a/c and no interest is paid on current
Q. Nomination Facility on Bank Deposits - An account holder has to nominate a
person of his choice (Legal Heir).
- What is Nominee
- Who can be Nominee
- rules for nomination