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setting the scene 4
clan creation 7
hero creation 8
playing the game 20
setup 20
overview 21
scenes 24
challenges 24
actions 25
strain 28
grit 30
downtime 30
game master reference 32
gm roles 32
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After raiding and exploring the North Sea with the The North Sea Epilogues is a collaborative
acclaimed board game series, the time has come to storytelling game for 1 Game Master (GM) and up to
journey deeper into the world as a Viking warrior 5 players. The GM is the narrator of the story. They
in The North Sea Epilogues roleplaying game. set Scenes, introduce Challenges, interpret dice rolls,
Create Heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover act as non-player characters (NPCs) and describe
mysteries and gain Reputation. The possibilities are how Scenes change. The players are the Heroes in
endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the the story. They must work together to creatively
Longships and prepare to forge an exciting and epic overcome the Challenges introduced by the GM and
saga! help breathe life into the story.

game flow
While the GM will be the main narrator in the game, players are encouraged to help shape the story. Players
take on the role of their Heroes and interact with the Scenes, NPCs and other Heroes. In the North Sea
Epilogues, Heroes will embark on adventures and face many Challenges. Players may attempt any kind of
action they wish when trying to overcome these Challenges. For most actions, the GM will ask players to roll a
twenty-sided die. When dice are involved, the GM secretly sets the Difficulty Level for dice rolls to overcome.
The players involved choose which of their Skills to use and roll their dice. The GM will interpret the roll and
summarize the impact based on the Challenge they set. Regardless of the Outcome, both players and the GM
will help describe what happened. There are no meaningless rolls, as all of them help advance the story.

GM sets the Players try to Dice rolls GM Players and

The game
Scene and a overcome the determine the summarizes GM describe
Challenge Challenge Outcome the Outcome the Outcome


If tabletop roleplaying games are not familiar For experienced players, The North Sea Epilogues
territory, this is a great game to start with. It is easy has some similar elements to other tabletop RPGs.
to learn and is filled with examples. For those who This game encourages players to add to the narrative
have played RPGs before, but have not acted as the of the story while giving GMs the tools to help them
GM, The North Sea Epilogues is a perfect way to adapt. It is designed to work well as a one-shot, a
learn the craft. mini-series or open-ended campaign.

world building
setting the scene The North Sea is a place of high adventure,
exploration, oaths and honor. It is filled with
Age Appropriation longboats, raiders, shield walls, fragile alliances
The North Sea Epilogues is a Viking themed game, and enemies. It is as cold and unforgiving as it is
but it is designed to be suitable for all ages. Although ripe for adventure. Many clans inhabit the scattered
it deals with violence and some mature themes, in islands across the seas. The harsh, winter storms are
keeping with the North Sea series of board games, met with bonfires and songs of celebrations. In the
we encourage players to avoid excessively vulgar, summer, raids and battles fill ships with plunder and
sexual, violent, or overly mature language and Valhalla with brave, fallen warriors.
The winters can be harsh, making it impossible to
farm for half the year. The people rely on food stores
Inclusivity and Etiquette from their harvests, provided they did not lose too
Roleplay games are enjoyed the world over, by much in the summer raids. The powerful clans enjoy
people from all walks of life. Making sure that more comfortable winters, as the plunder taken
everyone feels comfortable and accepted at the table during raids can be traded for more food and furs.
is a hugely important part of the gaming experience. Weaker clans suffer while stronger clans raid and
Before starting a game, the GM should give players wage war. Jarls rise and fall each season as alliances
a signal (two knocks on the table, holding up a are forged and broken.
card, etc) that they can use to indicate that a certain
subject is not something they wish to explore within Each new season, glaciers and frozen passes shift
the game. and thaw to create routes to new lands. Only the
bravest and most capable shipwrights dare make
the journeys through the uncharted waters. Now
Townsfolk go, explore the North Sea, discover new lands, and
Strong and resilient, most people of the North Sea strengthen your clan’s reputation!
are farmers, fishermen or craftsmen. The North Sea’s
climate may harden their bodies, but their spirits are
typically very high. Despite the cold, storms and
raids, the people laugh, love and enjoy life. Family is
important, as are honor, oaths and loyalty. Although
most people are not warriors by trade, all are taught
to fight from childhood.

These truly are people of the sea. Most settlements

and outposts are found on coastlines and the sea
provides nearly all the requirements of the clans.
Boats are a primary source of trade and travel in the
North Sea and Jarls are always on the lookout for a
good Shipwright.

Clans Religion
Each clan rules independently. Although there are While Christianity has started to spread across
loose alliances and peace treaties, they seldom the lands, the majority of people still worship the
last. Summers bring the raiding parties and if a Jarl gods of Asgard. The people of the North Sea know
wants their clan to thrive, they must raid, defend they must honor the gods through their actions and
their settlement and seek trade partners. The Jarls accomplishments. Mortals do not possess any sorts
will send their warriors on voyages to raid or to of magic, but they do believe it exists and fear it.
explore and establish outposts to extend their reach Some claim to be touched by the gods with gifts of
during the raiding season. They will also expand prophecy, healing abilities, wisdom or great strength.
their farmlands as far as they can, but the hills and A warrior’s ultimate goal is to die a good death, in
mountains are dangerous and difficult to defend. the hopes of reaching Valhalla.
Some hire mercenaries to add to their outer defenses,
which can be a costly and unreliable expense. Each
clan has a small group of warriors who train, raid Calendar
and defend as their profession. Most of the raiding Age is represented by the number of winters they
crews and warriors that are called upon for battle are have lived and time is measured in the number of
not professional warriors. Most are farmers, traders winters since a large event, such as a battle, a deadly
and craftsmen, leaving family to tend their farms, storm or a great discovery. The year is divided into
livestock or trade. They can earn a bit of silver doing two seasons; summer and winter. Summer has longer
this hazardous work. days and is a time of planting, harvesting and also of
sailing and war. Winter has shorter days and is the
time to be close to home, reflect, train, survive and
Society fortify. There are four major celebrations observed
The clans of the North Sea follow an age-old throughout the year, along with many other lesser
tradition of ruling, where a king may rule over celebrations:
multiple clans and appoints Jarls to rule territories. A
Jarl is the chieftain of their clan, collecting taxes and
enforcing the laws. They are also responsible for the • Midwinter: The winter solstice.
security and wealth of the settlement. A Jarl either The largest celebration, lasting 12 days.
inherits their title or it can be appointed to them by a
King. Any Jarl can be challenged and most are honor • New Summer: The start of summer.
bound to accept. If the challenger defeats the Jarl Ships launch and shield walls battle.
in single combat they would become the new Jarl.
This can be tricky as a new Jarl would still need the • Midsummer: The summer solstice.
support of the people. The second largest celebration.

Most clans of the North Sea follow the traditional • New Winter: The start of winter.
system of law, which focuses on compensation rather Bonfires light the way into the darkness.
than revenge. Any injury must be compensated
according to the damage done, regardless of
motive or intent. Even for crimes like murder, the
compensation is called the “life price,” and is a fixed
amount depending on the social status of the victim
and the nature of the crime. Killing a member of the
clan is against the law unless both have consented
to honorable combat and it is witnessed by another
member of the clan.
The Past
clan creation Has the Clan ever held more power or influence than
Before starting your first adventure, the GM should it does now?
create not only the setting, but also the Clan of • If yes, what was the event that lead to its
which the Heroes will belong to. If the group downfall
prefers, this can also be done with input from the Who was the first ruler of the Clan and what was
players. When creating a new Clan, it should begin their legacy?
as a minor one with little influence over the North What other Clan was its most notable enemy?
Sea. As Heroes, players will set out to help gain What other Clan was its most notable ally?
Reputation for their Clan. When creating a Clan, use
the questions below to help enrich its backstory:
The Present
Who is the current ruler of the Clan?
The Clan’s Name • Are they liked, respected, admired or feared by
Think of a name that helps to capture the identity of their people?
the Clan’s past, present and future. Some examples What symbol and colors do they paint on their
are; Greywolves, Blood Ravens, Broken Axes, shields?
White Hawks, etc. What challenge does the Clan currently face?
• Perhaps a shortage of ships, outposts, trade,
supplies or allies?
The Clan’s Ruler • Is there a threat against the Clan, such as an
What kind of ruler is the current Jarl and what is approaching army or rumours of betrayal?
their name? Are they tough, but fair? Wise, but What area is the Clan strongest in; ship building,
cautious? Ambitious, but foolish? Greedy, but fighting, exploring, farming, etc?
clever? Strong, but reckless? Loved, but weak? What area is the Clan weakest in; craft, defense,
navigation, trade, etc?

The Future
What immediate goals are the Clan working
• Perhaps to build more ships or outposts to
increase their strength and influence.
• Do they want to focus on trade and local
• Are they filled with thoughts of revenge and
• Is exploration and developing new settlements
their aim?
What places must be explored or reclaimed?
What enemies must answer for the Clan’s past

hero creation 6. What Motivates them? Choose a goal or
motivator for the Hero. Some potential
Each player’s Hero is unique and can be any age motivations include:
or gender. They will be exceptional in some areas Adventure, Exploration, Wealth, Honor, Fame,
and excel against certain Challenges where others Valhalla, Battle, Atonement, Revenge, An Oath.
might struggle. The GM may provide pre-generated
Hero Sheets, or players may prefer to spend part of 7. Assign Attribute Scores. What is the Hero’s
the first Session creating their Heroes, exploring the natural aptitude in the areas of Mind, Body, Will
setting and discovering more about their Clan. and Combat? Split a total of 8 points between
Mind, Body, Will and Combat. Each attribute
may have a value from 0-3.
When creating a new Hero, it is important to first set For example, a player might decide to have “2
aside the gameplay or mechanics and focus instead Mind”, “1 Body”, “3 Will” and “2 Combat”.
on the story. Players will answer the following
questions when creating their Hero, filling in their Attribute Scores are added to Skill Ranks to
Hero Sheet as they go: determine each Skill Total.

1. What is their Hero’s name?

2. What do they look like? Any distinguishing Mind

marks or tattoos? This may include illustrations This represents intellectual aptitude and governs
or descriptions. knowledge and reasoning. The Mind attribute
also represents a Hero’s ability to resist
3. What Path does their Hero follow? This will confusion, mental trauma & deception.
determine what they’ve been trained in.
Choose 1 from those outlined on pages 10-14. Will
This represents senses. It governs areas of
4. What are they gifted in? This will determine perception, willpower and social skills. The Will
their first Heroic Quality. Choose one of the attribute also represents a Hero’s ability to resist
following: persuasion, distraction and fear.
Strength, Speed, Leadership, Keen Senses,
Charm, Beauty, Performance, Workmanship, Body
Sailing, Nature, Fortune Telling. This represents physical aptitude and governs a
Players may propose other Heroic Qualities, Hero’s strength, speed and reflexes. The Body
however the GM will need to approve them. attribute also represents a Hero’s ability to resist
physical trauma and fatigue.
5. What are their Traits and Flaws? Players should
be as creative as they like. Try to come up with 1 Combat
or 2 of each. Here are some potential choices: This represents combat awareness and governs
Trait: Are they Introverted, Focused, Fearless, a Hero’s martial aptitude, battle senses and
Unpredictable, Loyal or Extroverted? familiarity with a wide range of weapons and
Flaw: Do they struggle with Battle Rage, fighting styles.
Ambition, Addiction, Emotions, Fear of Failure?

8. Assign your Skill Ranks. What is their 9. What Skill are they Specialized in?
proficiency level in specific areas?
Select 1 of their 20 Skills to Specialize
Select 5 Skills that they are most gifted in and shade in its shield icon.
in and shade in 2 Ranks on each.
Specializing in a Skill allows players to always
Select 10 other Skills that they are roll twice for any appropriate actions and use the
somewhat gifted in and shade in 1 higher roll.
Rank on each.
10. How resilient are they? This will determine their
Heroes should be left with 5 Skills that have no Strain Threshold. A Hero’s Strain Threshold
Ranks shaded in. equals 5, plus their number of “Fortitude” Ranks.

In the“Total” column, add the sum of each row 11. How much Silver do they begin with? Roll a
(Attribute value + number of Ranks). single d20 and record the result.

For example, an Attribute of “3 Will” and 1 12. Finally, each Hero begins with 2 Current Grit
Rank in “Focus” will create a total Skill of 4. and a Threshold of 4 Grit.

Alternative method:
Choose 20 Ranks and shade them in. No Skill
can begin more than 3 Ranks.

See pages 15-17 for more detailed

descriptions on each Skill.

the berserker the blacksmith
Their Path Their Path
None are more feared on the battlefield than the They are a forger of metal, using their skills to
Berserker. They have spent years in the wild, craft, improve or repair tools of war. Axes, blades,
experiencing the solitary and primal ways of the spear heads, and shield bosses are their specialty.
Berserker. They can harness their rage to become However, not all tools are for war. They also craft
fearless in battle while striking fear into the hearts tools for farming, fishing, hunting and building.
of their enemies. In times of peace, they may retreat Their ability to discern the quality of an item is
into the wilds surrounding their settlement. In time valuable when appraising and trading forged items.
of war, they are called upon by the Jarl to break They can also assess the quality of an opponent’s
shield walls and crush their enemies. forged gear. They are an asset to their Clan, as well
as to raiding parties that need to keep their weapons
Their Den and tools in good repair.
When they return from war or other expeditions, this
is where they call home. It could be a single-roomed Their Forge
hunting lodge in the frozen hills or a cave where Though they can make minor repairs to items while
they killed their first bear. This is the place they away, it is in a forge that they can truly create. In
bring their trophies, rest their head and feel at peace, their forge they are able to repair, craft and improve
far from the townsfolk. tools, weapons and armour. Forges within the main
settlement can be shared by other Blacksmiths and
Their Gear may be owned by the Jarl. Forges on the outskirts or
A large, two handed axe or long blade, a hand axe, on farmsteads may be used by a single smith.
hunting spear, skinning blade, hunting snares for
small game, rope, waterskin, other basic survivalist Their Gear
gear Their Blacksmith’s hammer (above average quality
+1), an axe or long blade, a roundshield, waterskin,
Questions drinking horn, rope, leather satchel, blacksmith tools
• Where is their den in relation to the settlement (tongs, leather apron, and gloves).
and what does it look like?
• What wild animal do they most identify with and Questions
why? • Who gave them their Blacksmith’s hammer and
• How do they dress or paint their body for battle? what is its name?
• How many other Blacksmiths are there in the
• Where is their forge located and what does it
look like?

the Carpenter the champion
Their Path Their Path
Some see a pile of lumber, a few nails and some They’ve been taught to think about the bigger
pitch. They see a great mead hall or outpost! They picture. Strategy, fortifications and the shield wall.
have learned the ways of the builders and can They see how to use the terrain and climate to their
identify the best lumber for building ships versus advantage and can quickly assess the strengths and
buildings. They can spot gaps in fortifications where weaknesses of their enemies. When they speak,
others may not. They may also possess the ability to warriors listen.
turn finished structures into works of art. Warriors
may come to them to carve symbols of luck into Their Armour
their shields or axe handles. On the field of battle, they are a lord of war. Enemies
can tell they are a leader of warriors from across the
Their Craft field, purely from their armour and presence on the
Every craftsperson has some type of structure battlefield. Their armour can be leather or chain and
or style that they excel at. It could be a type of can have a helmet in their preferred style.
building, fortification, piece of furniture, style of
carving or type of ship. As their reputation grows, Their Gear
merchants and envoys from far off lands may seek They begin with special armour of good quality (4
to commission them. Carpenters may wish to spend uses). They also begin with an axe or long blade, a
longer periods of downtime, improving their Clan’s roundshield, a hand axe or short blade, a war horn, a
fortifications, great hall or carving a statue for the waterskin, 3 armrings from their Jarl.
Their Gear • What clothing do they wear? What do they dress
They begin with a special set of +1 carpenter’s in for battle?
tools (hammer, iron nails, hand saw, and gloves). • Who gave them their armour and why? Perhaps
They also have an axe or short blade, a roundshield, it was passed down from a mentor or gifted to
drinking horn, rope, leather satchel, a set of carving them by the Jarl.
tools, and a wooden instrument or totem that they
have carved.

• What clothing do they wear? What do they dress
in for battle?
• Are they most skilled at creating buildings,
fortifications or ships?
• Are their finished creations more practical or
the healer the seer
Their Path Their Path
They are gifted with the knowledge to treat and They are gifted and cursed with prophecy. They
heal wounds, a gift passed down from through have learned to read the runes and interpret their
generations. They have learned to identify the mysteries. They use their gift to get a feeling for
medicinal properties of plants and can craft their situations that may benefit them and those they
own remedies. With their help, injuries heal faster travel with. Many seek them out, but they are often
and warriors live longer, making them a truly reluctant to say too much.
valuable asset on voyages. During times of peace,
they heal the sick townsfolk and livestock in and Their Runes
around the settlement and farmsteads. In times of Though they may have many ways of reading
war, they can aid in the fighting, but also tending to omens, runes are their primary tool. Their runes are
injured warriors, sometimes on both sides. special. They may have come from another Seer, or
perhaps they were crafted in a sacred place.
Their Kit
They have gathered many natural remedies and have Their Gear
fashioned a satchel and various pouches to help them They begin with a custom set of runes that give them
carry a good amount on their journeys. They can a +1 bonus when reading fortunes. They also begin
describe the kit’s appearance, but should leave some with a hand axe or short blade, carved walking stick,
of the contents a mystery to be revealed during play. waterskin, incense, fur cloak, pouches with various
trinkets and bones, several rare looking stones that
Their Gear others may believe are charms.
They begin with a +1 healer’s kit, with the tools and
remedies needed to treat wounds. They also begin Questions
with a hand axe or short blade, carved walking • What clothing do they wear? What do they dress
stick, a leather satchel of clean bandages, needle and in for battle?
thread, waterskin, fur cloak, small scythe for cutting • How did they obtain their runes and what are
herbs and plants. they made of?
• What was the most recent prophecy that they
Questions told to someone?
• What clothing do they wear? What do they dress • What omen have they recently seen that
in for battle? frightens them most?
• Who trained them in the ways of healing?
• Who have they most recently healed in the Clan?
• Who was someone they were unable to save in
the past?

the shipwright the skald
Their Path Their Path
Sailing is something most Vikings know, but few Poets, musicians and storytellers are among the most
become master Shipwrights. They’ve learned the prized professions by Jarls. They are the entertainers
secrets of navigating the seas. They know how at feasts and their songs of glory can immortalize
to feel the currents shift and watch the depths for the deeds of mortals. They can read and captivate
unseen dangers. They know the quality of ships and an audience and have an easier time finding friendly
can quickly size up a crew. hearths. Skalds are not just entertainers, they are also
historians, storytellers and at times, messengers or
Their Ship translators. Often Skalds are called upon by their Jarl
Though most ships in the Clan are owned by the Jarl, to act as an envoy on voyages to meet with allies or
they possess a modest, but functional Byrding. Their potential allies.
ship is stocked with enough basic supplies to make
a short journey, though it lacks a Crew and rations. Their Act
Though a few Crew members is all they would need Every Skald has a certain area they are more gifted
to launch the ship, ideally they would need to find a in. This is their preferred method of entertaining
Crew of eight to fourteen, to make longer journeys. others. For some it is through music and song. For
others, it is through retelling epic poems or myths.
Their Gear There are even some that train dogs to dance or
They begin with a small ship called a Byrding, perform magic tricks to entertain the great halls of
with no beast prow. They also begin with a hand warriors.
axe or short blade, carved walking stick, waterskin,
incense, fur cloak, war horn. On their ship they have Their Gear
several barrels, ropes, netting, small animal cages, They begin with two +1 musical instruments (drum,
oars, hooks, and one extra sail. flute, lyre, lute or horn). They also begin with a hand
axe or short blade, waterskin, carved drinking horn,
Questions pouches with various trinkets and a set of carved
• What clothing do they wear? What do they dress bone dice for gambling.
in for battle?
• How did they become the owner of their ship? Questions
• What is the name of their ship? • What clothing do they wear? What do they dress
• What beast-head will they commission to be in for battle?
carved for their ship’s prow? • What is their distinct style of entertainment?
• When was the last time they entertained a crowd
and what did they do?
• What is a secret that only they know about
the Clan’s Jarl?
the Tracker the warrior
Their Path Their Path
They are more than a hunter. The land speaks to Most Vikings can fight, but not all are as skilled
them as they follow the trail of prey. They can sense in battle as shield warriors and shieldmaidens.
shifts in weather and navigate over land in almost They have focused on honing their skills and their
any climate. There is something about them that has weapons, shield and armour are always close by.
always been drawn to the wilderness, where they They are familiar with most weapons and are at
see, hear and feel things differently than most. They home in the shield wall. They were always taught
would be a welcome addition on board any ship that that, given the choice between a sword or a shield,
sets out to explore new lands. they should take the shield. Shields keep them alive,
can be used as a weapon and, most importantly, it
Their Bond lets them take their place in a shield wall. Warriors
Spending as much time observing wild animals own several shields and though they may only carry
as they have, it is inevitable that they would form one at a time into battle, they keep the extras on their
some kind of bond with one. Their bonded animal ship or behind the shield wall in case one breaks in
can find them while in the wilderness surrounding battle.
the Clan’s settlement. It may alert them of dangers
or keep other animals from trying to harm them. Their Weapon
When Trackers set out on long voyages, their Every warrior is trained with a variety of weapons,
bonded animal would likely remain behind. Should but they carry one that is most precious to them.
they choose to take it with them, it could create Players decide how their Hero obtained the weapon,
complications. but it is of Good quality.

