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Is the Treaty of Versailles solved  Temporary Peace 

the problem or the cause of the 

war?  Resolution  
Nhi Bui 
Nhi Bui   
  Adolf Hitler boldly declared that he will create a “ 
After World War I, Germany was blamed on  living space” for German in Eastern European, he 
destruction and cost of the world. They had no  started with Anschluss, then Czechoslovakia, and 
choice but to signed the Treaty of Versailles and so  Sudetenland, facing this wicked man, no one has 
Germany lost its territories, force to pay huge  stood out. Britain and France don’t want to start the 
reparations, along with that unhappy agreement,  war with Hitler so they followed the policy of 
they had to demilitarize or greatly reduce their  appeasement, giving Hitler whatever he wants to 
military. Government cannot handle the payments,  avoid conflict, but how can Hitler skip this lucrative 
the economic suffered with inflations and  piece of meat, he takes advantage of this to occupy 
unemployment had makes Germany angry for the  nearby countries. Is the appeasement a right policy 
unfairness they had to bear, whether Germany will  or it just a temporary plan to face with Hitler? 
remain in peace or that they will rebel for justice?   
Time will soon answer. 

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain cheerfully greeted 
by Adolf Hitler at the beginning of the Bad Godesberg 
  meeting on 24 September 1938, where Hitler demanded 
annexation of Czech border areas without delay. 
An American political cartoon suggesting that Germany 
was crushed by the giant reparations demanded by the 
Treaty of Versailles. New York World, 1921 
The Great Depression and  The League of 
Dictatorship is now in 
Nations is useless 
Nhi Bui 
charged  The League of Nations formed after World 
War I to keep peace, however, when a global 
Nhi Bui  peace issue emerges, the League does not 
The “Black Tuesday” stock market crash of October 29, 1929, marked  have the right to do anything about it.  
the beginning of the Great Depression in the United States as well as the   
fall down of the global. After about 10 years suffered in decline in  In 1931, Japan ignored the warning of the 
consumer spending, bank failures and panics, Federal Reserve policies,  League when they invaded China and left 
maintenance of the gold standard, and protectionist trade policies we  the League of Nations.  
had finally recovered under President Roosevelt’s programs and   
policies.  By 1936, Italy had conquered Abyssinia and 
  in 1937, Italy also left the League. 
In recent years, European countries have taken advantage of the   
economic development to change hands, the fascist and communist  The failure of the League was due to the rise 
guidelines have spread throughout Europe.  of totalitarianism, they cannot protect 
  smaller nations and act without thinking and 
responsibility, not able to prevent risks and 
worse yet four major powers-Japan, Italy, 
Britain and France - all betrayed the League’s