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Subject : English Topic :Poem (My Hero) Class :2C Date :26/02/2018
Theme : People Skill: Reading No. of Ss: 26 Time:0950-1050
(60 minutes)
Learning Standard Code : Moral Value(s): -
3.1 (a) Self-awareness Accountability Calmness
Patience Compassion / Appreciati
Co-operation Modesty Courage
Self-Esteem Moderation Tolerance
Creativity Acceptance / Alertness
Learning Objectives: Success Criteria
By the end of the lesson students I will succeed if I can:
will be able to: i. Understand the meaning of the poem.
1. Listen, read and ii. List down at least 3 themes from the poem.
comprehend the poem
2. Recite the poem aloud in
3. Match the pictures with the
appropriate words from the
Key Concepts/Key Vocabulary: Resources:
Hotness, giant-est Wb&Markers / Com, CD, Speaker Handouts&Workshe /
,LCD ets
Posters & Charts / Magazines Dictionary
Textbook Student’s Handbook Teacher’s /
Others Laminated colour papers
Lesson Outline
Starter (5 minutes)
1. Teacher writes down three words on the board and asks students to guess the title of
the poem.
i) Lipstick
ii) Valentine heart
Main Activity 1 (15 minutes)
Activities 1. Teacher asks the students to choose an item that is red in colour.
2. Share with the students what the teacher has and describe the object.
3. Teacher asks the students to share in their small groups (Group of 5/ 6 ) why the object is
red and describe the object. Students may share with them what it signifies.Describe the
object in 2 lines individually.
* For example,”Angpau” is a symbol of prosperity. Everyone loves to have.

Activity 2: Group work (35minutes)

1.Teacher hand out the envelopes (one envelope per group). Tell them not to open until they are
told to do so.
2.Teacher tell them to name the label the pictures with a word / phrase from the poem and use
the blue tag and paste it on an A4 paper.
3.Teacher check the answer. If one answer is wrong, students must correct it.
4.Teacher tell them that the group that hands up all the correct answers in the shortest time
Alternative: The group that gets the most answers correctly at the end of the set time wins!
Plenary LIST-O-MANIA (5 mins)
1. Teacher draw a circle map.
2. Students list down key words and phrases that are linked to the item.
3. Teacher congratulates students for their participation in class.


25/29 could identify at least 3 themes found in the poem. 29/29 of the students were able to take part in the conversation
conducted in the class and respond to the questions asked by the teacher.20/29 of the students were able to illustrate
the meaning for every stanzas.