Their Gear Their Gear

They begin with a +1 ranged or thrown weapon They begin with a +1 weapon (axe, blade or
(bow and quiver of arrows, throwing spear or a spear). They also begin with an axe or spear, two
sling). They also begin with leather armour (2 uses), roundshields, leather armour (2 uses), a short blade,
a hand axe, hunting spear, skinning blade, hunting a drinking horn, an armring and a sentimental trinket
snares for small game, rope, waterskin, other basic or totem.
survivalist gear, and a sentimental trinket or totem.
Questions • What clothing do they wear? What do they dress
• What clothing do they wear? What do they dress in for battle?
in for battle? • How did they come by their primary weapon?
• What animal have they formed a bond with? • What personal name do they give to their
• How was a bond formed with the wild animal? primary weapon?
• Who gave them their arm ring?
hero skills
This can be used when performing any crafting
Skill that a Hero would have learned from their
background. This represents professions such as
blacksmiths, tailors, carpenters, shipbuilders, leather
workers and other artisans. Craft often gets used
more during Downtime than in actual gameplay, but
that doesn’t make it less important.

This can be used when trying to use logic or reason
to figure something out. It can also be used when
investigating or analysing situations. Players may
use it to deduce the intentions of others in a more
practical, logical way versus any sort of gut feeling, Tactics
which would be more of an Insight Skill. This is This can be used when planning battle strategies
also your resilience against mental Strain, such as or identifying the strengths and weaknesses of
attempts to trick you. fortifications. It can also be used when preparing for
a larger battle to help gain advantages or to assess
the plans of enemies by watching their formations.
Lore Tactics is also used when figuring out how to
This can be used for general knowledge about organize and transport large numbers of warriors
history, cultures, Clans or the gods. It represents and any provisions required to sustain them for long
academic education in theory, but not necessarily campaigns.
experiences. It also represents the ability to read
and write, both rare in the North Sea. It may even
be used to understand some foreign languages if it Agility
makes sense narratively. This can be used when testing reflexes. It represents
physical quickness, balance and acrobatics. Agility
can be used to quickly catch up to an opponent
Sailing before it becomes a footrace or to jump out of view
This can be used when sailing ships. It is a Skill for before being spotted. Agility can help avoid a tricky
steering as well as navigating the sea. Those with combat situation or gain a better position.
backgrounds as shipwrights can use this Skill to
identify a ship’s quality or a crew’s ability. For those
without a background in sailing, this Skill can be Athletics
used for their crewmanship or rowing, bailing and This can be used when performing physical acts
tying knots. of strength, such as climbing, running, jumping,
swimming or lifting. How Athletics are defined may
vary between each Hero. For some, it can mean raw
strength and muscle, while for others, it can be a
lean and fast sprinter.

Dexterity Influence
This can be used for more precise hand-eye This can be used to control or change the disposition
coordination. This can be sleight of hand, magic of others. Use it when attempting to persuade,
tricks, or pickpocketing. If a Hero was tied up, they intimidate, charm or even command others. When
could use this to attempt to free themself. It can haggling with merchants or convincing enemies to
also be used to quickly draw a weapon or disarm surrender, Influence can be a great Skill to have.
someone. Dexterity may also be used for art forms Shipwrights can use it to calm their crew during a
such as painting, sculpting, wood carving or even storm. Commanders can use it to raise the morale
playing musical instruments. of their warriors before a battle. Skalds can use it to
captivate an audience with their performance. Seers
can use it to convince others of the omens they have
Fortitude foreseen.
This can be used to measure resilience against
physical Strain. It is a Hero’s stamina when pressing
themself to the limit. It is used to avoid Strain during Insight
a shipwreck, when falling a good distance, or when This can be used to read people or situations. It
two shield walls collide. The number of Skill Ranks is represents intuition towards others or being
in Fortitude directly impacts the amount of Strain a alerted of dangers. Heroes can use it to figure out
Hero can take before sustaining Injuries. the intentions of others or get a feeling for their
motivations. Seers can use it when reading runes or
other relics to help them make sense of their visions.
This can be used when trying to go unnoticed,
whether that means just trying to be lost in a crowd Survival
or disappear from plain sight. Sneaking past guards, This can be used when trying to survive in the wild
concealing a weapon or hiding from enemies is also or navigate over land. When tracking prey over
a good use of Stealth. land or taming wild beasts, Survival Skills are vital.
Though Intellect could be used to identify dangerous
plants or animals, Survival should instead be used
Awareness if a Hero has real life experience with it. This is a
This can be used to measure a Hero’s senses and Hero’s ability to find food, build shelters and stay
perception. It can be used when actively trying to alive in harsh climates, far from home.
search for something, such as traps, enemies or to
see the sails or symbols of approaching ships. It
also represents alertness, or how difficult it is for an Defence
enemy to surprise or sneak up on a Hero. This is used to avoid danger without abandoning
the fray. This is the ability to parry, block, dodge
or otherwise evade the attacks coming from hostile
Focus opponents. Heroes may use other methods of
This can be used when trying to concentrate on avoidance, such as Agility or Stealth, but Defense
a particular task during stressful situations. It allows them to remain right there in the fight.
represents resilience against emotional Strain, such Defense can also be used when trying to hold the
as attempts to intimidate, frighten or cause anger. line in a shield wall or to take cover from archers
Focus can also be used to help another Hero with a while advancing. It can be used in a duel to
difficult task. maneuver an opponent before administering the final
Melee Thrown
This is used when wielding melee weapons, such This is used when throwing weapons, such as
as axes, blades or spears. A Hero’s ability to use a axes, javalins or spears, and trying to hit a target.
particular type of melee weapon is up to the players A Hero’s ability to use a particular type of thrown
and the GM to decide. They can always impose a weapon is up to the players and the GM to decide.
penalty on a Hero if they are not familiar with it. They can always impose a penalty on a Hero if they
Melee can also be used for improvised weapons, are not familiar with it. Thrown can also be used
such as chair legs, oars or rocks. for improvised weapons, such as shields, people or

This is used when shooting arrows or launching Unarmed
rocks from slings. This Skill is more rare in the This can be used when engaging in hand-to-hand
North Sea than Melee or Thrown, but can be quite combat. Heroes can use their Unarmed Skill to
deadly. A Hero’s ability to use a particular type of wrestle, subdue, restrain or even disarm their
ranged weapon is up to the players and the GM to opponents. It is up to players to describe the type
decide. They can always impose a penalty on a Hero of unarmed fighter their Heroes are. They can be
if they are not familiar with it. the hulking brute that bashed and throws their
opponents, or the squirrely, scrappy
fighter who uses quickness and quick jabs to take
them down. If using Unarmed combat against armed
opponents, the GM should increase the Difficulty
Level of the Challenge.

Here’s an example of how a new Hero Sheet may appear:

playing the game
As described in the previous section, the setting, Clan and Heroes should all be created before beginning to play.
A lot of this can be produced by the GM, but having player input is a great way to not only enrich the story, but
also to get players more invested in it from the beginning.

The GM should have the GM Screen set up in front of them, so that the players cannot see over it. Behind their
screen they should have a single GM Sheet to record Challenges and any other useful information, along with a
pencil, eraser and any other notes they have prepared earlier.

Each player should have their Hero Sheet, a pencil, eraser and a 20-sided die (d20). If need be, players may
share pencils, erasers and dice. It is not essential for each player to have their own.

overview for players can also take away Reputation if players do
something dishonorable or suffer a large defeat.
Players take on the role of their Heroes, who are Lastly, they will award Clan Reputation for victories
the protagonists of the story. Their strengths and that help increase the Clan’s influence and power in
weaknesses are represented by Attributes and Skills. the North Sea. Clan Reputation can be removed for
Attributes represent a Hero’s aptitude in a broad major setbacks and losses. It is up to the GM to be
area, while Skills represent their proficiency in a consistent with Hero rewards.
specific area. Heroes will also have story elements,
such as Heroic Qualities, their Path, Traits, Flaws,
and Motivations. These elements may be used when How to Prepare for an Adventure
describing actions and can potentially make it easier When setting up the story and various adventures,
to overcome certain Challenges. the GM should plan loosely and allow for change.
They can figure out the main plot lines, the
supporting cast and some key Scenes they want to
see, but a large part of the fun factor in this game is
overview for Game masters seeing how the Heroes impact the world in their own
The GM’s primary role is the narrator. They create way.
the basic outline for the story and introduce the
Heroes to it. They’ll guide the Heroes deeper into
the world and let them take the helm, steering it in How to Run an Adventure
the direction the group wants to go. The GM needs There are 3 types of Scenes that GMs can use. Story
to listen, take notes, ask questions and react to the Scenes are for basic roleplay, information gathering
Heroes as they explore the North Sea. They will and planning. Combat Scenes are for smaller battles
also play the roles of any supporting cast (NPCs). and fast-paced action. Montage Group Scenes are
However, they may choose to assign some of these used as to handle long periods of travel or survival,
roles to the players as they see fit. For example, or to manage large scale battles cinematically.
should the Heroes come across a merchant ship with
2 supporting characters, The GM might take on This is not a turn based game and there is no
the role of 1 and assign the other to a player whose initiative roll, grid or movement speed. The GM
Hero is not in the Scene. The GM should let them should handle this narratively, using their best
have some freedom with the character, but also give judgment. They will interpret the dice rolls and
them a few guidelines as it fits the narrative they are Outcomes and give the players a summary of what
building towards. impact they have. However, it is always left to the
players to describe what the Outcome looked like.
The GM needs to understand all the rules. This game
is designed so that the rules do not get in the way
of the story and with that in mind, it is their job to
keep things flowing. The GM does not have to roll
dice against the Heroes. Instead, they set Difficulty
Levels for Challenges based on how difficult they
feel the situation is. It is then up to the players make
action rolls to overcome them. The GM is also
responsible for rewarding the Heroes. Aside from
Silver and Gear, they will award Heroes with new
Skill Ranks at the end of each Session. They will
also award Reputation to each Hero, based on how
well they perform each Session. However, the GM
scenes challenges
The majority of Scenes will see the Heroes moving During a Scene, the GM may introduce Challenges
about a village or other area, gathering information in the form of obstacles or opponents. These can be
or equipment, with very few dice rolls. This is where situations or enemies that must be overcome before
players will find one or more possible paths to take. the players can move pass them. The GM will not be
It is up to the GM to describe the Scene and set the tracking health for opponents. Instead they will be
overall tone. This leaves room for the players to tracking the number of successes the players achieve
explore, uncover secrets and begin developing the with action rolls.
story. These are known as Story Scenes.
For each Challenge, the GM assigns a Difficulty
During these Scenes, the GM may have players Level (DL) and Target Number. The DL represents
roll for basic actions, such as trying to climb up on the number range Heroes must roll in order to
top of a building, negotiate the price of a new axe, succeed. The Target is the number of successes
or sneak past the village guard. Once the Heroes needed to overcome the Challenge. It could possibly
leave a particular Scene, the GM will describe the take multiple rolls in order to overcome a more
next Scene and any immediate Challenges that complex Challenge.
may appear. Once the Heroes leave the comfort of
their village, it is likely they will encounter more Before each roll, players will have a chance to
cinematic, dangerous Scenes and face Complex announce what they want to achieve (their Goal)
Challenges. and how they plan to achieve it (their Approach).
The GM will adjust the DL if necessary and await
the player’s roll. Based on the dice roll, the GM will
Cinematic Scenes determine the Outcome and let the player describe
These are often longer, drawn out Scenes with what is looked like. If the Target Number was
multiple action rolls to determine the result. When reached, the Challenge has been overcome. If the
setting up a Cinematic Scene, the GM will describe Target Number was not reached, another action roll
the positions of all Heroes and any known enemies. may be required.
While there is no set turn order, players should wait
for all other players to take an action, before they There are 3 different Challenge types that a GM may
take another action. The GM may choose to run choose to run. These are Basic, Complex and Threat
a Montage or Group Scene, where all Heroes roll Challenges. More information on how these are run
together to overcome a group Challenge. These sorts can be found on pages 33-34
of Scenes will be described in more detail on page

1. Goal 2. approach 3. adjust 4. roll 5. outcome
What does the player Which of the Hero’s Will another Hero The player rolls a The GM Determines
want the Outcome of Skills will the player assist? Any Heroic D20, adding its result the Outcome and lets
their action to be? be using to achieve Qualities? Will they to their Skill and any the player describe
their Goal? Surge? Any Injuries? applicable Gear for how it looked.
a total score.
The GM sets the DL The GM adjusts the Were they using a Any Strain, Grit or
and Target Number. DL if necessary. Specialized Skill? Complications? Was
the Target Number

To overcome a Challenge, players may need to make

an action roll. As a rule, players do not need to roll
unless the GM asks them to. The GM will determine • Hero Assist: Another player may choose to
if a roll is necessary and how challenging it will be spend 1 Grit and forfeit their next action in
to overcome. After making an action roll, the GM order to reduce the current Challenge’s DL by
summarizes the Outcome and the players describe 1 Level. The assisting player does not roll for
how it looked. Creativity is encouraged! the action, but they do share in the action’s
When taking actions and resolving Outcomes, the Outcome, good or bad. They also share in
sequence to the left should always be followed and narrating the Outcome.
the GM should try to keep things flowing at a good
pace. • Heroic Qualities: If a player’s Hero has a
Heroic Quality, or any other significant story
element that narratively should make the
Goal and Approach Challenge easier, the GM should reduce the
This is where a player announces what they want Challenge DL by 1 Level.
to accomplish and which of their Hero’s Skills
they will use to try and achieve it. Players should • Surge: Before rolling, the active player may
use whichever Skill is most suited to what they are choose to Surge. When doing so, they either
trying to achieve. After announcing this, the GM will choose to spend 1 Grit to remove 1 Strain
secretly set a DL and Target Number on their GM from their Hero, or spend 2 Grit to reduce the
sheet. current Challenge DL by 1 Level.
For example, a player may announce that they want
to use their bow to fire a flaming arrow into the sail • Injuries: Each Hero has 4 Attributes (Mind,
of a nearby enemy ship, in hopes of setting it alight. Body, Will and Combat). If an Attribute has 1
They would likely use their Ranged Skill to attempt Injury marked, Action Rolls made using any
this. of its Skills are more difficult to succeed at.
When using a Skill with an Injury, the GM
increases the Challenge DL by 2 Levels. If a
Adjust Hero has 2 Injuries to a single Attribute,
There are a number of ways that players may adjust they are Severely Injured and can no longer
the Challenge DL before rolling. Players may use any of their Skills within that Attribute.
only use each of these adjustments once per action
(therefore never reducing the DL by more than 3
dl -5 dl -4 dl - 3 dl - 2 dl - 1 = Dl

+6 strain +5 strain +4 strain +3 strain +2 strain +1 strain

+2 complications +1 complication

After making any adjustments, the time has come for the player to roll! They roll a single d20, adding to its
result their Skill total and any bonuses from relevant Gear they were using. If they were using a Skill in which
they were Specialized, they roll a second time and use the higher of the 2 rolls.

The GM will assess the roll and compare it to the DL Failed Outcomes are where the DL is not met.
they had previously set on their GM sheet. They will As seen in the diagram above, if the DL was
determine whether the action was a success or failure failed by 1 Level (DL-1), it counts as one failure
and announce if it resulted in any Complications, and the players involved take 2 Strain. Each
Strain or Benefits. It is then up to the players Level below this causes 1 additional failure
involved to describe how it looked. At this point, the and 1 additional Strain. If they roll poorly,
GM will also announce if the Target Number was missing the DL by 2 or more, the GM introduces
meet, or if a further action roll will need to be made. Complications into the Scene. The GM may
This continues, cycling between players, until the decide to announce what these are straight away,
Target Number is reached, or all Heroes involved are or reveal them later.
taken down.

Successful Outcomes are where the DL is met Epic Outcomes

or exceeded. As seen in the diagram above, if If the die lands on a 1 or 20, the action is epic. On
the DL is met (=DL), the players gain 1 success a 20, regardless of the action’s Outcome, the GM
towards the Target Number, but also take 1 removes a Complication from the Scene or otherwise
Strain. If they managed to exceed the DL by 1 has things go a little more in the Heroes’ favour.
Level (DL+1), they gain 2 successes and take Likewise, on a 1, the GM adds a Complication to
no Strain. Each Level above the DL rewards 1 the Scene that in some way hinders their goal. Either
additional success towards the Target Number. way, epic actions should be described much more
If they roll extremely well, players can also be cinematically and the GM can even change the tone
rewarded with up to a maximum of 2 Grit. of the Scene to better fit the moment.

dl +1 dl +2 dl +3 dl +4 dl +5

+1 grit +2 grit

Gameplay Example The GM sets the DL as “Daunting” (15-19), then

lowers it to “Difficult” (10-14), due to the Hero’s
GM: You enter the great hall. The stale air carries Path. They also set the Target Number of successes
the scent of unwashed warriors and mead. A one- needed as 2, since the player wants to take down
eyed dog lays on an old bear fur and can’t even be both opponents. The Hero’s action roll plus their
bothered to growl. Some warriors look up as your Melee Skill equals 21. This means the Hero got 3
silhouette blocks the primary source of light in the successes on their action roll.
dark hall.
GM: You succeed and gain 1 Grit. What’s the
Player: Do I spot the man I’m looking for? Outcome look like?

GM: Give me an action roll. What’s your Goal and Player: I charge the man I came here to kill and
Approach? hack his arm off before it reaches his weapon. As his
screams fill the hall, I swiftly spin, grabbing the axe
Player: I want to see if they are there while scanning he was reaching for and turn. I throw it into the chest
the room for other dangers. I’m going to roll my of the second warrior, catching them off guard. I turn
Awareness as my Approach. to face the one-armed warrior and see that he will
soon die from the crippling wound. Without even a
The GM sets the DL as “Difficult” (a 10-14 word, I walk towards the entrance. I stop, whistle
required). The Hero’s action roll, plus their once and the one-eyed dog follows me out the door.
Awareness Skill equals 11.
GM: Awesome!
GM: You succeed, but at a cost, taking 1 Strain.
You do spot the man you’re looking for at the far
table, but they spot you too. You see they are about
to go for their axe, laying on the table. You also see a
possible accomplice moving along the opposite side
of the hall.

Player: I want to attack! I’ll roll my Melee as my

Approach. I follow the Path of the Warrior, so I am
pretty comfortable in a scrap.

Indirect Strain
strain Indirect Strain is caused by taking risky actions
Health is handled in an abstract way which leaves where a Hero is knowingly putting themselves in
a lot of room to describe exactly what happens to harms way. Regardless of the Outcome of the action
the Heroes. Strain represents a Hero’s capacity roll, they will still take the Indirect Strain. The GM
for mental, physical and emotional stress and it may let players know that their action will result in
increases as they face more stressful or dangerous Indirect Strain and allow them to reconsider, if it
situations. As it increases, they become closer to makes sense narratively. Some examples of Indirect
sustaining Injuries, which cause penalties and can Strain are:
take them down.
• Crashing into an enemy shield wall to break
Strain builds as a result of action rolls or when the through it.
situation itself would cause Heroes to take Indirect • Leaping off of a fast moving horse onto a
Strain, such as in a large battle scene or during a group of enemies.
harsh storm. Taking Strain does not have to mean • Running onto a burning ship to rescue
that a Hero is struck, bloodied or otherwise beaten someone.
up. It can simply mean that they are getting tired, • Stepping in the way of a hail of arrows to
distracted, angered or stressed. During a battle, shield someone.
Heroes will likely take some Strain, but it isn’t until
they sustain an Injury that they have to describe any
wounds. As players take Strain, they record it in the
Current Strain box of their Hero Sheet.

Strain Threshold
A Hero’s Strain Threshold represents the total Strain
they can take before they are open to sustaining
Injuries Each Hero’s Strain Threshold begins at 5,
plus the number of Ranks in their Fortitude Skill
and it increases with each new Rank they add.

Armour, shields or other protective items can reduce
any Strain taken by 1 Point, but only for a limited
number of uses based on the quality of the item.
If players feel that the item would help reduce the
Strain taken during their action, they should tell the
GM. If they agree, the Strain taken is reduced by 1
Point and that player should mark off 1 of the item’s
uses on their Hero Sheet. Once the item reaches
its maximum uses, it cannot be used again until it
is repaired. This can be done during Downtime by
taking it to a crafter, or by a Hero with a relevant

Injuries To indicate that an Injury has been sustained, players
Injuries are lasting negative effects that Heroes should shade in one of the Injury icons under the
sustain by taking further Strain, while at their corresponding Attribute.
Strain Threshold. Every point of Strain taken in this
situation results in 1 Injury. To resolve an Injury,
they must roll a single d20 1 Injury to an Attribute = Injured
to see which of their Attributes will be affected. 2 Injuries to an Attribute = Severely Injured
After doing so, they should describe how the Injury 2 Severe Injuries total = Take Down
happened and use it as an interesting story element
for their Hero.
When using any Skill from an Injured Attribute,
Injury Roll Attribute Affected the DL increases by 2 Levels. Other elements,
1-5 Mind such as Heroic Qualities and Surging can still
6-10 Body reduce the DL, despite the Injury.
11-15 Will
16-20 Combat Severely Injured
When an Attribute has 2 Injuries, that Hero can
no longer use any Skills under that Attribute,
until they are healed or able to recover during
Downtime. A Severe Injury should affect how
Heroes act and may cause players to rethink the
actions they want to attempt.

Taken Down
When a Hero sustains 2 Severe Injuries, they
are Taken Down. This means that they can no
longer take any actions during the Scene. When
the Scene ends they rejoin the game, but must
sustain 2 permanent effects: The first is that they
must reduce the most relevant Attribute by 1.
The second is that they must add or change a
Trait or Flaw, relevant to the experience. Some
examples of being Taken Down might be:

• Falling unconscious or giving into immense

• Being trapped or restrained in some way.
• Becoming confused distracted.
• Becoming physically, mentally or
emotionally overwhelmed.
• Giving into fear or intimidation and leaving
the Scene.
• Giving into anger or blind rage and leaving
the Scene.

Healing For example, they cannot spend 4 Grit to lower
Players may reduce their Current Strain by spending the DL by 2 Levels, or 3 Grit to lower the DL and
1 Grit to Surge on an action roll. During Downtime, remove 1 Strain in the same action.
they may remove all Current Strain if the GM
allows it. Players may also remove 1 Injury during
Downtime. If they seek aid from a healer or any Hero Assist: Players may spend Grit on another
Hero with a relevant background they may remove player’s turn to Assist. The assisting player does not
up to 2 Injuries (rather than just 1). roll for the action, but they do share in the action’s
Outcome, good or bad. They also share in narrating
Players may use an action roll to try remove Strain the Outcome.
from another player’s Hero. This could be to calm,
encourage, or motivate them is some way. This
counts as their turn. Players may even attempt to • 1 Grit = Assist another Hero on their action
remove Strain from multiple Heroes, but this will roll to reduce their DL by 1 Level.
increase the DL of the Challenge. If they succeed,
each affected Hero can reduce their Current Strain
by 1. On an epic success (a natural 20), they can all For example, 1 Hero may declare that they want to
reduce it by 2. throw their spear an at enemy. Before the DL and
Target Number are set, another Hero might decide to
help out by distracting the enemy.
Heroes only die when their players decide it is time.
This can be for any reason, but remember that all
Heroes deserve a good death, so try to make it count! downtime
This is where players can rest to remove Strain,
mend Injuries, repair damaged Gear and improve
their Hero. There are two types of Downtime:
If players roll extremely well against a Challenge,
they may receive 1 or 2 Grit. When doing so, they • Session Downtime (hours, days) which
add this to their Current Grit. If a player reaches allows for Skill advancements and Healing.
their Grit Threshold, they cannot gain any further • Season Downtime (weeks, months) which
Grit. allows for adding Story Elements, improving
Attributes and gaining new Specializations.
Players may spend Grit on their turn to Surge. Note
that players may only Surge once per action roll.

• 2 Grit = Surge on an action roll to reduce the

current DL by 1 Level.
• 1 Grit = Surge on an action roll to remove 1

game master reference
The Voice
gm roles The GM is the voice of the Clan’s Jarl and other
The GM is the narrator, seer, voice and skald. They notable supporting characters. They speak for all
create the basic outline for the story and introduce enemies and allies. It is up to the GM to answer any
the Heroes to it. They’ll guide the Heroes deeper into rules questions that arise. Consider the following
the world and let them take the helm, steering it in guidelines when resolving rule questions:
the direction the group wants to go. The GM needs
to listen, take notes, ask questions and react to the
Heroes as they explore the North Sea. • Does it make sense to the GM?
• Does is make sense to the players?
• Is anyone at the table opposed to the
The Narrator decision?
The GM frames the story and sets the overall tone
and tempo for the game. They will set Difficulty
Levels and summarize Outcomes. It is their task to Resolving Hero vs Hero Conflicts
breathe life into the story with believable NPC’s, In the event that a Hero wishes to act against
engaging settings and cinematic Scenes. another Hero, first ask the players how they’d
like to proceed. If they can resolve the Scene
without having to roll, allow them to narrate how
The Seer it goes. If they feel that they would rather roll
Before each Session begins, the GM should loosely against each other, each chooses an appropriate
plan out the story, allowing room for player input. Skill and makes an action roll. The Hero with the
It is the GM’s responsibility to prepare Challenges, higher roll gets to narrate the Outcome. Either
Clans, NPC’s and Scenes in advance. They should way they both take a point of Strain and must
introduce Challenges during the game and find describe the reason for the Strain. Heroes cannot
creative ways to tie in each Hero’s Story Elements, be killed without the player’s permission.
such as their Path and Motivations.
Resolving Player vs Player Conflicts
The goal of the game is to have fun. If there are
disputes between players it is best to pause the
game and address them.

The Skald
The final role requires the GM to record key
moments in the story and offer recaps between
Sessions. They should also track all Challenges and
find ways to connect each Hero’s actions to one
another. Think about how the Heroes’ saga would be
told in a great hall, full of people ready to hear their

challenge types
There are 3 different types of Challenges a GM may introduce; Basic, Complex and Threats. Despite their
differences, they all follow the same structure of setting a Difficulty Level (DL) and Target Number, then
resolving with actions, as outlined previously on pages 22-26.

When setting the DL for a Challenge, the GM should Gameplay Example

secretly place their pencil over the chosen Level
on the left side of their GM Sheet. As the player GM: The front door is barred closed, but you
describes their Approach, the GM will move their can hear the traitors conspiring inside.
pencil up or down to account for any Adjustments.
Player: I want to sneak around the side of the
building to get a better view. I don’t want to be
Basic Challenges seen, so I’ll use Stealth as my Approach.
These are simple Challenges that only require a
single success to overcome. The GM should set the The GM sets the DL as “Moderate” (a 5-9
DL on their GM Sheet and the Target Number should required). The Hero’s action roll, plus their
be set at 1. For example: Stealth Skill equals 13.

• A short duel with a less-skilled opponent. GM: You succeed, making it around the side of
• Climbing or sneaking for a short distance. the building unseen.
• Convincing someone to follow your plan.
Player: Great! Now it’s time to see if I can fire
an arrow through the window and take down
that double-crossing brother of mine.

Complex Challenges Player: He managed to knock me off my feet.
These are longer Challenges that require multiple I’m a little stunned, but I still manage to hold
successes to overcome. A Target Number must be onto my shield. I want to attack! I’m going to
set, along with the DL. The top section of the GM try ramming my shield down onto his foot, then
Sheet has space to record Complex Challenges if follow through with my axe to his right side,
needed. The Challenge should continue until the as I can see it is exposed. I choose Melee as
Target Number has been reached, or all Heroes my Approach. I will Surge again to reduce the
involved are Taken Down. For example: DL and I follow the Path of Berserker, so this
should be easy for me.
• A cinematic battle with a skilled opponent.
• A heavy skirmish or shield wall battle. The GM leaves the DL as “Extreme” (a 20-24
• Surviving for a long time in the wild. required) and the Target Number remains at
2. They then reduce the DL by 1 Level for the
Surge and another Level for the Hero’s Path. It
Gameplay Example is now set at “Difficult” (a 10-14 required). The
Hero’s action roll, plus their Melee Skill equals
GM: Out of nowhere appears 1 of the biggest 17! That results in 2 successes, overcoming
warriors you’ve ever laid eyes on. This tower of their opponent.
a man is now the only thing standing between
you and the Longship. Your allies haven’t GM: Wow, what a roll! You succeed at taking
noticed that you’ve been cut off. Before you get down your opponent. How did it look?
a chance to react, he takes a swing at you with
his giant axe. Player: He was so distracted and surprised by
my shield crashing into his foot that he didn’t
Player: There’s no way I’m running. I stand my see the swing of my axe. I dropped my shield
ground. I raise my shield and brace for impact. and followed through with my second axe to his
I choose Defense as my Approach. I will spend left side, before kicking his lifeless body to the
2 Grit to Surge and reduce the DL. Defense is ground.
also one of my Specialized Skills.
GM: Brutal! Time to get to the Longship before
The GM sets the DL as “Extreme” (a 20-24 any other warriors show up.
required), with a Target Number of 2. They
then reduce the DL by 1 Level to “Daunting”
(a 15-19 required), due to the Hero’s Surge.
The Hero’s action roll, plus their Defense Skill
equals 9. Since they are Specialized in Defense,
they roll a second time, resulting in a total of
12. They take the higher roll.

GM: You do not succeed and take 2 Strain.

What happened?

Threat Challenges GM: You fail to gain any useful insights and
These are Complex Challenges that have a take 3 Strain.
consequence if not overcome in a certain amount
of time. A Target Number must be set, along with The GM notes on their Sheet that the Hero has
the DL. The middle section of the GM Sheet has taken 2 failures.
space to record Threat Challenges if needed. While
Complex Challenges track Successes, Threats also Player: Time to rage! I want to try launching
track any Failures. The Challenge should continue over the top of the shield wall. I choose Agility
until either the number of Successes or Failures as my Approach. My Heroic Quality is Speed,
reach the Target Number, or all Heroes involved are which should help me avoid any spears from
Taken Down. Should the Target Number of Failures the enemy.
be reached first, the GM should introduce the
looming threat as a result. Some examples of when The GM leaves the DL for the Threat as
to use a Threat Challenge might be: “Daunting” (a 15-19 required) and the Target
Number remains at 3. They reduce the DL by 1
• Fighting off a large force while your allies Level for the Hero’s Heroic Quality. It is now
escape. The threat being that the allies are set at “Difficult” (a 10-14 required). The Hero’s
brought into the battle. action roll, plus their Agility Skill equals 9,
• Fleeing from a larger enemy force. The failing again.
threat being that the enemies overtake the
Heroes. GM: This is not your day! You fail, taking 2
• Chasing down an enemy scout ship before Strain. You’re now over your Strain Threshold,
it escapes. The threat being that the enemy causing an injury. Roll to see which of your
learns some crucial information. Attributes will be injured. What’s going on?
• Trying to break an enemy shield wall before
their reinforcements arrive. The threat being Player: Despite my confidence, I didn’t
the enemy reinforcements. manage to plant my foot properly on the enemy
shields. I slipped and ended up on my back,
taking an injury to my Body.
Gameplay Example
GM: It’s too late. The enemy reinforcements
GM: The shield wall doesn’t seem to be have arrived and things do not look good.
breaking. You can hear the roar of more enemy What’s the plan?
forces approaching beyond the tree line.
There’s no way your Clan is winning this battle,
but there’s still time to take out the enemy

Player: I want to get a better idea of the

situation. I use Tactics as my Approach.

The GM sets the DL for the Threat as

“Daunting” (a 15-19 required) with a Target
Number of 3. The Hero’s action roll, plus their
Tactics Skill equals 8.

cinematic scenes The GM secretly gives both of the Guards a DL
of “Difficult” (a 10-14 required) and a Target
Number of 2 each. They set the Shieldmaiden’s
Combat Scenes DL as “Daunting” (a 15-19 required) and a
These are Scenes with multiple enemies, each with Target Number of 3.
their own DL and Target Number. When setting
up a Combat Scene, the GM should describe or Player 1: I want to fire an arrow at the guard
clarify the positions of all Heroes and any known on the left. I choose Ranged as my Approach.
enemies. While there is no set turn order, players are I follow the Path of a Tracker and I choose to
encouraged to wait for all other players to take an spend 2 Grit to Surge and reduce the DL.
action, before they take another action. The Scene
should continue until all Challenges have been The GM reduces the left Guard’s DL to
overcome, or until all Heroes involved are Taken “Minor” (a 2-4 required). The Hero’s action
Down. Complications from failed action rolls may roll, plus their Ranged Skill equals 16!
introduce additional enemies or obstacles into the
Scene. For example, a Complex Combat Scene may GM: You not only hit your target, you take him
end up looking similar to the example shown below. down. You also gain 2 Grit.

Player 1: Direct hit! He never saw it coming.

Gameplay Example Time to take out the others.

GM: As you approach the outpost, you see 3 Player 2: Ok, you’ve had your fun. Time for
enemies standing outside the front gate. They me to charge down that shieldmaiden!
haven’t spotted you hiding behind the trees.
2 of the guards are holding spears and round
shields. The other appears to be a shieldmaiden,
wielding 2 swords.

Montage Group Scenes The GM sets the DL for the Challenge as
These are a great way of moving through a “Difficult” (a 10-14 required) with a Target
Cinematic Scene without a large number of drawn Number of 5. There are 4 Heroes in the
out dice rolls, which slow down the game. The Scene, so it’s going to be a hard Challenge to
GM begins by describing the Scene and then sets a overcome. All the Heroes choose Sailing as
single DL for the group. The Target Number should their Approach. 2 of them decide to Surge and
be equal to, or higher than the number of Heroes in 1 also follows the Path of the Shipwright. The
the Scene, depending on how long the GM wants it other 2 Heroes have no way of adjusting the
to last. Each player should describe their Approach DL, so it comes down to the fate of the dice.
and the GM should adjust the DL for each specific Between the 4 of them, they narrowly manage
Hero, if needed. The GM should encourage all the to roll 5 successes.
players to pay attention to the person in the spotlight
describing their part of the action. The notes section GM: You succeed at keeping the merciless
of the GM Sheet is a good place to keep track of this waves from tearing your ship asunder.
information. Somehow you manage to make it back to shore
Once this has all been confirmed and recorded by the
GM, all players in the Scene must roll together. After Players: We just locked our eyes on the lights
looking over all the dice rolls and comparing their in the distance and kept on rowing. There better
results to each player’s DL, the GM determines how be a lot of mead and fresh food waiting for us at
many rolls succeeded the DL and checks to see if the the great hall.
Target Number was reached. Outcomes are handled
differently than regular Challenges:
Getting the Balance Right
• If the Target Number was not met, all Heroes It is important that Challenges last just the right
take 1 Strain for each Success they failed to amount of time. If it’s too easy or quick, players
reach it by. will miss out on the tension the GM may be trying
For example, if the Target Number was 6 to create. If it’s to difficult or drawn out, players
and they only gained 4 Successes, each Hero may become discouraged or lose interest. The GM
would take 2 Strain. shouldn’t feel locked into the DL and Target Number
• If the Target Number was meet, the roll was they set at the beginning of the Challenge. While
a Success. No Strain or Grit are received. they shouldn’t alter the DL after an action roll, they
• If the Target Number was exceeded by 1 or may decide to increase or decrease it before a roll is
more Success, all players gain exactly 1 Grit. made, if they feel it is beneficial to the flow of the
For example, if the Target Number was 6 and game. Likewise, if they quickly discover that they
they gained 9 Successes, each Hero would have made a Challenge far too easy or difficult, they
gain 1 Grit. may decide between action rolls to add or remove
1 from the Target Number. Of course, none of this
needs to be made known to the players.
Gameplay Example
On the other hand, sometimes a quick, unexpected
GM: The waves are beating against the sides victory could be a great experience for the players.
of your Longship and water is starting to pool The GM can always introduce different Challenges,
beneath your feet. The fires on the shoreline can but do not always feel the need to take away the
be seen on the horizon, but you’ve still got a massive victories of the Heroes. In the end it all
long way to go. about finding the right balance for the game.
End of a Session
hero development Each Session should last roughly 2-4 Hours. At
At the end of each Session and Story Arc, the GM the end of each Session, the GM should award
may award players with additional Reputation, Skill each Hero with 1-2 Skill Ranks of their choice,
Ranks, Attribute Points and Skill Specializations. depending on how well they performed throughout
the Session.
Before starting a new adventure, the GM and
players should establish if it will be a Mini-Series or The GM should also award each Hero with 0-5
Campaign: Reputation, based on how well they performed
throughout the Session.

• Mini-Series:
1-2 Story Arcs End of a Story Arc
0-5 Hero Reputation per Session Each Story Arc should last roughly 2-4 Sessions. At
2-8 Sessions the end of each Story Arc, the GM should allow each
Hero to either increase 1 Attribute by 1 point, or gain
• Campaign: 1 new Skill Specialization .
2-4 Story Arcs
0-2 Hero Reputation per Session The GM should also award each Hero with an
4-16 Sessions additional 0-5 Reputation, based on how well they
performed over the whole Story Arc.

Clan Reputation
reputation This determines a Clan’s status and strength. The
higher their Reputation, the more influence they
Hero Reputation have across the North Sea. Higher Reputation
This factors into social encounters, but may also will draw more merchants and finer craftsmen to
invite challenging encounters, such as warriors their settlements. With these people also come
seeking the higher quality Gear, w eapons and services to the
honour of defeating a famous Hero. It allows Heroes Clan. There will be more warriors and Longships.
toraise their Attributes or Skills to higher levels and Outposts and settlements will bebetter fortified and
canaward new Heroic Qualities that further set them much harder to raid.
Clans can earn 0-2 Reputation Point per Session, if
Each Hero should start a new game with zero they achieve a great victory or make a successful
Reputation. Heroes can earn 0-5 Reputation Points voyage. Clan Reputation can also be lost from major
per Session, if theyachieve a great feat. These defeats.
would be the things that others might tell stories
about. Reputation Points can also be lostfrom major A Clan’s Reputation determines what quality of Gear
defeats. Some examples of a great feat may include: the Heroes have access to:

• Venturing out to discover new land.

• Protecting an outpost from an invading force. • Minor Clan (0-4 Reputation): Average Gear.
• Defeating a great warrior in battle. • Moderate Clan (5-9 Reputation): Good Gear.
• Strong Clan (10-14 Reputation): Fine Gear.
Each time a player gains Hero Reputation, they • Powerful Clan (15-19 Reputation): Superior
record it on their Hero Sheet. For every 5 Hero Gear.
Reputation a player gains, they gain 1 Star . As • Legendary Clan (20 Reputation): Master
noted on each Hero Sheet, these stars unlock new Gear.
possibilities to further upgrade Heroes.

Attributes and Skill Ranks may now go as

high as 4 (previously restricted to only 3).

Immediately gain a second Heroic Quality.

Attributes and Skill Ranks may now go as

high as 5.

Immediately gain a third Heroic Quality.

economy and gear If the Heroes don’t own their own Longship, any
Crew are hired and paid for by the Clan’s Jarl. If the
Longships Heroes do own their Longship, they will have to pay
The size of Longships are measured by the number any hired Crew a percentage of the rewards when
of oars along 1 side. Cargo space on board can hold returning Plunder to their Jarl:
people, provisions, horses and Plunder. 1 load equals
around 10 people, 2 horses, 1 month’s provisions or
2 Plunder. • Untrained Crew 10%
• Trained Crew 20%
• Experienced Crew 35%
• Byrding: • Legendary Crew 50%
Longship size 6 Oars
Crew requirement 8-14 Crew
Capacity 2 Loads The benefit of hiring a more experienced Crew,
Purchase cost 500 Silver is how they affect Challenges involving sailing,
combat or any other relevant Skills. If the Crew
• Karv: would influence a Challenge in any way, the GM
Longship size 8 Oars should reduce the DL by 1 or more levels to reflect
Crew requirement 10-18 Crew this. The experience of the Crew may also influence
Capacity 4 Loads Challenges and Scenes narratively.
Purchase cost 1500 Silver

• Snekke: Raiding
Longship size 10 Oars Throughout a campaign, it is likely that the Heroes
Crew requirement 12-22 Crew will raid various settlements. It is up to the GM to
Capacity 6 Loads decide how much Plunder is taken from a successful
Purchase cost 2500 Silver raid. They may wish to use the following numbers as
a guideline:
• Busse:
Longship size 12 Oars
Crew requirement 14-26 Crew • Army 1+ Plunder
Capacity 8 Loads • Outpost 2+ Plunder
Purchase cost 5000 Silver • Township 4+ Plunder
• Fortress 8+ Plunder
• Skeide:
Longship size 15 Oars
Crew requirement 18-32 Crew
Capacity 10 Loads Expenses
Purchase cost 10000 Silver It is up to the GM to decide how much items and
services cost. Here are some examples to work as a

• A meal or drink 1-5 Silver

• Repair damaged Gear 5-10 Silver
• Visit a Healer or Seer 15-20 Silver
Plunder Fortifications
All Plunder that Heroes gain must be returned to The GM can determine the type of fortification for
the Clan’s Jarl, who pays out Silver in return. The an outpost, village or settlement before the Heroes
Main obstacle for hauling Plunder back to the Jarl, is arrive. Descriptions can be loose, to allow narrative
how much available space the Heroes have on their input from the players. The tables below may help
Longship. Because of this, it is possible for Heroes when creating fortifications. Roll once for each
to lose Plunder before getting it back to their Jarl for category.
payment. It is not uncommon for raiding parties to
bury the Plunder they cannot carry and return for it
later. Roll Type of Fortification

1 Weak palisade
1 Plunder = 100 Silver 2-4 Watchtower and gatehouse
5-9 Strong palisade and motte
10-14 Multiple towers and archers
If the Heroes do not own their own Longship, the 15-19 Motte and wooden spikes
Jarl keeps half the Silver from any Plunder they 20 Stone walls and towers
For example, if they returned 3 Plunder, they would
get paid 300 Silver, of which 150 would get paid Roll Size of Garrison
back to the Jarl for the use of his Longship and any
Crew. 1 Small, undisciplined
2-4 Small, disciplined
5-9 Medium, undisciplined
10-14 Medium, disciplined
15-19 Large, undisciplined
20 Large, disciplined

Roll Defenders

1 Expecting and attack

2-4 Hostile and ready to attack
5-9 Cautious and ready to attack
10-14 Cautious and willing to talk
15-19 Peaceful and willing to talk
20 Totally unprepared

Gear Fine quality weapons are prized possessions, passed
Players can acquire new Gear during battle or from down from one generation to the next and some
a merchant or trader. There are 5 different quality weapons may become famous, having been wielded
levels for Gear. Heroes are restricted with which by mighty heroes!
Gear they have access to, depending on their Clan’s
Reputation. These quality levels also determine cost, Blades
uses (for Protective Gear) and effectiveness (for There are many kinds of swords and daggers
Weapons). of all lengths and shapes. Short blades are
perfect for fighting in the shield wall, as they
can be used in close quarters. Longswords
• Average are commonly seen in open skirmishes and in
Purchase cost 10+ Silver honourable duels.
Protective uses 2
Action roll boost 0 to +1 Axes
These are the most versatile and common
• Good weapons found in the North Sea. Axes are tools
Purchase cost 20+ Silver for work, sea and battle. They can be wielded
Protective uses 4 as both melee and thrown weapons as well as
Action roll boost +1 to +2 hacking apart silver objects to make hack-silver.
Large battle axes, requiring two hands to swing,
• Fine are feared on the battlefield. Often berserkers or
Purchase cost 40+ Silver the strongest warriors will hack through a shield
Protective uses 6 wall with them. Though deadly, they also leave
Action roll boost +2 to +3 the wielder less protected that those with a good
roundshield. While at sea or in the wilderness,
• Superior nothing is quite as useful as a good axe.
Purchase cost 80+ Silver
Protective uses 8 Spears
Action roll boost +3 to +4 Like axes, spears are common and versatile
weapons. They provide a good reach advantage
• Master in open combat and in the shield wall. Lighter
Purchase cost 160+ Silver spears can be thrown a good distance and heavy
Protective uses 10 spears can ram hard into enemy shields. They are
Action roll boost +4 to +5 also the most useful melee weapons to use when
hunting large prey.

Weapons Bows and arrows or slings are most commonly
Blades are forged from iron or rare metals. The skill used for hunting, however they can be deadly on
of the craftsman and materials will affect the quality the battlefield. The most common use of archers
and cost. Nearly every person old enough to wield in battle is to defend ships and outpost, as well
a weapon will carry one. Dangers lurk around every as to provide support in larger battles. A truly
frozen turn and a warrior must be ready to meet it, or skilled archer is one who can not only hit their
at least be ready to reach Valhalla, weapon in hand. targets, but do so in the heat of battle.

Armour Helmets
Armour and shields are handled as abstract Regardless of the type of armour worn, players
protective items with a more narrative focus. The can choose to wear a helmet or not. Helmets can
benefit of wearing armour is the ability to decrease be of leather or iron and some can have cheek or
some of the Strain Heroes take in battle. It is a faceplates for added protection or intimidation.
player’s choice to wear armour or not and although
it can provide protection, it is not required or critical Round Shields
for survival. Perhaps the most important tool in battle is
the round shield. Some warriors will even take
Light Armour multiple into battle in case one breaks. Round
A leather vest or sleeveless tunic and boots, shields are often made to fit a warrior’s specific
allowing quick and quiet movement size and are made of butted boards of wood with
in combat. a metal boss in the center. They are often center
mounted, though some warriors add arm straps.
Heavy Armour Shields are painted before raids or battles with a
A full leather or mail tunic, heavier boots and Clan or individual warrior’s symbol.
gloves. A Hero in heavy armour trades
mobility and stealth for more protection.

preparing an adventure Even if victorious, they may still face:
Plan for change! When creating a story and various
adventures, always plan loosely and allow for • A new enemy or an angered ally.
change. The GM should figure out the main plot, • A Jarl with a hidden agenda or a conspiring
the supporting cast and some key Scenes they want enemy.
to run. However, part of the fun is seeing how the • Losing a Longship at sea.
Heroes impact the world in their own way. Do not • Trouble returning home with Plunder.
over plan an adventure and allow room for players
to change it. The GM should keep track of Story
Elements, look for adventure hooks and consider Openers
Hero and Clan Reputation. The GM should use these as examples for how to set
the tone for a Scene:

Adventure Types • “The frozen wind bites at your bare skin as

Most adventures will fall into one of these themes: your oars slice through the choppy sea.”
• “The morning sun’s rays glint off the spear
• Exploring the North Sea. tips of the warriors on the ramparts above
• Raiding an enemy settlement or attacking an you as you creep through the shadows.”
outpost. • “The drums of war, booming from behind
• Supporting allies or rescuing members Clan the enemies solid wall of shields, vibrate
members. through your
• Forging new alliances or gathering entire body as you await the order to charge.”
• Surviving a long journey.
• Attend another Clan’s celebration.
• Reinforcing or defending an outpost or

The heroes may have to face:

• Enemy raiding parties, outposts, berserkers

or mercenaries.
• Merchants or allies in need of aid.
• Enemy shield walls or large scale battles.
• Struggles between warring clans.
• Enemies with faster or more powerful
• Storms at sea, crew members falling ill, or
attacks from wild animals.
• Survival far from home.
• Misinformation from enemies or betrayal
from allies.

name generator
Use these tables to quickly create random neutral,
ally or enemy Clans and locations.

Clan Name Generator Place Name Generator

Roll Prefix Suffix Roll Prefix Suffix

1 Loki’s Beards 1 Dark Cavern

2 Red Foxes 2 Forgotten Falls
3 Blue Ravens 3 Bright River
4 Broken Shields 4 Cold Oaks
5 Wild Axes 5 Frozen Bay
6 Blood Blades 6 Fire Cove
7 Black Horns 7 Dead Hill
8 Bald Serpents 8 Looming Mountain
9 Yellow Bears 9 White Stream
10 Strong Sails 10 Red Lake
11 Dancing Goats 11 Thor’s Field
12 Dead Hawks 12 Odin’s Plains
13 White Hammers 13 Iron Cliffs
14 Fearless Fists 14 Freya’s Fortress
15 Thor’s Beasts 15 Broken Land
16 Grim Spears 16 Wild Ruins
17 Lost Swords 17 Grim Peaks
18 Freya’s Warriors 18 Troubled Valley
19 Iron Hunters 19 Hallowed Vale
20 Odin’s Wolves 20 Old Crossing

Clan Attribute Generator

Roll Clan Strength Roll Disposition

1 Weak and disgraced Clan 1 Sworn enemies of the Heroes’ Clan

2-4 Disbanded Clan of mercenaries 2-4 Hostile and ready to attack
5-9 Minor Clan with a small force 5-9 Cautious and ready to attack
10-14 Minor Clan with a moderate force 10-14 Cautious and willing to talk
15-19 Strong Clan with a moderate force 15-19 Peaceful and willing to talk
20 Powerful Clan with a large force 20 Allies of the Heroes’ Clan

Male Names

Ake Darby Garth Igor Manning Tait

Arvid Destin Geir Ingemar Olaf Tarben
Asger Dustin Gosta Ingfred Olavi Thorpe
Asmund Dusty Gudbrand Ingolf Olin Thorsten
Audun Eerikki Gudmund Ingvar Olle Thorvaldr
Balder Egil Gunnar Ivar Olsen Torben
Bard Einar Gustav Jari Osmond Tore
Birger Eindride Hackett Jarrik Ove Troels
Bjarke Eirik Hagen Kare Ragnar Trygve
Bjorn Elof Hakon Kelby Ralph Tue
Borg Endre Haldor Keld Randolph Tyr
Brandt Erico Hall Kensley Rangvaldr Ubbe
Brynjar Erland Halstein Kirby Raoul Uffe
Calder Erling Halvar Kirk Ronald Ulf
Canute Even Halvdan Kjeld Roscoe Vali
Carr Fell Halvor Kjell Selby Vern
Colborn Felman Hammond Knud Sigurd Vernon
Colby Fiske Haskell Knute Soini Vidar
Colden Floki Hemming Kory Steen Viggo
Crosby Folke Herlief Lamont Stian Welch
Cuyler Frey Hjalmar Latham Stigr
Dag Fritjof Holger Leif Sture
Dagfinn Frode Holmes Loki Sven

Female Names

Alfhild Dahlia Helka Nanna Sigrun Torvi

Alva Elin Hella Oddveig Siv Turid
Alvilda Eira Hertha Oili Snaefrid Tyra
Ama Embla Hillevi Olga Solveig Unn
Anselma Erika Inge Oydis Solvi Ylva
Ase Eydis Ingeborg Porunn Sylvi
Aslaug Freja Inger Randi Erika
Asta Freya Ingrid Ragna Thyra
Astrid Frigg Ingvild Ragnhildr Thyri
Aud Gala Inkeri Runa Tone
Audhild Gerd Iona Saga Torborg
Bergljot Gull Jorunn Sassa Tordis
Bodil Gunborg Kari Shelby Torhild
Borghild Gunhild Lagertha Siggy Tori
Brenna Gunvor Liv Sigrid Toril
Dagmar Gyda Magnhild Signe Torny
Dagny Helga Margrethe Sigrid Tove
the greywolf saga
written by tim and kristin devine

summary The main thing to remember is that the Heroes are

all Greywolves and the fate of their Clan is in their
This campaign is for a group of new Heroes who hands. Can they help the Greywolf Clan return to its
will be part of the Greywolf Clan. Players will create former glory?
their Heroes using the standard rules found in this
book and will then answer some specific questions Each session can focus on two goals. If the Heroes
to help connect them to their Clan and each other. are able to achieve both, they can earn 2 Reputation.
This campaign is designed to be a flexible outline to When the Heroes return to the settlement, they will
allow each group to have a unique experience. hear news of the other crews and how the Clan is
doing. They can use this information to determine
what to do next. The primary goals of the Clan
during this act will be reestablishing former alliances
how to play and setting up outposts. If these goals are met,
The campaign should be run in three main Story the following summer will see a much stronger
Arcs: Rise, Revenge, and Rule. The GM can add in Greywolf Clan, ready to reclaim what was stolen and
smaller arcs if they want to have the campaign last take revenge on their enemies.
longer. The Hero Reputation and Clan Reputation
will be used as the timeline to judge when to Hooks
close an act and open a new one. The GM can use Each Story Arc contains 20 adventure hooks that the
the seasons, summers and winters, to help with GM can build a session around. The Heroes will try
transitioning between Story Arcs. to figure out how to handle one or both of the hooks.
Depending on how they do, they could earn 0-2
Each story arc in this campaign includes adventure Hero Reputation.
hooks that the GM can use to plan the sessions.
The players will help create the story as the game
progresses. The GM will keep track of the Clan’s Between Sessions
Reputation, NPCs, enemies and specific Challenges Following each session, the GM will reward
they are facing. These elements will factor into the the Heroes using the rules outlined in the Hero
setup for each session. Development section of the guide. Players should
keep track of their Strain and keep any notes to help
them remember previous sessions, goals or NPCs
1. The GM should read through this campaign and that interested them. The GM should keep notes on
have an idea of where to begin. noteworthy elements of previous sessions so they
2. Introduce the Greywolf Clan and the players will can bring them back into the ongoing story. They
create their Greywolf Heroes. will also track the Reputation of the Clan and make
3. The GM will establish the current state of the some notes on other happenings within the Clan.
Clan and begin the first Story Arc.
• Alliances
• Enemies
Adventures • Complications
There are many options for adventures and Challenges • Fortifications
in the pages to follow, but the each group should make • Trade partners
it their own.
jarl erika the daughters
Jarl Erika is a fierce warrior and strong leader. Her Runa
former husband, a master shipwright and explorer, Following in her mother’s footsteps, Runa trained
died at sea, leaving her three grown daughters; a to be a shieldmaiden and stand in the shield wall.
shield maiden, a huntress and seer. She is a proud and capable warrior who leads the
main Garrison of the Greywolf settlement. Since her
The shieldmaiden also leads the garrison of father’s death, Runa has had a fear of the sea and
the settlement. The huntress is often out in the chooses to remain on land, defending the settlement
wilderness and the seer is among Erika’s most and training new warriors.
trusted advisors.

Erika is tough, but fair. She is cunning and Ylva

understands battle tactics. She also trusts in her Known as the Grey Huntress, Ylva spends most
warriors and is generous with her rewards for of her time in the hills and forests surrounding
successful voyages. She can also be harsh when it the settlement. She was the first woman to single-
comes to punishing those who break their oaths or handedly slay a bear in the wild and since then, she
defy the code of the Greywolves. wears its pelt as a reminder of her great feat. Ylva
dislikes spending much time in towns or settlements,
She claims to have received a vision of the North except during celebrations.
Sea being a more peaceful place, where all the Clans
can thrive together. The vision was of Odin’s wolves
running far beyond the known lands and finding Eira
new lands to raid and settle. Before this vision can Feared for her powers and admired for her beauty,
be realised, many battles must be fought. Only a Eira is the silent daughter. It is said that she traded
powerful Clan could send ships beyond the North her voice for her powers of prophecy. Even without
Seas and defend itself against raids from other Clans. words, Eira has a commanding presence and is
among her mother’s closest councilors.

the greywolf clan enemies
You are part of the Greywolf Clan. Greatly respected There are many who do not wish to see the Greywolf
and feared by the other Clans for the skill of your Clan grow in power. Some may have aided the
warriors and your code of honour. Years ago, a high high king when your Clan was defeated. The Blood
king tried to force the Greywolf Clan to submit Raven Clan, a powerful Clan to the north, were
to their rule. When they refused, he conspired to the main conspirators of the former high king and
destroy them. He broke oaths and defied the gods directly responsible for your Clan’s downfall. They
by attacking at the Yule celebration with an alliance will be a difficult Clan to defeat until you rise in
of treacherous Jarls. The Greywolf settlement was power. Other enemies will reveal themselves as
taken and the few survivors fled to the mountains or you and your crew of Greywolves embark on your
across the sea. voyage to explore the North Sea.

Years passed before a group of young Greywolf

warriors returned and took back their lands,
defeating the high king. The Clan was rebuilt and the
survivors returned, though it lost its former wealth
and Reputation. A generation has passed and the
code of the greywolves
time of the Greywolves return to power has come. A 1. No Oath Broken: Do not swear oaths
new Jarl rules the Clan and she has sworn an oath to lightly and when you do, be sure to uphold
the gods to return the Clan to its former glory. The the oaths, even if it leads to your death.
Greywolf warriors are ready to serve their Jarl and
help her rebuild the Clan’s Reputation. But there are 2. Honour Above All: Honour the gods.
sworn enemies of the Clan out there in the North Honour your Clan. Honour your family. Be
Sea. Those who would do all they could to prevent honourable towards your enemies in victory.
the rise of the Greywolves.
3. All Are Free: The gods do not control our
The Clan’s main settlement is known as the Grey will and thus, Greywolves will not control
Den and once was mighty, with strong fortifications, the will of others. Take prisoners, not slaves.
docks filled with ships and a great hall to rival
Valhalla. Now the settlement is being rebuilt atop the
ruins of its former glory. A new hall was built along
with some walls and watchtowers. Two long docks
stretch into the bay, which stretches far out from the
Grey Den before reaching the connecting waterways
of the North Sea. Greywolf farmsteads are scattered
across the surrounding lands, all within a days walk
of the settlement. Forests, hills and snowy mountains
surround the settlement on the land side.
GM Setup Questions Greywolf Heroes

• Who is the current Jarl of the Blood Raven Clan? • Berserker: Tyr the Feral.
Incorporate them as the primary antagonist. They are solitary and soft-spoken, until the rage
• Who are the main Champions of the Blood of battle takes over.
Raven Clan?
• Blacksmith: Klintr Ironshield.
Incorporate them as lesser antagonists.
His wits and insults are as sharp as the blades
• Who are other Clans that conspired with the
he forges.
Blood Ravens?
Incorporate them in battles and raids. • Carpenter: Ragnhildr.
A most gifted builder and artist, she has little
patience for imperfection.
Relationship Questions
The GM can use these questions to form bonds • Champion: Einar Ravenslayer.
between each of the Heroes: Calm and wise, his strategies and leadership are
• Which of the Heroes are related to each other?
How are are they related? • Healer: Glenr the Jovial.
• Which of the Heroes are rivals with each other? A friend to all and always has a smile and tale
How did the rivalry begin? to tell.
• Which of the Heroes share a secret involving the
Jarl or her daughters? What is the secret? • Seer: Moon “One-eye”.
A mysterious and frightening fortune teller
Note: The GM can create more questions if they like. who speaks mostly in riddles.

• Skald: Framling the Rat.

Hero Creation Questions A gifted entertainer, though his brain tends to
Players will create their Heroes using the standard follow a different path.
rules and then answer the following questions:
• Shipwright: Torvi of the Sea.
1. Which of their ancestors was directly involved Stoic and brave, she can read the seas like no
in the incident with the high king and what was other.
their role?
• Tracker: Asger the Shadow.
2. Which Greywolf Hero was the mentor who A shadow in the forests, he has hunted every
helped them on their path? beast known to man.

• Warrior: Skadi Wolfspear.

Focused, calm under pressure, and extremely
hard on her trainees.

Opening Questions
GM Considerations:
This Story Arc will begin in the first weeks of • What state is the Grey Den currently in?
summer and can take place over months, perhaps (Fortifications, ships, warriors and the Great
even an entire summer season, depending on the Hall).
number of sessions you want to run. • What does the Grey Den look like?
(Surroundings, harbour, hills, forests
This arc should see the Heroes and their Clan mountains).
reach about 5 Reputation by the end. It will focus • What Challenge is their one outpost currently
on exploration, establishing alliances and new facing?

Each player must answer:

It is the last feast of winter and a new dawn of the • What is your opinion of the Jarl and her
Greywolf Clan. Jarl Erika, a wise and strong leader, vision of the Clan’s future?
has declared that this is to be the summer of the • How is restoring the Clan’s honour of
wolves. She has used every last resource the Clan personal importance to you?
has to build and crew several ships, which are to set
out and reclaim their place in the North Sea. Should
this fail, the Clan may never recover. Each Hero must answer one of the following
Within the great hall, a modest but well intended
feast is prepared and the Clan celebrates. This is • Which of the daughters has an issue with you
where we meet the Heroes, sitting at a table together and why?
and discussing the current situation. They have been • What rumours have you heard about spies
chosen to be part of one of the crews that will set sail within the Clan?
in the morning. • Which of the Jarl’s daughters hasn’t been
heard from in weeks?
• What premonition did you see in a dream
about your voyage?
• What resource is the Clan struggling with
most at the moment?
• How has the general morale of the Clan’s
warriors been lately?

Note: The GM can create more questions if they like.

Hooks Ending the Arc
The GM will determine the best stopping point for
1. A Clan, once allies of the Greywolves, is in need the Story Arc and how to transition to the next one.
of aid. They should consider how has the Clan changed,
2. A well known warrior is leading raids in how the Jarl and her daughters have changed and
Greywolf lands. what new complications the clan will face?
3. An abandoned outpost is found and is in need of
4. A wanderer tells a tale of a secret temple in the Rewards
hills. Aside from the standard rewards found in the Hero
5. One of the Greywolf farmsteads is being raided. Development section of the guide, at the end of
6. Enemies are preventing merchants from reaching this Story Arc, the GM may have the Jarl or other
the Clan. prominent Greywolves offer rewards in the form of
7. An enemy ship is spotted patrolling near Silver, items or armrings.
Greywolf waters.
8. A new and dangerous pass is discovered through
a glacier.
9. There is a shortage of food in the settlement.
10. The main Greywolf outpost is in need of
building supplies.
11. An unknown longboat has landed near a
Greywolf outpost.
12. A wealthy merchant ship was shipwrecked near
the Grey Den.
13. One of the Jarl’s daughters is under seige at a
new outpost.
14. The Jarl needs help finding an enemy spy in the
15. Two Greywolf ships were captured and must be
16. Volunteers are needed to infiltrate an enemy
17. A mysterious beast is roaming the wilds outside
the Grey Den.
18. The Clan’s healer is in need of rare ingredients in
the hills.
19. An old Greywolf outpost is occupied by
20. One of the Jarl’s daughter is under siege at an

Opening Questions
GM Considerations:
The GM will determine when this Story Arc opens • How has the Grey Den changed?
and how much time has passed. The players will (Fortifications, ships, warriors and the Great
have an opportunity to say how their Heroes have Hall).
changed, what they have been doing during the • How many outposts does the Clan currently
Downtime and answer a few questions to help set up control?
the story. This arc should see the Heroes and their • What other complications is the Clan
Clan reach about 10 Reputation by the end. It will currently facing?
focus on reclaiming lands, strengthening alliances
and exacting revenge.
Each player must answer:

Opening • What have you been doing since the last

Having restored the Clan’s strength, the Jarl sends session? How have you changed?
the Heroes out to exact revenge on their enemies. • How has your opinion of the Jarl and her
Rumors of the Blood Raven raiding parties have vision of the Clan’s future changed?
reached the Clan and your allies begin calling for • What is your personal reason for wanting
aid. vengeance on the Clan’s enemies?

The Heroes must secure what their Clan has built

and reclaim the lands taken by their enemies. This Each Hero must answer one of the following
will be a time of blood, of battle and of victory! questions:

• What story did your mentor tell you about

their experience fighting the Blood Ravens?
• Is there a particular place you’d like to
reclaim to avenge someone? Who were they
to you?
• What defeat in battle has another of the
Clan’s crews suffered?
• What new and fragile alliance is currently
being negotiated by the Jarl?
• What resource is the Clan struggling with
most at the moment?
• How has the general morale of the Clan’s
warriors been lately?

Note: The GM can create more questions if they like.

Hooks Ending the Arc
The GM will determine the best stopping point for
1. A large enemy force is attacking ally outposts. the Story Arc and how to transition to the next one.
2. Blood Raven sails are spotted near Greywolf They should consider how has the Clan changed,
waters. how the Jarl and her daughters have changed and
3. The Jarl orders two enemy outposts to be taken. what new complications the Clan will face?
4. One of the Jarl’s daughters is badly injured in
5. An ally breaks their oath and raids Greywolf Rewards
farmsteads. Aside from the standard rewards found in the Hero
6. A ally is to be escorted to attend a feast in the Development section of the guide, at the end of
Grey Den. this Story Arc, the GM may have the Jarl or other
7. Blood Raven outposts are ordered to be prominent Greywolves offer rewards in the form of
destroyed. servants, livestock, homes or small farmsteads.
8. A large warband is gathered outside an ally
9. A famous Blood Raven warlord is rumored to be
10. Mercenaries are hired by enemies to attack.
11. An outpost was taken overnight and must be
12. An enemy Jarl is said to have kidnapped a
powerful seer.
13. Supplies are low and the Jarl orders raids on an
14. Enemies attack the Grey Den during a
15. An enemy Jarl’s prize longboat is spotted in
nearby waters.
16. The Jarl wants an enemy settlement taken.
17. A well-known Greywolf warrior is slain by a
mighty foe.
18. An enemy declares war and gathers on the
Clan’s borders.
19. Hired mercenaries betray the Clan and raid a
20. The Jarl orders as attack on the Blood Raven’s

Opening Questions
GM Considerations:
The GM will determine when this Story Arc opens • How has the Grey Den changed?
and how much time has passed. The players will (Fortifications, ships, warriors and the Great
have an opportunity to say how their Heroes have Hall).
changed, what they have been doing during the • How many outposts and fortresses does the
Downtime and answer a few questions to help set Clan currently control?
up the story. This arc should see the Heroes and • How is Jarl Erika responding to the new
their Clan reach about 15 Reputation by the end. It king’s demands that her Clan submit to his
will focus on wars, discovering new lands, and the rule?
aftermath of the events of the previous arc.

Each player must answer:

Having restored the Clan’s honour, the Jarl sets • What have you been doing since the last
her sights on new lands, stronger allies and new session? How have you changed?
trade partners. She sends her Heroes off on longer • How has your opinion of the Jarl and her
voyages, where they may explore terrain they’ve vision of the Clan’s future changed?
never seen and hear languages they’ve never heard. • What excites you most about exploring
beyond the known lands? What frightens
The world is larger than they’d ever imagined, but it you?
is also on the brink of war. A new king has risen and
he is gathering the remnants of the defeated enemies
of the Greywolves. His sights are set on ruling over Each Hero must answer one of the following
all the Clans of the North Sea. questions:

• What new merchants have come to your

settlement and where did they come from?
• What prominent member of the Clan died?
How did they die?
• What premonition did you see in a dream
about a great war in the North Sea?
• What new and fragile alliance is currently
being negotiated by the Jarl?
• What resource is the Clan struggling with
most at the moment?
• How has the general morale of the Clan’s
warriors been lately?

Note: The GM can create more questions if they like.

Hooks Ending the Arc
The GM will determine the best stopping point for
1. The new King’s warbands are raiding near the Story Arc and how to transition to the next one.
Greywolf lands. They should consider how has the Clan changed,
2. An allied Jarl’s child was kidnapped by raiders. how the Jarl and her daughters have changed and
3. A foreign merchant will lead the Heroes to a what new complications the Clan will face?
wealthy city.
4. Rumors of a vast horde of treasure in a stone
fortress. Rewards
5. An enemy has taken a seemingly impregnable Aside from the standard rewards found in the Hero
fortress. Development section of the guide, at the end of
6. An offering must be made at a distant temple. this Story Arc, the GM may have the Jarl or other
7. An avalanche separates the Heroes from the prominent Greywolves offer rewards in the form of
fleet. warriors, longboats and crews.
8. The new king sends mercenary bands to raid
9. Jarl Erika’s prize longboat was stolen by the new
10. Help an ally reclaim their settlement from your
11. Rumors that an enemy found a map to new
12. An army is camped outside a Greywolf fortress.
13. A member of the Greywolves challenges Jarl
14. An enemy fortresses must be taken in a single
15. A famous warrior challenges any Greywolf
16. A great storm sees the Heroes shipwrecked in a
foreign land.
17. A seer foretells of a sacred place that is about to
be raided.
18. A revolt against Jarl Erika has begun.
19. A large fleet of enemy ships is sailing for the
Grey Den.
20. Jarl Erika has been kidnapped by a treacherous
former ally.
adventure modules
title author page
Serpents in the Hall Tim and Kristin Devine 64
The Northern Covenant Shem Phillips 66
The God Artifact Banana Chan 68
Madness in the Blood Doug Levandowski 72
FIMBULVETR - The Longest Winter Tobie Abad 78
strange harbour Epidiah Ravachol 82
The Circle of Jörmungandr B. Dave Walters 86
lost and found Elijah, Ethan, and Sen-Foong Lim 90
The Forest Beyond the Veil Elizabeth Chaipraditkul 94
The Hidden Clan Kent Blue 98
The Great Winternights Mead Heist Dave West 102
The Skald’s Last Song Jonaya Kemper 106
Wolves at the Gate Benedict Hewetson 110
Midwinter Outpost Blues Jonathan Gilmour and Ian Moss 114
HEART’S HOPE Emily Care Boss 120

Serpents in the hall
by Tim and kristin Devine
This adventure is for any Heroes and is centered Setting
on their Clan’s great hall during a celebration. It • It can take place any time of year when another
features investigation, restraint, contests, betrayal, Clan could travel (by land or sea) to your Clan.
battle and facing defeat against overwhelming odds. • It is centered on your Clan’s settlement during a
holiday celebration.
• Your Jarl and their advisors are confident that
Opening this alliance will bring years of peace.
You’ve all heard the tales of bad blood between your • Most of your Clan’s warriors are away,
Clan and the Broken Fangs. The feud has gone on so defending the borders against raiding parties.
long that no one remembers exactly how it began. It
has been a long time since the last conflict between
the two Clans and rumors have been spreading of a Questions
new Broken Fang Jarl rising to power. Envoys from • Which of the Heroes lost a relative to the Blood
the Broken Fang Clan have reached your Jarl with a Fangs?
promise of peace. An agreement to meet and discuss • Which of the Heroes is most excited about this
the treaty is reached and the time is set for the next particular celebration? Why?
celebration. Knowing that this could be a great • Which of the Heroes is least excited about this
opportunity to rid your Clan of a most meddlesome particular celebration? Why?
enemy, your Clan’s Jarl is sparing no expense in the • Which of the Heroes is put in charge of keeping
preparations for the event. Merchants are called from your Clan members from breaking the peace?
all over to provide for the feast. • Which of the Heroes had a dream or vision of a
coiled serpent in your Clan’s hall? What does it
The time of the great celebration is upon you. It is mean?
one that is considered to be a sacred time of peace
and if that peace is broken it would surely invoke
the wrath of the gods. Due to an unprecedented Scenes
increase of raiding along your borders, many of The guests arrive and the Heroes witness the arrival
your warriors were sent to patrol the seas or occupy and some pre-celebration interactions with the
outposts, leaving your settlement less defended than Broken Fangs. Though tensions are high at first,
normal. You Heroes are among those summoned by there may only be a few potential scuffles to avoid.
the Jarl to make sure the peace is kept and that the The Heroes could use this time to try to figure out
Reputation of your Clan is well represented to the more information about the true intentions of the
guests. Broken Fangs or to simply enjoy the festivities.

In the feasting hall tensions remain high and the

scent of lies are thick in the air but no one dares risk
a fight by speaking of it. Food is served and drinks
begin to flow. There are shouted challenges for • If trying to escape by boat, there could be
“friendly” contests for wrestling, mock shield wall something wrong with it or vital elements
battles, feats of strength and balancing on shields. missing.
The Heroes can choose to engage in the contests or • If trying to escape through the wilderness there
they can be a backdrop to the Heroes’ Scenes. could be cliffs, rivers or enemies as obstacles.

The betrayal is revealed by the enemy as more

warriors arrive. Either by land or sea, enemy Hooks
reinforcements arrive ready for battle. The hall • They might escape with the Jarl and must
is indefensible and the Heroes may try to protect reclaim their settlement.
and escape with the Jarl. The streets will be full of • The Jarl’s child could have been captured by the
warriors and common folk fighting. The Heroes Broken Fangs and must be rescued.
must choose to stand and possibly meet their end • The Jarl’s best Longship was stolen and must be
against an overwhelming force or to get their Jarl recovered.
to safety and find reinforcements to retake the • Your Clan’s other outposts are under siege from
settlement. The Broken Fangs can either remain Broken Fangs or their allies.
in the hall or just pillage it and return home with
prisoners, creating a great excuse to take the fight to
the enemy. Other Considerations
No matter how obvious the inevitable betrayal may
be, try to keep seeds of doubt planted. If it becomes
Challenges too obvious or there suspicions cause them to go
• See through the deception of the Broken Fang to their Jarl, you may have their Jarl or advisors
guests. either deny it or just acknowledge the possibility,
• Overcome drunken members of your Clan who but dismiss it. You can use the celebration and the
may otherwise break the peace. extremely unlikely situation that the Broken Fangs
• Overcome some of the Broken Fang guests in a would risk offending the gods by breaking the peace.
covert way. When in doubt, there could be other traitors from
• Contest: Feats of strength vs. a warrior from the their Clan working with the Broken Fangs.
other Clan (Suggested approach: Athletics).
• Contest: Feats of agility vs. a warrior from the If the Heroes already have an enemy Clan they have
other Clan (Suggested approach: Agility). been dealing with you can use it in place of the
• Contest: Feats of combat vs. a warrior from the Blood Fangs. The main premise of this adventure
other Clan (Suggested approach: Any Combat). is to put the Heroes in a position where they are
• Montage Scene of how the Heroes handle the ordered to keep the peace in a situation where
chaos of the battle in the hall. betrayal seems inevitable. It is also to have them
• Montage Scene of a large battle in the streets face an overwhelming enemy force, where facing it
with many friendly and enemy combatants. head on could lead to their death or capture.

If you have players who want to fight regardless

Complications of the risks, you can tweak the adventure to have a
• The enemy may have planted spies in the Clan smaller enemy force and allow them to face off in a
that appear as merchants or servants. battle that the Heroes stand some chance of winning.
• The enemy may have reinforcements ready to In this case you can make sure they understand the
block certain paths to escape. cost of such recklessness in the aftermath, when the
• Their may be a traitor from your Clan working Clan would be weakened by the loss of so many
with the enemy. warriors.
the northern covenant
by shem phillips
This adventure focuses heavily on mystery, mistrust, Questions
personal discovery and loyality. • Which of the Heroes feels like they have seen
travellers like those captured before?
• Which of the Heroes heard the Sage speaking
Opening a few weeks ago of travellers bringing trouble
Most of you have grown up in the same Clan from the north?
together. Your Clan’s leader is good and strong • Which of the Heroes works for Rolin the
warrior called Jarl Halvar. His wife, Ylva is a kind Armourer?
and softly spoken woman with deep grey eyes. • Which of the Heroes’ brother is a traitor
Together they have 2 children, Erling the wise and (unknown to the Hero at first)?
Solvi, a young, but fearless shieldmaiden. 2 days
ago Jarl Halvar left with his son Erling and 50 of the
Clan’s strongest warriors to attack Jorunn, a small Scenes
village roughly 2 days’ journey south by river. Your The travellers arrive at the gates and are lead to the
Clan’s scouts claim to have seen Jorunn hunters great hall to be questioned by Ylva. Solvi is there
and warriors in the woods surrounding the northern and a large crowd is found both inside and outside
boundary of the village. Halvar wants to send a the hall. The Heroes may discover that the strangers
clear message that we not a clan to be challenged. do not appear to be from Jorunn, as their Clan
Along with Ylva and Solvi, you have stayed behind first assumed. Their clothing and weapons seem
to defend the village. Soon after Halvar departed, unfamiliar. If the Heroes talk to Rolin the Armourer,
2 travellers arrived at your gates. Neither Ylva, nor they will discover that the weapons are similar to
anyone else recognizes them. Despite the travellers those found weeks earlier in the woods to the north.
speaking of peace and trade, Ylva is unconvinced.
She locks them in the gatehouse until her husband The next morning, the Heroes wake to a great
returns. commotion outside. Solvi is found yelling orders at
the northern gates. The gatehouse doors are wide
open and the travellers are no longer inside. Spotting
Setting the Heroes, Solvi invites them back to the great hall
• It is set around mid-spring. The snow has melted and tells them that her mother Ylva has disappeared,
away, making travel a lot easier. along the travellers. She urges to the Heroes to travel
• The Jarl has left with the best warriors, leaving north in pursuit of the travellers and to recover her
the village more vulnerable to outside forces. mother at any cost.
• The Heroes are inexperienced, but will need to
rise to the occasion to help their Clan. The Heroes can see signs of recent movement
• There are traitors in the village, who recently leading away from the northern gates. One of them
aligned with a powerful Clan in the north. might discover Ylva’s necklace when searching the
woods. It’s a gold pendant with an engraving of a
large oak tree in the centre. They may also notice thatched rings in the woods, making them feel
some strange thatched rings hanging from some sick. They may even start hallucinating.
trees. Further north lies a great river, separating • The Heroes may encounter troubles if they
their lands from those in the north. It is passable, but decide to sail the river to Jorunn at night.
enemy scouts lie in wait on the other side. Should
they cross over, they will be confronted by a traitor
from their village. This traitor is also a brother Hooks
of one of the Heroes and aided the travellers in • Rolin the Armourer may offer them more insight
kidnapping Ylva. into the travellers, based of the weapons they
were carrying. He knows of a powerful Clan in
Unknown to the Heroes, Ylva has a twin sister who the north called the Blood Oaks. He reminds
rules the Blood Oak Clan in the north. Following a the Heroes that they are not to cross the great
bloody betrayal many years ago, the young twins river in the north. It’s something they have been
were separated by their grandfather. Ugla was sent taught from a young age.
to the north and Ylva to the south. Decades on, • A guard at the north gate may mention a
Ulga heard rumours of her sister living somewhere mysterious Clan that dwells deep in the northern
in the south and sought to remove her and reclaim woods, called the Shadow River Clan. She warns
their grandfather’s former kingdom for herself. This the Heroes to avoid touching any strange trinkets
information will only become known to the Heroes they might find in the woods.
once Jarl Halvar returns home to find Ylva missing. • The Blood Oak scouts across the northern river
may give away information about a large city
Visiting the Sage in the village will reveal a north of the river, where Ulga reigns.
mysterious task. Foreseeing what has happened and • The Sage urges the Heroes to sail south to
what will come to pass, the Sage asks the Heroes Jorunn to pass a message to Jarl Halvar.
to sail south to Jorunn. Upon their arrival, they are
to deliver an urgent message to Jarl Halvar: “The
northern covenant has been broken. You must return Other Considerations
at once.” Jorunn is at least two days’ journey, so they There are shipwrights, blacksmith and other
will need to make camp along the riverbank. Blood craftsmen within the village that the Heroes may
Oak warriors are sure to follow them and if they go visit and interact with. The Heroes should feel like
unseen, may ambush them in the night. it’s up to them to defend their Clan and take down
those who have sought to harm it.

Challenges The Heroes are suspicious of Jorunn and assume

• Search for clues in the woods and find which the travellers are from there. Only as they begin to
way the travellers went. investigate will they realize otherwise. The Sage
• Fight off the Blood Oak scouts and find a safe has foreseen the recent activities for a long time,
way across the river. but only lets the Heroes know what they need to, in
• Confront the traitor and try find out what he has order to see the right path unfold.
been doing across the river.
• Survive the journey south along the river to Avoid letting the Heroes know too much about the
Jorunn and fight off the Blood Oak warriors. relationship between Ylva and the Blood Oaks. This
should be something they might discover in a later
session. Jarl Halvar knows the story of the twins and
Complications their grandfather, but it is hidden from the rest of
• There may be wild animals lurking in the woods. the village. Instead, they are only told to never
• The Heroes may touch some of the strange cross the great river in the north.
the god artifact
by banana chan
This adventure is horror-based and is for any of the Things have been strange ever since. Livestock was
Heroes. It is featured primarily around their Clan’s found slaughtered, some of the crops are infected
settlements. Its tone can be serious, while exploring with sickness. Trade has become unstable, forcing
themes of distrust, raiding, honor, breaking alliances the Clan to decide on whether or not they should raid
and miscommunication between peoples. Mysticism a neighboring monastery, one that is under an allying
will also be a part of this game, as well as building Clan’s protection. Whatever has happened seems to
a sense of tension between Heroes, villagers and be a result of the artifact. Is it a threat of war from
neighboring settlements. the neighboring settlements or a curse from the
Content warnings include, but are not limited o death
at the hand of others, betrayal, the “supernatural”,
death via abnormal circumstances (e.g. drowning, Setting
disease), religion and cults. These themes may be • The weather is just becoming colder, coming
rewritten and skipped past in running the game. It close to New Winter.
is important to check with the group before running • The settlement is near the water, where fishing
this scenario. and sea travel is prominent. It was once a rich
and prosperous land, but since the discovery of
While this adventure is accessible for some younger the artifact a month ago, events have taken a turn
audiences, it should be up to the GM’s discretion for the worse.
as to what they should and should not include. • The Clan’s warriors should be returning soon
Boundaries should be set beforehand in order for from another raid, but there is no telling whether
safe play. or not they have succeeded.
• The settlement is uneasy, with rumors of the
supernatural and devious spirits coming to wreak
Opening havoc in the night.
It appeared overnight. It was found by a wandering • The Jarls believe that the gods are upset (hence
Karl, a blacksmith. It sits near the edge of a cliff the artifact), and an offering must be made.
at the perimeter of the settlement, taller than any • There is a neighboring monastery that is
of the trees in the forest. It is a single, large rock occasionally protected by a few soldiers from the
pillar with a symbol carved into it. The night after settlement’s allying Clan, which makes for easy
its discovery, screams echoed through the village, pillaging.
as a farmer dreamt of an oncoming destruction. The
Jarls became fearful, and the farmer was donned the
Seeress of the town.

NPCs A prayer at the temple must be performed, in order
• The Seeress, Alva: an older farmer woman, who to keep the gods happy. It might also provide an
is plagued with nightmares, since the discovery answer that the Heroes are seeking for. It will feel
of the artifact. almost surreal, upon entering the temple. A mist has
• A Jarl, Bjorn: a once certain man, now terrified swept through the cracks of the walls and into the
of the ground he stands on. space, leaking a smell of rotting wood and herbs
• The Blacksmith, Inge: they first found the into the atmosphere. The Heroes will be looking for
artifact. Now blame has been placed on them a sign or an answer on what needs to be done about
for potentially destroying the settlement in its the artifact.
• A Thrall, Radburn: a tense and nervous Seeing the artifact with the Heroes, it feels even
farmhand. They owe a significant amount of stranger. There are slight vibrations coming from
finances to Bjorn. They are awake late at night the rock, when it’s touched. The symbol looks like
to tend to the animals sometimes. Perhaps they it’s glowing slightly, or is it a trick of the light? A
have seen something. group of worshippers from the settlement has formed
• A Worshipper, Fa: they have been leaving gifts around the artifact. They have left food, money and
at the artifact every week, with several other perfumes at the artifact site. The offerings disappear
worshippers from the town. They have many overnight. Oftentimes, the worshippers would chant
strange stories to tell - some more exaggerated and dance around the rock, with Fa leading them.
than others. The Heroes are here to see if there are any clues at
all that will help them.

Questions An offering will be made. Offering human blood to

• What are each of the Heroes afraid of? the gods is incredibly rare and this settlement has
• What is the symbol on the artifact? What does it never done it before. Unfortunately, desperate times
remind you of? call for desperate measures. A willing and consenting
• Which of the Heroes is related to the Seeress? member of the village (aside from the Heroes) may
• Which one of the Heroes is the most volunteer for the greater good and survival of the
blasphemous? Why? Clan. Heroes may try to disrupt the ceremony as
• Which Hero has the most tensions against the much as possible, if they believe the offering would
allying settlement? Why? create chaos. Ultimately, an offering will be made.
• Which Hero supports the act of an offering the
most? Raiding the monastery will result in a lost allyship.
With the Clan’s warriors still away, the Heroes will
need to do what they can. Heroes can decide whether
Scenes or not they want to raid the monastery to keep the
Addressing the Seeress is something the heroes settlement thriving for a short period of time (though
should do in order to gain more understanding of the this would lead the town in diplomatic shambles,
situation. The Seeress might be as confused as potentially creating a war). However, if they find any
anyone else in the settlement, but she is the best indication that the artifact is related to the monastery
person they have to decipher the artifact. She is and is meant to summon ill intent, the allyship will
close to being an elder, and has seen the rise and fall have already been lost.
of settlements. She is wise and collected, but her
nightmares break the silence of night. The Heroes
should try their best to collect whatever information
they can from the Seeress’ visions.
Challenges • Missionaries have come to the settlement,
• Uncovering where the artifact came from. If it is spreading the word of another god. They claim
from the gods, then what are they trying to say? that a time of retribution is among the village.
• Removing the worshippers from the artifact site, Perhaps they’re from the monastery, or they can
in order to better understand it. be from somewhere completely different.
• Finding a worthy offering for the gods. • Some Thralls are spreading rumors that the land
• Disrupting the offering ceremony. has been cursed and beyond the sea, there lies a
• Deciding on whether raiding the monastery better land. It has also been rumored that some
would be beneficial to the settlement. of the thralls are building a boat to sail away and
• Discovering any ulterior motives of the villagers escape their duties.
on the settlement. • A large wolf, larger than any of the Heroes,
• Finding a solution to the settlement’s dead wandered into the settlement. It does not seem
livestock problem. malicious. The people believe it to be a message
• Finding where the artifact offerings go to at night from the gods, if not a god itself. Worshippers
when they disappear. of the artifact often leave food and milk for the
• Speaking with the Seeress to understand what wolf. At night, it sleeps by the artifact.
her dreams mean. • The night after the offering, the artifact fell
• Raiding the monastery and defeating the warriors over and broke into several stone pieces. It
from the ally settlement and the monks to sustain would have taken several people to push it over.
the town for the time being. Regardless of who or what did it, the townsfolk
have grown even more terrified.
• The warriors’ ship have finally arrived back from
Complications their raid, with only one survivor onboard. They
• The Seeress may be claiming to see visions, tell tales of a ghostlike enemy, destroying every
for a higher sense of importance within the member of the raiding party.
community. • The artifact was planted by the allying settlement
• The offering may not have any positive impact as a gift, in honor of their alliance and their gods
on the settlement at all - in fact, after the offering (this can only be discovered after the Heroes
has been provided, a freak accident occurs near have raided the ally settlement).
one of the fishing areas. A boat is overturned and
several villagers are yelling for someone to save Hooks
them from drowning. • Raiding the monastery may create war between
• The Blacksmith is a spy for the supposed ally the Heroes’ settlement and the ally settlement,
settlement and has been poisoning the crops and but it could also provide an opportunity to
killing the livestock. settle into a new land. Creating a war could
• The Jarl has been stealing the offerings from the bring some benefit to the current settlement, as
artifact and giving them back to the community, circumstances are dire.
without their knowledge. • The wild is calling to the Heroes. It seems that
• Someone in the village is using the artifact for something out there is the culprit for the deaths
political gain. They are attempting to start an of the livestock. Heroes may discover more
uprising against the current King. This could be dangerous situations (and creatures) in the forest.
a Jarl attempting to convince the townsfolk that • If the Thralls are indeed, building a boat in secret
the gods are speaking through them. to leave the current settlement, the Heroes may
choose to aid them and leave as well. After all,
the Thralls will probably need all the assistance
they can get and what good is a cursed land?
• (If the Clan’s traveling warriors did not survive Other Considerations
the raid), the Heroes must find out what Though magic does not exist, keep the Heroes
happened to the raiding party. After interrogating worried and certain that it does. This prompt is
the sole survivor, the heroes may choose to based on horror, so while there is nothing actually
embark on the same route to seek vengeance and supernatural happening, reveal things slowly and
to complete the original mission. keep an air of mysticism and creepiness. All the
• (If the Clan’s traveling warriors return from problems that befall the town and the Heroes should
the raid), the warriors seem to be carrying a be a combination of bad luck and poor decision-
sickness with them. A sheet of sweat covers red making, but the Heroes will feel as though they have
sores and bumps that have formed over their been cursed.
faces and bodies. Some collapse to the ground
immediately upon setting foot on settlement soil. Blaming a god for the town’s misfortunes is an
The settlement healer has never encountered this important part of this prompt. Agreeing on which
disease before. The Heroes will need to find a god is terrorizing the settlement can be revealed in
cure or another healer, or destroy the bodies of play, as the Heroes uncover clues or speak with NPC
the warriors before the disease spreads. villagers. Remember that this prompt is all about
• Upon returning to the settlement from the raid, subtlety and things that appear to be a certain way
the Heroes discover that all the townsfolk have might go in a completely different direction.
disappeared. Only some of the animals remain
on the farms. The Heroes may try to look for Making note of what each Hero is afraid of will
their missing Clan - perhaps they are in some greatly enhance the experience and horror of
sort of danger, or some supernatural being as the game. Incorporate those fears into the game,
captured them (though most likely, they have whether it’s through the visions of the Seeress, or the
relocated without telling the Heroes). shadows that dance against the trees of the forest, or
through the exaggerated stories from worshippers.
These fears could be the driving force of the story, so
take liberties with integrating them into Scenes.

madness in the blood
by Doug Levandowski
This adventure is for any Heroes and focuses on To save your Clan, you need to take to the seas and
a curse causing temporary madness in the town. appease him. This time, you are wise enough to
It features investigation, combat, hallucinations, listen.
and journeying to appease the gods to save your
For players with sensitivities about mental illness, • It takes place during the second half of the
this adventure could prove upsetting. Please discuss summer, just weeks after Midsummer.
this with your players before deciding whether to run • It is centered on the small band of Vikings from
this adventure or not. your Clan who set out to find Njörðr’s home
to the north. They could be of any reputation
provided that they have a Clan they want to
Opening protect from a curse.
The unseasonably warm waters brought more fish to • There should be a sense of urgency about the
the north than usual. As your Clan went out fishing quest, as people seem to be getting sicker and
to fill your stores for the winter to come, reports starting to go mad.
started coming in of fish the size of men - and larger. • Those of you going on this adventure have been
You yourselves were on the boat when you caught weakened by Njörðr’s curse. As a result, the GM
one. It took iron spears, not nets, to bring it in, and should automatically increase any Body-based or
it weighed, you reckon, more than the two largest Combat-based checks to the next difficulty level
men in your Clan. A fish for the gods, one elder said, (e.g. , Moderate to Daunting).
likely swimming north to be caught on Njörðr’s • In order to find Njörðr’s home and know what to
mighty hook. She was the only one not to partake offer him, the Heroes need to gather a number of
in the week of feasting at Midsummer that one clues equal to the number of players. The rumors
monstrous fish provided you. Animals meant for the that they have heard about his home will be
gods are poison to mortals, she said. If only you had true, but these do not count toward this total. (If
listened. players find more clues than they need, it should
confer some benefit beyond merely solving the
It started with the children, then the adults, problem.)
succumbing to days of violent illness. Now, still sick
and weak, people are reporting visits from the gods, Questions
from frost giants. They tell of children trying to kill • What moment caused you to believe the curse
their parents, when the children are too sick to move was real?
from their beds. It is a god’s curse, the elder says, • Which of the Heroes is most skeptical about the
one that can only Njörðr himself can lift. curse? Which of the Heroes believes in it the
• What physical symptoms are you currently (Optional) Stopping for additional supplies, the
experiencing? Heroes must barter with the locals in order to get
• What hallucinations have you been suffering supplies to continue their journey. (If the Heroes
from? managed to acquire enough information, you may
• Who are each of you most afraid of losing if you skip this section, as the Heroes will have been able
can’t lift the curse? What does that person mean to chart a more direct course to make the sacrifice
to you? to Njörðr). While here, the Heroes could need to
• What rumors have you heard about Njörðr’s get elements required for the sacrifice in addition
home? (one from each hero). to their supplies of food. They may also encounter
some problems in this village.

Scenes Finding Njörðr’s home, the members of the Clan

Leaving the Clan, the Heroes prepare to set out to must provide the offering that the clues have told
find Njörðr’s home. During their last moments in the them to provide. The clues they receive will also tell
settlement, each Hero should have something that them where that home is. The location should be
forcefully reminds them of the need to lift the curse. natural, should be impressive, and should evoke fear.
Perhaps it is a physical fight between two members It also, of course, should be a good place to fish.
of the settlement who have been driven mad by When the Heroes do what they need to do to appease
the curse. Perhaps a young member of the Clan Njörðr, there should be a sign from the gods that
succumbs to the physical symptoms of the curse and they have been successful.
dies. During this time, players may face challenges
in attempting to minimize these bad effects and Returning home, the Heroes find that the curse has
challenges in attempting to learn more about the indeed been lifted. The members of the Clan who
myths about Njörðr’s home or about what they need remained behind are recovering, and they have
to offer the god to lift the curse. not been plagued by the hallucinatory nightmares
since the Heroes appeased Njörðr. The voyage itself
Sailing to the north, the Heroes continue to suffer should be easy.
from the effects of the curse. While at sea, each of
the Heroes should have a vignette where, during
sleep, a hallucination awakens them. During this
short Scene, each Hero should be forced to face
a representation of what it would mean to lose
the person they fear losing. This need not be a
direct representation of that loss (e.g., “You find
your beloved husband’s body, filled with bloody
arrows, sprawled on the deck”) but could be about a
representation of that loss (e.g. , a tentacled seabeast
dragging the Hero in the dark depths of the ocean,
the stars falling from the sky leaving behind a
crushing darkness). Each Hero should make two to
three checks (depending on the number of Heroes
in your game and how willing others are to wait for
their story). Success on a majority of those checks
should give them an additional clue to finding
Njörðr’s home or about what they need to offer to
him to lift the curse.
Challenges Returning home:
• Note: This should be a relatively easy process.
Leaving the Clan: We do not recommend any major challenges
• Research myths about the location of Njörðr’s here, unless your characters have become cocky.
home and/or what must be done to appease him
and lift the curse.
• Mitigate the effects of the curse as you prepare Hooks
to leave. • They might return to find their Clan at the mercy
• Placate the members of your Clan who think of one of their enemies.
those who caught the fish should be killed. • An opposing Clan may have kidnapped the Jarl
and her family when they were at their weakest.
Sailing to the north: • A charlatan may have convinced the town that
• Sail the suddenly violent seas, which are further he, not the Heroes, lifted the curse - and he is
evidence of the curse. now demanding recompense, which the Jarl, in
• Raise the morale of an NPC who came along his addled state, agreed to.
with you. • The Jarl may have succumbed to the effects of
• Navigate by the stars that seem to be behaving the curse, leaving a power vacuum.
irregularly. • The Jarl may not be completely convinced that
• Face your demons during your nightmare. the ritual stopped all of the effects of the curse
• Soothe a comrade after they fail to master their and may demand further efforts.
own demons in a nightmare.
• Preventing NPCs from using the supplies you’ve
brought to appease Njörðr, especially when your Complications
reserves are low.
Leaving the Clan:
Stopping for additional supplies: • A beloved of one of the characters may beg them
• Overcoming the weakness caused by both the to stay.
curse and a lack of supplies. • An enemy could sense weakness and spring a
• Locating a suitable, friendly port. small surprise attack on the Clan.
• Convincing the locals that you mean no harm • The elder who knew the fish was cursed could
and that they should help you. reveal that the known information surrounding
• Bartering for supplies. Njörðr’s home are wrong, forcing the Heroes to
• Addressing a local problem to win the locals’ start from scratch.
trust. • The Clan leader could send along a young,
unproven NPC.
Finding Njörðr’s home:
• Piecing together the characters’ revelations into a Sailing to the north:
coherent whole. • The NPC could ransack the supplies, either
• Navigating the rough seas surrounding Njörðr’s meant for the crew or meant for the ritual to
home. appease Njörðr.
• Convincing NPCs that Njörðr will not kill them • A Hero or NPC who fails to confront their
on sight. demons during their nightmare could injure
• Following the appropriate steps of the ritual to themselves badly or even go overboard.
appease Njörðr. • The stars could flicker out of existence for one
night because of the curse, making navigation far
more difficult.
• The Heroes could encounter an opposing Clan or Finding Njörðr’s home:
seabeast while traveling. • One of the clues about Njörðr’s home’s location
• The effects of the curse could intensify for one could prove dangerously wrong.
or more of the Heroes or NPCs. • It could seem that Njörðr is angry with the
Heroes’ presence in his home in the form of
Stopping for additional supplies: rough weather, rough seas, or both.
• While docked, something important could be • At the end of the ritual, the effects of the curse
stolen from the ship. could seem to be resurging, necessitating an
• In the town where the Heroes stop for supplies, a additional sacrifice.
sworn enemy recognizes them. • An NPC could threaten the success of the ritual
• The Heroes may have to atone for a wrong with inaction, indecision, or outright defiance.
they’ve done to the town before they will help
them in any way. Returning home:
• The Heroes accidentally violate some important • Many of the Complications from “Sailing to the
social custom when they enter the town and must north” would work here as well, but, again, this
prove their worth before the town will help them. should be relatively smooth for the Heroes if
• The effects of the curse could make it more they’ve done what they were supposed to do.
difficult to communicate politely with the • Upon returning home, the Heroes could find
townspeople. their town under attack from an enemy who
• An elder in the town may worry that giving the both sensed the Clan’s weakness and noticed the
heroes information could anger Njörðr. Clan’s strongest Heroes leave.
• A trickster could lie to the players about
information about Njörðr’s home after they’ve Returning home:
paid for it. • Many of the Complications from “Sailing to the
north” would work here as well, but, again, this
should be relatively smooth for the Heroes if
they’ve done what they were supposed to do.
• Upon returning home, the Heroes could find
their town under attack from an enemy who
both sensed the Clan’s weakness and noticed the
Clan’s strongest Heroes leave.

Suggestions for clues to the location of Njörðr’s This may be especially true if players or people they
home & the necessary ritual know have contracted ciguatera (see “Note” at the
In order to find Njörðr’s home, the Heroes should end of the adventure). If your group agrees to put a
need to acquire twice as many clues as there are more joking twist on the game, however, consider
players - though if they’re struggling or you want to the following possible changes, and feel free to add
play a shorter game, you may certainly reduce this your own:
Though you should feel free to leave it up to • Make the effects of the curse more absurd
your imagination what clues the players receive rather than serious, perhaps giving each player a
to the location of Njörðr’s home, here are some specific tic that they feel compelled to use until
suggestions. First and foremost, we suggest having the curse is lifted.
some of the clues come from the players themselves, • Have the visions that the players face during
especially the ones they receive from successfully their nightmares more ridiculous or existential
combating their demons during their nightmares. rather than frightening or grotesque.
Second, keep the clues vague. Don’t make one of • Create a much stranger town for them to visit
them, “12 nautical miles from the northernmost for supplies and make their social customs
point of England”; instead, try clues like “Follow the incredibly strange and, as a result, easy to run
northernmost birds to their sacred feeding grounds,” afoul of.
then have players see a flock heading north, then • Obligate the Heroes to appease Njörðr in truly
diving happily into the waters and returning with strange ways.
strange fish. And if your players enjoy riddles, feel
free to make the clues riddles. Note: Though the Heroes would have no way of
knowing this given their medical understanding,
Here are some clues you could give the players: the Clan is suffering from ciguatera. Caused by
• To find Njörðr’s home, follow the northernmost dinoflagellates, this foodborne illness is common in
birds to their sacred feeding ground. predatory reef fish, concentrating in them after they
• To find Njörðr’s home, find waters that are too eat smaller fish. If you wish to make the illness more
warm to be this northward. medically-accurate, the onset of symptoms would
• To find Njörðr’s home, follow the large fish until be 6 to 8 hours after consumption but could occur as
it vanishes below the waves. late as 24 hours after eating - which would give the
• To appease Njörðr, you must offer him a fishing Clan more opportunity to eat the fish.
net of great value.
• To appease Njörðr, you must bleed into the water Symptoms of ciguatera include nausea, vomiting,
to draw the fish for him. diarrhea, stomach pain, and vertigo. After these,
To appease Njörðr, you must return what neurological symptoms usually begin in less
is left of what you took from him than a week, which include confusion, paranoia,
hallucinations, and reversal of the perception of
hot and cold. That said, feel free to use whatever
Suggestions for making this adventure more symptoms you’d like.
Though curses on your Clan are no laughing matter, In this case, I’ve taken some liberties with how far
this adventure could be turned into a more comedic, north a grouper, the fish the Clan caught, might
light-hearted adventure with a few small changes. travel - but the grouper in this adventure prompt is
However, before deciding to make the game roughly the size of the largest ever recorded: 680
comedic, please keep in mind that players may have pounds.
experiences that lead them to react strongly
to games dealing with mental illness.
FIMBULVETR - The Longest Winter
by Tobie Abad
“ What shall live of mankind | when at last there Setting
comes, The mighty winter to men?” - Othin, • The story should begin with the events already
Vafþrúðnismál unfolding. The second year has begun and the
winter has still not ended.
• There are two other nearby Clans that are
Opening suffering through the harsh winter as well. They
In the poem Vafþrúðnismál, Odin asks who shall may have been allied or long time enemies
survive the three successive winters that are to come of the Heroes’ Clan. The scarcity of food and
and challenge mankind. This mythological event the terrible climate, however, now raises the
relates to the extreme weather events of 535-536, questions of what must be done to help one’s
where temperature dropped an intense amount all own people survive?
across Northern Europe. Some even believe this • The völva, who believe themselves speakers for
relates to the climate change that occurred in the the gods, claim to commune with the spirits and
Nordic countries at the end of the Nordic Bronze make demands for sacrifices and many other
Age of 650 BC. In the modern day, places such things. You suspect they are merely capitalizing
as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other Nordic on the events to further their position in the
countries still use the term fimbulvinter to refer to an Clan. But you must find a way to confront them
unusually cold and harsh winter. without appearing to be questioning the gods
But in this adventure, the bigger focus is how it • Hunger and fear are taking its toll on how the
affects the Clan and the other nearby Clans. All are Clan views the Heroes. Despite all they have
desperate to survive and making matters worse are accomplished in the past, they now feel the need
the völva, the female shamans and seers known to to prove themselves time and time again.
have prophetic powers, who claim the weather is
the sign of the gods’ displeasure and are using the
events as a bid to take control of the clans from the Questions
Jarls. The relentless cold has taken the lives of the • Who among you were with the Jarls and other
Jarls and the former leaders of the Clan, leaving the leaders just before they expired? What promises
Heroes as the only ones who can replace them. Can did they ask of you?
the Heroes help their people survive the harsh events • Who most recently died from hunger despite the
and make the hard decisions necessary even if these plans the Heroes have made the month before?
may lead to unspeakable acts or even the deaths of • Which celebration was recently overlooked?
the other Clans. Can they unite their people even What decisions did the Heroes make that lead to
with the fear of the supernatural and of cold uncaring overlooking this event?
death. Can they bring hope even if deep down they • Which Clan has desperately begun raiding on the
feel nothing but the freezing touch of Heroes’ Clan for food?
• What new dangers have emerged from the Wilds the most difficult of decisions, the Heroes must
given the cold killing most of the simpler prey? choose who goes hungry, who sacrifices their pets,
• Which outposts have been lost due to the and who must embrace the burden of hunger and
Fimbulvetr? In what manner? weakness for the rest to stay strong. There is not
• What do the farmers now do given the enough food for everyone. And unless they’ve been
Farmsteads have long been useless in the cold? dealt with earlier, the völva are making things even
• Who most recently defiled a Sacred Place out of worse with their fear-mongering. Will the Heroes be
anger towards the terrible winter? up to this task?

Scenes Challenges
The Sea is Still is the opening Scene. The Heroes • Overcome the first Warning, keeping the people
have awoken to the worried cries of their people. It calm despite the threat.
was one thing to endure the cold. But seeing the sea, • Feats of combat vs the bringers of the first
the source of food and transit for the clan, frozen Warning. The battle should get vicious and
solid is the last straw for most of the Clan. They brutal.
realize this winter is worse than anything they have • Calming the people and reassuring them that
ever seen before. And that the Gods have forsaken they will get through the seemingly eternal
them! winter.
• Feats of Words or Debate, as the völva attempt to
The Warning happens within the next day or two. sway the group.
A Jarl of nearby Clan arrives with his warriors. • Montage: Checking on the people in passing
They stand outside the border and deliver a simple days as hunger grows worse and worse.
message: Surrender all the food and they shall leave • Montage: Hunting attempts against the ice,
everyone unharmed. Or they shall strike at first finding other predators in the midst.
light and kill everyone - including the women and • Montage: Hunting attempts against the ice, and
children. The need for food has grown so desperate encountering another hunting party, possible
that the clan is willing to embrace such violence leading to violence.
to survive despite any former bonds of peace that • Killing someone or something (like a sacred
existed. animal) important to the Clan.

In the Feasting Hall the people demand answers

from the Heroes, as two years have been nothing Complications
but hardship and cold. The people are desperate to • The people throw their support for the völva.
survive and now question the Heroes if they will The völva calls for sacrifices to the gods.
raid the nearby Clans for food. Others raise whether • The völva of another Clan arrives, says the
the gods must be appeased. The völva find this the Heroes must kill the entire Clan he used to come
perfect opportunity to make their move and further from for the winter to end.
their ambitions. How do the Heroes deal with the • The cold freezes even the water supplies and
völva without appearing as the villains who ignored Sea, including dehydration now as a threat.
the messengers of the gods? • An eclipse occurs, furthering the völva’s
May the Gods Forgive marks the final desperate
Scene in the story. The winter now nears its third
year and the choices the Heroes must make now
tread on the unthinkable. Having discovered there is
no way to survive the harsh winters without making
Hooks Other Considerations
• Encountering a wounded group struggling to While the Fimbulvetr is likely a natural event, the
carry their wounded and a recently killed stag. possibility of the entire event lasting longer or
• Someone in the Clan has chosen to side with the shorter than expected is wholly up to the individual
völva. Betrayal most foul. GM to decide on. You can always give false hopes,
• While traveling by boat, night passes and the like a morning when dew is wet instead of frozen,
group discovers the sea has frozen solid. They but as a whole the winter doesn’t seem to end. And
have to march the rest of the way home. perhaps it won’t for longer than expected.
• Someone breaks in desperation and kills
someone to feed on whatever he can get his If the Heroes decide to embrace everything
hands on. necessary to survive, be sure to have them face the
• Another Clan’s Jarl and his family appear, ramifications of their actions. Will they be able to
offering to betray his entire clan in exchange for face themselves after choosing to wipe out another
food and shelter among your people. Clan for their own survival, more so if it was a Clan
• A Hero also has a feverish dream of the gods they were once allies with? Can they look at their
demanding sacrifices. Or was it a vision from the own children the same way after having them kill
gods themselves? others to steal their food?

For groups that prefer to avoid the darker narratives

the story can invoke, you can focus instead on
creating projects to further survival such as trying
themselves together to stay insulated, with one
person eating a hard piece of bread on their turn
to make sure the fire stays burning to keep them
warm. Holes would be dug in the ice in hopes of still
finding fish within the deeper warmer waters.

strange harbour
by Epidiah Ravachol
A surprisingly early blizzard cuts the Heroes Setting
off from their passage home after a late raiding You may begin just before New Winter on the
season. They are forced to find new land to seek homeward seas facing an indomitable storm. If you
shelter, repair their longboat, and find food before do, be sure your players know that the storm is not a
attempting the journey home again. This new land is challenge, but a wall against which they would not
filled with wonders and mysteries - and is perhaps care to dash their longboat.
not of Midgard or not even of this time. They are not
alone. It may be better yet to begin with our drenched
Heroes dragging their longboat onto a rough beach
Thorsten of the Hammer Stone Clan has returned of shale in the shade of a looming pine forest. They
home from his own raiding and found it recently are, at last, free from the storm, but driven by their
pillaged by the hands of our Heroes. He has gathered cold and hunger.
a retinue and sailed out into the same storm seeking
vengeance and blood. To fully embrace the theme of exploration, you
should visit at least three of the following:
• An early, blinding ice storm on an unforgiving
Opening sea, walled in by glaciers.
New Winter is a time for the harvest and the hearth; • An unseasonably temperate rainforest of tall,
for the longboats, laden with the spoils of daring late moss-covered pines, the hunting ground of
summer raids, to return home; for you to share your unknown big cats.
glories and mourn your losses as the twilight fades • A high, barren ridge littered with the bones long
into ever longer night. since picked over by carrion birds.
• A deep cavern whose walls are covered in
But the gods make their plans with little concern sinister paintings and glimmer like Bifrost in the
for the mortal seasons. Thunder and ice pour from torchlight.
a wounded sky, closing the old sea paths home. The • An abandoned temple of timber and stone on an
sea - an old ally of the gray-dark storm - joins the island in the middle of a placid, mist-shrouded
battle and threatens to swallow you and your glory lake.
in its frosty maw. Soon you turn your dragon-prow • A glade overgrown with wildflowers hiding
southward in search of respite and new lands to venomous snakes and the ruins of a village.
winter upon. • The high boughs of a giant tree, twice as tall
as the rest. The only one to not sway in a

You will be hunted by a full longboat, fresh from

their own raiding, seeking vengeance for your recent
raids against their clansfolk.
They are spurred on by the old, but hot-blooded Their coats are often shaggier, or their teeth or
Thorsten, who has long harbored a hatred for one antler are overgrown, and each of them stands at
of the heroes. Not all among them are as keen for least a head taller than their cousins typically do. Is
revenge. Two among them have reason to be eager to there food to be found here? Can these elk-cousins
return to their stead: be hunted? Can other food be found among the
Ragna grows older and more tired of grudges. She unfamiliar berries and mushrooms? How do you
wishes to settle these blood debts lawfully. stay safe from the roving wolf-cousins or the lone
Hakon has a young family to return to and wishes catamount stalking among the ferns?
to see them whole. He is willing to connive with the
enemy and betray Thorsten to this end. High upon a rocky ridge lies the best vantage point
to see out across the land. It will take some effort,
time and considerable risk to scale this cliff. At its
Questions base, the trees still grow tall, their limbs - as well as
• Which of the Heroes has a longstanding rivalry the roots and saplings of the brave trees that have
with Thorsten? Why does it trouble you that he managed to grow rocky cliff-face - offer hand and
was not with his Clan when you raided them so foot holds. But soon the only purchase to be found
recently? on the sheer path is that made from crumbling rock.
• Which of the Heroes’ family secretly believe At the top a grim sight awaits the Heroes. Strewn
they harbor Jötun blood? Do you hold this belief across the barren plateau are the sun-bleached bones
to be true? Why? of giants, the evidence of a people who once lived
• Which of the Heroes is secretly relieved that here and stood, as the animals below, at least a head
they have been blocked from returning home? taller than anyone known to the Heroes. Was this a
Why? battlefield or a cemetery? What grave goods can be
• Which of the Heroes has a great need found among the bones?
for returning home before the Midwinter
celebrations? Why? An ambush from Thorsten and his raiders. If he can,
• Which of the Heroes has hidden away something he will lay in wait at the Heroes camp while they are
they should not have taken in the raids? What? out exploring, overwhelming and taking any guards
• All of the Heroes should answer what they hope left as prisoner. If this is not possible, he will stalk
to discover in this new land. the Heroes, waiting until they are most preoccupied.
Can the Heroes detect him and his people before it’s
too late?
In the raging storm, should you choose to begin here, A cavern entrance overgrown with ivy and ferns
the Heroes, already fatigued from their long journey, leads to an ancient place of ritual importance to
face their own mortality. The struggle here is not to those who once peopled this land. The cave is deep
make it through the storm, but to find a way to turn and quickly wends its way away from sunlight.
back. To find a way to communicate and navigate Torch flame dances off the damp walls of the cave,
as the wind deafens, the ice blinds, and the sea itself glimmering as a rainbow, recalling to mind Bifrost.
leaps up to drown all who open their mouths. Should they travel far enough in, the Heroes will
uncover an altar of stone with two large, petrified
On a flinty beach before a tall and ancient pine
forest, the Heroes, cold, exhausted, and hungry hear
something lumbering within. The forest houses
strange fauna that resemble the elk, bear, and wolves
of home. But these beasts are clearly different from
their cousins the Heroes know in several ways.
animal skulls atop it as well as a vacant place for a A chance for peace is offered by one of Thorsten’s
third that has gone missing. The floor, ceiling, and raiders. They will come alone and under the cover
walls of this sanctum are covered in hand paintings of darkness. If it is Hakon, he will offer to arrange
depicting great hunts and an even greater tragedy. In for a moment when Thorsten will be relatively
the flickering of the torch placed near the altar, these unguarded and ripe for assassination. He is confident
paintings appear even to move. What is the tale they that without Thorsten’s bile, the rest of the raiders
tell? Is it history? Or is it prophecy? Can the Heroes will lose their taste for vengeance and return to their
see themselves among the figures? own shores. If it is Ragna, she will demand a life
price which she offers to return to her Clan. She is
Deep in the forested lowlands, the trees part for confident that such lawful compensation will sate the
a still, mist-bound lake. Here the presence of our rest of Thorsten’s raiders and he will have to return
Heroes echo from shore to shore unless they take home with them.
pains to quiet themselves. On a small island in the
middle of the lake, barely visible through the mist, A sunlit glade of violet and gold wildflowers hides
stands a temple hall once built of timber and now within the forest. A keen eye from atop the cliffs or
covered in moss. Though the building is old and a tall tree may spot it as a pool of shimmering color
abandoned, it’s interior is still untouched. Therein in a deep field of green. It is a warm and pleasant
lies cauldrons, plates, and goblets of silver craftwork place avoided by the great beasts and tiny critters of
from all over, implying a people who once ranged this land. Hidden beneath the flowers writhes tiny,
far and wide in their raiding. Do you recall tales venomous snakes. Their bite is not overly painful,
of these people? Are they the same people of the but within minutes terrible spasms grip your thews
ridge or the cave? The petrified skull of some beast until your body becomes a rigid as stone. There
you have yet to encounter rests on the altar of this you will lie until night falls and the fever sets in,
temple. Has it been stolen from the cave? accompanied by unsettling nightmares of a village
that once stood in this very glade. What horrifying
end to this village are you dream-witness to? What
faint ruins of the village do you find when you wake,
stiff and sore the next morn?

• Hunt the strange beast-cousins of this land.
• Overcome an attack from the predators of this
• Montage Scene of travel across the land.
• Find the clues the people who once lived in this
• Negotiate peace with Thorsten’s people or drive
them from this land.
• Make the treacherous climb up to the top of the
barren ridge.
• Survive and find meaning in the night of fever
and dreams brought on by the snakes in the

Complications Other Considerations
• Nature seeks an opportunity. If the Heroes Wonder is the beating heart of exploration. There are
engage Thorsten’s raiding party in combat, a plenty of ways to motivate the Heroes. An ice storm
pack of wolf-cousins could be watching, waiting turns them away from home when they are at their
to deal with the weak or exhausted. Conversely, weariest. Dwindling rations force them to hunt in
Thorsten could be stalking the Heroes, waiting a strange land. A wronged Clan dogs them at their
for them to be otherwise engaged with the wolf- every step. These are but nudges. The true glory in
cousins before attacking. this adventure is to be a witness to the spectacle.
• During the most perilous moments of
exploration, the Heroes may be harried by giant Relax and let the Heroes explore. Later is better
carrion birds, eager see one of them fall and when it comes to complications and escalations in
provide a suitable meal. the drama. Introduce these too soon, and you set the
• A violent storm echoing the one that drove the pace such that the Heroes will be in a rush to see
Heroes away from home may roll in, forcing things to an end instead of drinking in what is before
them to flee for cover, or find a way to wait it them. When you sense a lull while the Heroes are
out - possibly alongside Thorsten’s company. beholding a wonder, considering asking one of them
• Thorsten is hot-headed and impulsive, but one of the following:
shrewd. It is possible that Hakon or Ragna act as • How will you describe this vista to the clansfolk
his agent, luring the heroes into a trap. that await you at home?
• Do the gods not watch this land more closely? • What suffering, discomfort, misery or annoyance
Do they want word of it spreading among the is now forgotten before this wonder?
Clans? Would they not unleash a great serpent • Have you ever seen the like, even in childhood
upon any longboat leaving its sacred shores? dreams?
• What token of this moment will you carry with
Hooks • Who awaits you at home that should have been
• Should the Clan establish an outpost at a place here to witness such sights?
so far away from known trade routes? Would
our Heroes not wish to return to this place of It is left as an exercise to the reader to decide if
wonders? any of the above is evidence of the Jötnar, Æsir,
• Where did the people missing from this land go? or if it remains in the plausible and mundane
Can they or their ancestors be found? realm of Midgard. Whatever the Heroes may
• Is this place even of Midgard? Or have the encounter should be far enough removed from their
Heroes found a place between worlds? What experiences to be indistinguishable at first glance.
would you do with a chance to explore the land
of the gods, to trade with or even raid them? Not all questions raised during this trek need be
• What if Thorsten claims this land for the answered during it. Some should be left open as calls
Hammer Stone Clan? Would it not be worth to future adventures. Others may never been solved
fighting over? at all.

The Circle of Jörmungandr
By B. Dave Walters
This adventure is for any Heroes and is centered on 5. The implacable Staglína Clan, King Blíkja’s
their Clan’s land during a time of unrest bordering own. The weight and thickness of their warrior’s
on civil war. It features diplomacy, investigation, iron shields is rivaled only by the height of the
strategy, betrayal, battle, and a chance to become the walls of their keep.
ruling power of the region.
As the king weakens, the Clans move to strengthen
alliances, undermine enemies, and grab power
Opening for themselves. What will you do? Will you
King Blíkja is dying, and with him dies the hope work to preserve the Blíkja’s legacy of Circle of
for peace in the area known as the Circle of Jörmungandr, swear fealty to a new Clan, or take
Jörmungandr. Armed with a will as strong as the fate into your own hands and establish your Clan as
mighty hammer he swung, Blíkja brought all the the ruling power in the area? Death’s arrow travels
local Clans under his control and appointed six Jarls swiftly, and the time to choose is upon you. Decide!
to rule over them.

Your Clan is surrounded by five others: Setting

It can take place any time of year when another
1. The ever volatile Heitr Clan: Accomplished Clan could travel (by land or sea) to your Clan. It
raiders who specialize in razing entire villages to is centered on your Clan’s settlement as your Jarl
the ground. Absolutely merciless. is weighing their next move. Your jarl and their
2. The kind and generous Mygla Clan: A rarity in advisors all believe war is inevitable, but careful
this world of iron and frost, this Clan of farmers diplomacy might lessen the scope and toll. Most of
and shepherds provides most of the provisions your Clan’s warriors are here, as all six Clans are
that keep the other Clans alive through the long, preparing launch or repel invasions.
dark winter.
3. The industrious Vatn Clan: Preeminent
shipwrights and seafarers. Their strong ships Questions
and keen navigational skills allow them to travel • Which of the Heroes is most excited for glorious
further and faster than any other. combat?
4. The wary and superstitious Stokkr Clan: Forest • Which of the Heroes will grieve the hardest
dwelling healers and nature worshippers, when King Blíkja dies? Why?
long rumored to offer sacrifices to old gods in • Which of the Heroes is most determined to find a
exchange for prophetic visions and other dark diplomatic solution?
powers. • Which of the Heroes is convinced the King was
poisoned? And by whom?
• Which of the Heroes believes you must ally with
another Clan to survive? Which Clan?
• Which of the Heroes absolutely hates one of the or they can be a backdrop to the Hero’s Scenes.
other Clans? Which one? Why? Whatever agreements that are made must be lived up
• Which of the Heroes will be glad when King to, under pain of retribution.
Blíkja dies? Why?
• Which of the Heroes had a dream or vision of The Devil You Know. When night falls the Vatn
a five pointed star with a ring around it? What Clan take advantage of the distraction the Heitr
does it mean? cause to launch a six-person strike team to kidnap
the princess. Their expert navigational skills make
them nearly impossible to detect until they are on the
Scenes shore. Their warriors prize stealth and misdirection
The Princess and the Jarl. The Staglína Clan sends over outright force, and will use every opportunity to
a secret diplomatic party consisting of two dozen misdirect suspicion towards the Heitr Clan to cover
warriors and twice as many advisors and attendants their movements. The Heroes must find a way to
to deliver King Blíkja’s own daughter Princess discover the intruders, and stop them before they get
Braka to meet with your Jarl. The King is offering Braka back to their boat when it will be impossible
a strategic wedding to strengthen the ties between to catch up to them before they return to the Vatn
your Clan and his in order to ensure his legacy Clan stronghold.
and bloodline continue. Braka, for her part, isn’t
interested in marrying your Jarl, or anyone else and Death’s Arrow. The King is dead; long live the King!
wants to take the throne for herself. The size and King Blíkja dies on the dawn of the seventh day, and
appetite of her retinue quickly becomes a drain on wherever Princess Braka is located becomes the new
your Clan’s resources, and word quickly spreads of center of the kingdom. Chaos erupts as each Clan
their presence there. The Heroes could use this time acts upon their plan, and calls upon the Heroes to
to try to figure out more information about the true live up to any promises that were made. As open war
intentions of the King and his daughter, to serve begins, can the Heroes restore the peace, or carve a
their Jarl or negotiate their own terms with Princess place out for themselves on top of a heap of
Braka. defeated enemies?

The Raiding Party. On the third day, Heitr Clan

dispatches a large force under the guise of diplomacy Challenges
to wherever Princess Braka is located. Their Jarl • Each Clan has one that they see as an enemy, and
comes in person to petition Princess Braka to marry one they see as an ally:
him instead. The Heitr are overtly aggressive, but - Heitr opposes Vatn and supports Mygla.
will not start any combat unless provoked. There - Mygla opposes Stokkr and supports Staglína.
are shouted challenges for “friendly” contests for - Vatn opposes Mygla and supports Stokkr.
wrestling, mock shield wall battles, etc. The Heroes - Stokkr opposes Staglína and supports Heitr.
can choose to engage in the contests or they can be a - Staglína opposes Heitr and supports Vatn.
backdrop to the hero’s scenes. • Any alliances the Heroes form will have an
equal and opposite hostile reaction from another
The Garden Party. Diplomats from all the other Clan.
clans arrive to speak with Princess Braka as the • Determine their allegiance to Princess Braka,
representative of Staglína Clan, and your Jarl as and whether or not they’ll support her bid for
the representative of yours. Everyone offers their power.
sweetest deal in exchange for our Heroes sworn • Overcome members of your Clan who may
oath of vengeance against their rival Clans. The otherwise break the peace with the Heitr Clan
Heroes can choose to engage in active deal-making visitors.
and diplomacy on behalf of themselves or the Clan,
• See through the deception of the Vatn Clan • Your Clan’s other outposts are under siege from
raiders. an enemy Clan or their allies.
• Overcome the Vatn Clan raiders before they can • The Jarl orders our Heroes to escort the Princess
reach their boat. on a covert diplomatic mission to the Stokkr
• Contest: Feats of strength vs. a warrior from the Clan.
other Clan.
• Contest: Feats of agility vs. a warrior from the
other Clan. Other Considerations
• Contest: Feats of combat vs. a warrior from the The primary thing to keep in mind is: There is
other clan. almost certainly no purely diplomatic solution. Any
• Montage Scene of how the Heroes handle the alliances that are made come with an equal and
Heitr Clan if battle erupts. opposite hostile reaction from another Clan. If the
• Montage Scene of a large battle on all sides Heroes come up with truly unique solutions to avoid
when King Blíkja dies. open hostility, they should be heralded far and wide
as the rightful successors to King Blíkja.

Complications The other Clans should not be portrayed as

• Enemy Clans may have planted spies in the one dimensional cliches, but living breathing
stronghold that appear as merchants or servants. communities with their own interests. For example:
• After the Heroes forge an alliance, the Clan that The ‘peaceful’ Mygla are still a Viking Clan, and
feels slighted launches and immediate attack. will absolutely resort to violence before allowing
• Their may be a traitor from your Clan working to themselves to be taken advantage of. A foe willing
assassinate Princess Braka. to burn down all their own fields to starve the other
• Princess Braka agrees to marry the Heitr Clan Clans while they live on their ample stores would be
Jarl, a catastrophe for the Heroes’ Clan. terrible to behold.
• If trying to pursue by boat, there could be
something wrong with it or vital elements In keeping with this, blind assumptions should have
missing. tangible negative repercussions. The Heitr Clan
• If trying to escape through the wilderness there has come in peace, and would leave in peace if
could be cliffs, rivers or enemies as obstacles. treated with respect, but if the Heroes treat this like
• Promised allied aid never arrives, due to betrayal barbarians, they’ll encounter a terrible opponent
or their having been defeated. inside their walls. If they assume the Stokkr are
• King Blíkja has been assassinated by one of the ignorant savages, they’ll end up twisted up and lost
Heroes allied Clans. in a trap filled woods against a guerilla fighting force
• King Blíkja is alive and well, and spread the that never gives them a fair fight. Again, there is no
rumor of his death to root out traitors. easy path.

If the Heroes already have an enemy Clan they have

Hooks been dealing with you can use it in place of any
• Vatn Clan successfully kidnaps the Princess, and one of the Clans, and the Circle of Jörmungandr
he Heroes must rescue her. can be as large or small as your campaign requires.
• Princess Braka was in league with the Vatn Clan The main premise of this adventure is to put the
from the very beginning, and orchestrated her Heroes in a position where they can learn about
own ‘kidnapping.’ the difficulties of diplomacy, and give them a real
• The Mygla Clan refuses to send any supplies opportunity to become rulers themselves - if they
unless the Heroes agree to drive the Stokkr can survive.
Clan out of the forests.
lost and found
by Elijah, Ethan, and Sen-Foong Lim
This adventure is for any Heroes and is centered apparition from his appointed seat at the Jarl’s right
on the sea, the wild, and sacred places. It features hand. He fixes his unnerving gaze on you, piercing
exploration, ancestors, honour, battle, fantastical you like a spear through the gizzard and stopping
beasts and mysticism. you dead in your tracks. The wizened old man leans
heavily on his oaken staff and shuffles towards you.
He lifts his arms high and his voluminous black
Opening cape seems to envelope you and your crew like
All through the dark season, the sea has been calling raven’s wings. His voice, strong and clear despite his
to you. With winter finally releasing its icy grasp, advanced age, rings throughout the hall for all to hear.
the chill in the air has been replaced with the scent
of the sea. You and your crew have been preparing “Heed me, oh brave raiders of these north seas,” he
the most seaworthy of your settlement’s longboats proclaims as he points a long bony finger at each crew
for the first voyage of the season. Wiping the hard- member. Suddenly, his eyes flash like lightning in
earned sweat from your brow, you appraise the the dark of a storm and his voice booms like thunder,
vessel with a practiced eye - it is ship shape from rattling the very timbers of the hall. “Where you go,
rigging to rail. Your head full of salty sea air, you are there is no guide. Refuge won’t be found inside. What
eager to go raiding! once was lost can now be found, but only if you go to
At the command of your Jarl, you assemble in her
hall. Though the ice has long been broken and the As quickly as it came, the light leaves the Master
waters are now clear, none of the expected messages Seer’s eyes, and the Jarl leaps to her feat to catch him.
from the wardens who stayed throughout the winter His staff clatters to the ground and he collapses, a pile
at your Clan’s most remote outpost have been of cloth and bone, in her arm, his cryptic message
received. The Jarl fears that they might have been delivered. From somewhere outside of the hall, a
taken hostage or worse at the hands the rival Hawk raven calls out, croaking as it takes wing. The sky,
Clan and she wants their fates confirmed. Invoking once clear, now fills with ominous grey clouds.
the wrath of The Maimed God, your Jarl sanctions
swift retribution if so demanded. With a grim nod,
you dutifully accept her command. You and many of Setting
your crew have friends and family members among It takes place in the early summer to give the players
those who are stationed at the outpost. If the Hawk a chance to return to their settlement before winter.
Clan has broken the treaty, no matter how shaky it While this adventure prompt begins in the players’
may have been, they will pay the price - in blood. settlement, it quickly progresses to their longboat and
the sea. Then, through force of nature, the players are
As you are about to take your leave and gird cast into the wild (a remote and uncharted island).
yourselves for battle, the Master Seer The Heroes will have to find a way back home; their
suddenly stands, slowly rising like an initial mission is still not complete!
Questions respect for the sea if they didn’t have any to begin
• Which of the Heroes has the most experience at with. The longboat, itself, should be intact though
sea? the sails and rigging will need repairing.
• Which of the Heroes is most concerned about the
Master Seer’s message? Why? Trouble isn’t over for the Heroes when the storm
• Which of the Heroes has relatives or friends breaks. From deep under the water, the Heroes feel a
stationed at the remote outpost? dread pressure rising. Gouts of water spray over the
• Which of the Heroes has relatives or friends who gunwales and writhing, puckered flesh encircle the
were lost at sea in the past? When did they go longboat, threatening to rip it apart, piece by piece.
missing? A giant, inhuman eye stares at you from beneath the
• Which of the Heroes is the most superstitious of waves as a beak-like mouth gapes open, threatening
the crew? What are their rituals? to swallow you whole. Only with fire and axe will
• Which of the Heroes has never fought in a the Heroes survive! For each failure the longboat
battle? What are their hopes and fears regarding should suffer enough to threaten its seaworthiness
this? but not render it useless (e.g. the dragon head may
• Which of the Heroes loves the fantastical tales be ripped off, oars may be snapped, etc.)
of the old raiders tell the most? Which tales in
particular? After fighting off the kraken, the Heroes will be
left floating a windless area of the sea - a dead
calm. Njord has forsaken them! During the time
Scenes languishing in the doldrums, the effects of fatigue,
Before setting sail, the Heroes leave the hall with hunger, thirst, wounds, and the oppressive heat
the Jarl’s blessing. They may go throughout the catches up with the crew and they are beset with
settlement gathering whatever equipment and goods hallucinations, both visual and auditory, of dead
they deem necessary for this journey. Since they are family members, sea creatures, etc. A sense of
under direct orders from the Jarl, the Heroes may paranoia builds among the Heroes as their senses
be able to obtain items they do not normally have betray them.
access to should they reveal their mission to others.
They may also receive favour from the Clans people After drifting aimlessly in the ocean for only the
in way of discounts or gifts. The Heroes could use gods know how long, the Heroes find themselves
this time to strengthen their relationships with family and their damaged longboat washed ashore on an
members, friends, and each other while equipping island. The vegetation is lush and vibrant compared
themselves for their journey. They could also use to the sparse greenery at the settlement. The
this time to make the proper sacrifices and get the heat from the sun is staggering and the sand gets
longboat blessed for this voyage. everywhere! The shade beckons to them, but, still
paranoid, the Heroes feel eyes watching them from
The Heroes are caught in the eye of the storm soon every shadow. The bird cries are foreign to them and
after they set sail. This storm is unlike any storm the wild animals are like nothing they’ve ever seen!
they have ever witnessed let alone survived. The By now, the Heroes are starving and parched. They
magnitude of the storm is such that cargo is torn free are in desperate need of water and sustenance, no
and the sails and rigging are ripped from the mast. matter how strange it may look or taste!
The storm tosses even the most stalwart of Heroes
about as if they were rag dolls. The Heroes will
be challenged in their skills of sailing, navigation,
and swimming. Their battle with the elements has
only begun! They will come out of this Scene with
less than they started with, but they’ll gain greater
While searching the island, the Heroes spot a curious Complications
sight - an oak tree growing in the middle of this • There may be a traitor or spy from the Hawk
tropical island! On its bark is carved the symbol for Clan aboard the longboat who would love
the Heroes’ Clan. If the Heroes dig around nothing more than to prevent the Heroes from
the base of the tree, they will find several completing their mission.
skeletons and a cloth sack inside of which is raider • Essential parts of the longboat could be
armour and weaponry from at least a generation destroyed by events as to make it unusable
past, all emblazoned with the sigil of the Clan the without expert repair.
Heroes belong to. A note, roughly scribed on a scroll • The Heroes encounter another raiding party who
of animal hide, is located at the bottom of the bag. It arrive on the island after them, but with much
reads: less wear and tear to their equipment and their
“I am the last of us. With no longboat to carry me • Another Clan has already established an outpost
back, all I can do is pray to Odin, The All Father, on this island.
that the people of my Clan will someday find • The Heroes become ill from whatever plants or
our final resting place and bring us home. Signed animals they ate on the island.

Challenges • The dead raiders who landed before left
• Make proper sacrifices to the gods (e.g. Njord) a treasure map of the island among their
• Equip the crew and the longboat for the journey belongings - where does it lead to and what’s
• Tying down the cargo after the ropes are ripped waiting for them at the spot marked with an
free by the storm; for each failure the Heroes “X”?
have, ask them what resource was lost to the sea • The island is inhabited by a native society - will
- e.g.: food or weapons, water or armour, etc. they appreciate the Heroes’ presence or will
• Swimming in the storm-tossed sea. there be war?
• Fight to keep the longboat from being ripped • Some of the items the crew lost were expected
apart by the kraken; for each failure the Heroes to be paid for upon return or given back as they
have, ask them what was part of the longboat were heirlooms - how can the Heroes make
was damaged - e.g. the sail or the oars, the amends?
rudder or the hull, etc.
• Montage Scene of surviving in the doldrums -
induce a sense of unreality / paranoia as the heat Other Considerations
and lack of food/water plays with the mental You may allow the players to outfit themselves
resolve of the Heroes. according to their initial mission prior to throwing
• Montage Scene of the longboat washing ashore, them into the adventure or you may start the game
the crew foraging or hunting for food, searching in medias res at any of several points; fighting to
for a source of drinkable water. stay afloat during the storm, fighting the kraken, or
• Find and bring back the ancient relics to the washing ashore on the beach can get players right
Clan. into the action if you desire or need a quicker start to
a game.

While there are really no gods, depending
on how much your game focuses on the
Norse pantheon, you may wish to reduce or
increase the effects of some of the Scenes
based on which rituals the Heroes observe.
For example, if they make proper sacrifices
to Thor or invoke Njord’s name, the effects
of the storm at sea may be lessened. This can
enhance the mysticism inherent in this setting.

The Heroes should be able to survive the

storm and the kraken though there may
be grave consequences for any actions the
Heroes fail. When they fail, Heroes should
need to make a choice as to what loss they
will suffer - will they lose the keg of magical
black powder their Seer brought back from
the east or the crate of salted cod that the
fishmonger gifted to them?

This adventure effectively leaves the Heroes

stranded on an island away from their Clan
and their settlement. Be prepared with a way
to get them back to that storyline unless you’d
like them to do more exploration in uncharted
waters / on foreign soil.

If the Heroes already have an enemy Clan

they have been dealing with you can use it
in place of the Hawk Clan. If they already
have a Jarl who is male, that is fine too. Blend
this story with those that your Heroes have
already told for best effect!

The Forest Beyond the Veil
by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul
This adventure is for any Heroes brave enough to It is centered around your Heroes exploration into a
defy the gods. It centres around a mysterious forest dark forest no one else would dare go into.
which no one dares enter. It features exploration, Your Jarl called for Heroes to take on this deadly
adventure, battle, superstition, faith, and questioning exploration - no one expects you to return.
what is real or fiction. Villages have been ravaged by the beasts from the
forest, each week things get worse, and this problem
cannot be ignored.
Just beyond your land’s territory is a forest no one
dares enter. Those who do never return and only Questions
those seeking the sweet embrace of death dare pass • Which Hero lost a family member to the forest?
the dread stones before the forest which serve as Why did the family member enter the forest?
a warning to all - do not pass. It is said among the When did they know the person was never
twisted branches of this dark place the gods wander returning?
and hunt. The forest lies just behind the veil of the • Which Hero worships a god said to walk the
otherworld and only the gods may play in between. forest? Why does the god favour this forest so?
This forest is their land and anyone who trespasses • Which Hero helped carve the warning stones
will be dearly punished. outside the forest? What did they see from the
corner of their vision during the lonely nights
When the gods laugh the sky cries and recently your carving the rocks?
lands are beset by crazed beasts fleeing the forest. • Which Hero has secretly always wished to enter
They run screaming from the twisted place directly the forest? What do they hope to find within?
into town wreaking havoc and bent on wanton • Which Hero grew up more terrified of the forest
destruction. Worse yet, people have been hurt and than most? What is the story they heard that
your Clan can no longer ignore the gods’ twisted made them so scared?
play things. It is time for someone to venture into the • Which Hero had their home destroyed by one of
forest and parlay with the gods - beg them to cease the forest beasts? What did they do to have the
the onslaught of their crazed beasts. This mission is gods punish them so severely?
not for the weak of heart nor those wishing a happy
The Stones - a line of stones each spaced twenty
Setting men apart surround the lonely forest. Each stone has
It can take place at any time of year, but if possible a unique warning begging the reader not to enter.
set it during winter when there is a bitter frost on the Each warning is tied to a name, a person lost to the
ground and many trees are grey and barren. gods’ fickle whims, never to return home, never to
have their story told. The Heroes muster courage to
enter the dark forest, each Hero finding a reason they The Tree is at the centre of the forest humming with
must enter. When stepping past the line of stones death and entirely covered in a giant honeycomb.
each Hero’s resolve is tested. Each Hero is reminded Barely any bees still live within the honeycomb and
of a reason not to enter, a watery memory pleading the honey languidly ferments. A dead, burnt bear
with their sanity, they must overcome their fear and corpse lays behind the tree and a few crows pick
enter. at the honeycomb hungrily search for dead larvae.
There are no signs to what might have killed this
The Forest is dark and bitterly cold. Mist hangs once-thriving colony. The mist seems heavier here
atop the trees dripping down to the ground and and despite the drunken revelry of the animals - the
seeping into the dirt. Something stalks the Heroes land around the tree is strangely quiet. If the Heroes
from the darkness, just beyond their vision, but wish they may do something with the tree.
just close enough to breath down their necks. A
soft cry is echoes from deep within the forest, the
trees reverberating with exhales of sorrow, if there Challenges
is something amiss surely it is in that direction. • Overcome nerves and sorrowful memories to
Paranoia sets in and the sense of uneasiness grows. enter the forest.
The Heroes must navigate an unfamiliar territory • Find a way through an unknown forest.
with boggy lands, impassible tangled trees, and giant • Defeat a group of bears in combat.
cliff faces. Horrifying sounds attempt to corral the • Defeat an enemy troop in battle.
Heroes down the most treacherous path. • Possibly negotiate with the enemies and garner
more information from them.
The Beasts bray and cry from the darkness. No • Investigate the tree with fermenting honey -
sooner do the Heroes habituate to this terrible sound decide if it is safe enough to leave.
than they are attacked by a maddened group of bears.
While the beasts attack furiously, a few are sluggish
and nearly stumbling. Nothing stops their attacks Complications
but death. Astute Heroes will notice the beasts have • The enemy may have planted traps in the forest.
many more wounds than what their troop could have • There may be a pack of hungry wolves in the
inflicted. forest who start hunting the Heroes too.
• There is a ‘witch’ who lives in the forest, she
The Ambush occurs shortly after the Heroes are could help or hinder the Heroes.
attacked by the beasts and close to the centre of the • The Heroes could find the tracks of the Raven
forest. The Raven Clan springs from the forest and Clan when they are searching through the forest
attacks the Heroes. The Raven Clan doesn’t believe and start hunting them instead.
this forest belongs to the gods and have set about • Perhaps there is a large river running through the
plundering the forest. Their sweetest prize was a forest the Heroes must cross. Maybe the river is
tree at the centre completely covered in honeycomb, frozen over, but some of the ice is too thing to
which is now slowly fermenting and a troop from the cross safely.
Clan set about driving the bears from the region to • The Heroes could find someone who wandered
harvest the trees’ bounty for themselves. The bears into the forest to try to investigate themselves.
were rightfully in love with the tree and it took the Now they are wounded and cannot leave without
Clan burning their homes to make the creatures flee. help.
Pushed out of their natural homes and drunk on • The Heroes decide to try the fermented honey
the fermented honey the bears attacked the Heroes’ themselves - each person who tries goes into
Clan - the first humans they encountered outside the a drunken/poisoned stupor where they have
forest. terrifying visions.
Hooks If there are still a few dangers in the Heroes way, for
• One troop has already been sent into the forest example a frozen lake or trap, she will help avoid
- along with dealing with the beasts, the troop them. If the Heroes instead take her bait and end up
must be found. acting rude or even violent, the witch won’t help
• The Jarl was attacked by one of the beasts and them and actively try to steer them into danger. If
it escaped back into the forest. The Heroes must they listen to her bad ‘advice’ put them off course,
bring the Jarl its head. lead them into a trap, etc.
• Other Clans have taken notice of the Heroes’
Clans weakened position, if they do not act fast Technically nothing supernatural is happening in
their lands could be invaded. the forest. The events are a combination of drunken
animals and the Raven Clan moving into the forest
and disturbing their homes. However, the Heroes
Other Considerations should always have a sense that there is something
The Raven Clan is opportunistic and rather else in the forest with them, right down to the
non-superstitious for these times. They believe moment where they decide what to do with the tree.
themselves superior to most Clans - they are able to It is up to you as a GM to convey this tone and amp
accomplish more with less effort, because they often up the mystery where you can.
benefit off the work of others. While the members
of the Clan are formidable warriors they value their When playing adventures after this one we suggest
own lives over that of dying in the glory of battle. If bringing in events which transpired here. If the
it is obvious they are going to lose in the fight most heroes decide to chop down the tree, maybe they
Raven Clan members would surrender. Likewise, have a particularly unlucky harvest or raid. If they
members of the Clan would never mount an outright decide to take the honey for themselves, it ferments
attack - preferring to lurk in the shadows and take further into an undrinkable mead that makes
down their enemies when they are at their weakest. everyone ill. If they decide to leave the tree perhaps
next time they are in a forest it seems like the local
If you wanted to roll this adventure into a larger plot fauna leaves them alone. No matter what they do -
you can include a few hooks which hint at the Raven try to link it to a seemingly mundane, but mysterious
Clan trying to weaken your Hero’s Clan so they can nevertheless happening. Make the player’s question
take over their territory. Perhaps they were sending whether or not there really were gods in the forest
the drunk beasts out on purpose not just to harvest and whether they are pleased or not with the Heroes
the honey. actions.

If the players meet the witch in the forest she’ll be an

astute judge of their character. Based on the player’s
answers to the questions in this adventure she’ll tell
them something they didn’t know or hadn’t shared
with anyone. The witch, who is simply a wise
hermit, is a great judge of character and attempts
to share embarrassing things about each character
to test them. Some Heroes may see this as a threat
to their honour, but the witch sees it otherwise - an
honourable Hero will pay her goading no mind. If
the Heroes treat her kindly she will help them along
their way and hint to the Raven Clan’s shenanigans.

The Hidden Clan
by Kent Blue
This adventure is for any group of Heroes and can be In a moment of luck someone spotted an island
played as a one shot adventure or fit into an ongoing through the blowing snow. You rowed as hard as
campaign with a few minor changes. It is featured you could to reach the island to ride out the storm.
primarily on a small, wooded island in the North Unfortunately, the large swells hid the band of sharp
Sea. It explores themes of surviving against nature, rocks jutting up from the sea a hundred meters from
bonding with your fellow Clan members under the shore. Your longboat crashed against the rocks
difficult circumstances, and working together to fend and your Clan was tossed into the sea.
off the attacks of an unknown enemy.
Now, many of your Clan cling to pieces of your
Content warnings include, but are not limited to; wrecked longboat. The only hope for your survival is
death, madness, betrayal, death by the elements (eg. to get from the danger of the violent sea to the safety
freezing, drowning, falling). Your group should have of island. But there is danger on the island, hidden in
a discussion about these themes before playing and the trees.
omit any your group does not wish to include.

Opening This adventure takes place at the beginning of winter
The raiding season has been long and difficult, during a growing snowstorm and centers mostly
but quite successful in their returns and even on a small, uncharted island where the Heroes take
more successful in the message it sent to your shelter after their longboat is wrecked against sharp
Clan’s enemies all across the North Sea. With rocks. The island is heavily wooded. On the northern
winter approaching, your Clan is finally ready to end there is a small, but steep mountain rising up
return home. Everyone is talking excitedly of the from the trees. The shore surrounding the island is
extravagant celebration that take place in your great filled mostly with pebbles and rocks. Many natural
mead hall! dangers are present. The raging winter storm is a
major obstacle for much of the adventure. Below
A fortnight into the journey home a winter storm freezing temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snow
began to form on the horizon. At the behest of your will take its toll on the Heroes.
shipwright, you altered your course in hopes of
avoiding the worst of the storm. But the storm grew The Red Hawk Clan have taken up residence on the
quickly and it wasn’t long before your Clan was island after their ship was wrecked during a storm
caught in the howling winds, blowing snow, and the previous winter. The Clan knows the island
rolling waves. intimately and will use that knowledge as they make
coordinated, stealthy attacks against the Heroes’
Clan in an effort to keep their location hidden from
the outside world.
They reside within a cave high up on the mountain. The winter storm will grow stronger as the night
They have hidden within the trees small plots of land progresses. Heavy sheets of snow bring visibility to
where crops are grown and small basins filled with no more than a few meters. Throughout the night,
water. tree branches will crash to the ground under the
weight of the accumulating ice and snow. Winds
howl between the trees and rocks on the island.
Questions Traveling around the island during the height of the
• [Group collaboration] Where is your Clan storm will be difficult for the Heroes and make any
returning from? What were you there to do? Did attempts at tracking the Red Hawks near impossible.
you accomplish your goal?
• [Individual] Name an item you lost when the After a couple hours, the brunt of the storm will
storm wrecked your longboat? Was it vital to begin to pass and a small force of the Red Hawk
your survival? Was it something that meant more Clan will strike again. Should the Heroes wound or
to you on a personal level? How did you first capture one of the Red Hawk Clan, they will remain
come into possession of the item? silent for a bit, but interrogation will yield a few
• [Group collaboration] Where do you think your answers about who the Clan is and how they ended
clan has been shipwrecked? Are the stars above up on the island. The Red Hawk will not reveal any
in the night sky familiar? Can you find your way more than this and will attempt to escape if able or
home from here? succumb to their wounds shortly after questioning.
• [Individual] What skills do you have that will Note: See below for information on the Red Hawk
help you survive the harsh winter conditions in Clan and their motivations
an unfamiliar territory?
• [Group collaboration] How many of your Clan Attempts at tracking the Red Hawk Clan after the
survived the shipwreck and made it to the attack will lead the Heroes to a path winding around
island? How many are in a condition to defend the base of the mountain which will eventually lead
themselves should the need arise? to the wreckage of a longboat. The wreckage has
been pulled few hundred meters from the shore of
the island. Investigations of the longboat will find
Scenes some repairs have been made at some point, but
Cold wind and sea blasts the Heroes from all sides nothing in the recent months. A tattered flag with the
as their makeshift rafts rise and fall with the waves. emblem of a red hawk will let the Heroes know this
It will take a lot of grit, muscle, and quick thinking is the wrecked longboat of the Red Hawk Clan. Any
to keep the Heroes from falling into the sea, but they Viking with experience sailing would know this boat
should make it at least close enough to swim to the would float with just a few minor repairs and some
island if they are tossed. oars.

Shelter should be of immediate concern as they The next few hours will see the storm continuing
emerge from the sea. It will provide a break from the to lose strength. The Red Hawks will not attack the
harsh winter storm and give opportunity for them Heroes during this time. They are busy planning
gather around a warm fire. There are few natural their next big attack at daybreak. The Heroes can use
shelters like overhanging rocks and small caves. Or this time for rest, planning how to leave the island,
the Heroes can construct a shelter from the many or anything else they see fit.
trees on the island. Once the Heroes have found or
made shelter, the first strike from the Red Hawk
Clan will happen. They will strike quickly and
without warning, killing or mortally wounding an
In the early hours of the morning as the winter storm Challenges
dies off completely, eight to ten Red Hawks will • Navigating the crude raft through the band of
mount a larger attack against the Heroes wherever rocks to the island and getting to shore.
they are. This will be a head on assault with the • Finding or building shelter to protect themselves
intention of killing the Heroes. If the Heroes get the from the harsh wintry conditions.
upper hand, any remaining Red Hawks in the fight • Defending against the Red Hawk stealth attacks
will attempt retreat. Should the Heroes capture and throughout the night.
interrogate any of the Red Hawks they will reveal • Ascending the mountain to the Red Hawk cave.
the location of the cave they have made their home • Surviving the final head on attack by the Red
on the island. Hawk Clan.

Regardless if the Heroes are able to gain the location

of the Red Hawks cave from the previous encounter, Hooks
it will be much easier to track the Red Hawk Clan • The Heroes set sail back toward home with the
to it now that the storm has passed. Their cave is surviving members of the Red Hawk Clan. They
located near the top of the mountain in the island. arrive home to find their Clan has been raided
The way there is difficult, but easier to traverse if the while they were away. The members of Red
Heroes are tracking the Red Hawks path or have one Hawk recognize tatters of a flag left behind as
of the Clan as their guide. Even so, there are points from a Clan that once raided them. They offer to
along the track that will require climbing. lead the Heroes to the clan to exact their revenge.
• The Heroes arrive home with the surviving
The remaining 8-10 Red Hawks capable of fighting Red Hawk Clan; mostly children, elders, and
(including Jarl Herleif) are prepared for this final a few wounded warriors. A great celebration is
showdown. If the Heroes don’t track the Clan to the had in the mead hall until the early hours of the
cave, the Red Hawks will initiate the attack against morning. Mead-drunk and tired, the Heroes retire
the Heroes, possibly at their camp or at the wrecked to their beds. During the night, the Red Hawks
Red Hawk longboat if the Heroes are preparing to sneak away. The Heroes wake to find their food
leave the island. Jarl Herleif is a fierce warrior and stores have been ravaged and ruined. The Clan
will do whatever necessary to keep their location on now faces the challenge of oncoming winter with
the island secret. very little food.
• The Heroes Clan returns home with the
After the final encounter, the Heroes will find the surviving members of the Red Hawk Clan
elderly and children of the Red Hawk Clan. If the and are met with displeasure from their own
final encounter occurred in the cave, this group Clan. They now have more mouths to feed and
will be hiding in the back of the cave. If the final not enough homes. The Jarl is weary as these
encounter occurs elsewhere, Jarl Herleif will reveal outsiders who fought against and tried to kill his
their location and beg for the Heroes to take them raiding party are now within his homes. With
into their Clan. At this point, the Heroes will be each passing day, tensions rise within the Clan as
able to leave the island in the repaired Red Hawk food for the winter is rationed out to support the
longboat. unexpected mouths.

The Red Hawk Clan

Led by Jarl Herleif, the Red Hawk Clan lives a
peaceful life on the southern tip of a large island in
the North Sea. Their lifestyle is not one of raiding
and pillaging. The members of the Red Hawk Clan
are mostly farmers, trackers and hunters who choose secret. No one would be allowed to leave the island.
to live off what the land provides for them. There are a few members who were not entirely
happy with staying on the island, but the fear of
There are a few warriors in the Clan, but they are execution keeps them quiet.
not the typical huge brutes with rippling muscles
and large weapons. Red Hawk warriors are small, The Red Hawk Clan found ways to grow crop and
quick, and agile focusing more on defensive combat preserve fish from the sea. They were able to retain
maneuvers to tire out their opponents. enough drinkable water from rain and snow. The
cave was spacious enough for everyone. Everything
After suffering repeated raids against them for years, was good. Until the Heroes washed ashore. The
the Red Hawk Clan’s Jarl, Herleif, made the decision watch raised the alarm and Jarl Herleif was notified.
to leave their home in search of somewhere safer. So The Jarl knew there was no way the location of
the remainder of the Clan (a few dozen men, women, his Clan would remain a secret if the Heroes were
and children) constructed a large longboat and set off allowed to leave the island so he came up with a
in search of a safer home. A violent storm crashed plan. He knew his Clan would be easily outmatched
the ship against the same band of rocks which sunk if they attacked head on, so the Red Hawks would
the Heroes longboat nearly a year later, but the Red have to use stealth.
Hawks vessel fared better and was able to be towed
to shore where they took refuge on the small island.
Other Considerations
Repairs to the longboat began immediately with Group survival situations tend to do one of two
resources being taken from the trees on the island. things: drive apart or bring together. As GM, set
Jarl Herleif wandered the island in the meantime up situations where the Heroes may disagree on a
and found his way to the caves near the top of the solution to a problem. Encourage the roleplay in
mountain. The size of the cave and relative difficulty these situations. Build on the choices the Heroes
to reach it paired with the fact the island was small make and if they agree or disagree. If the adventure
and uncharted amongst Clans known to the him led is being used in an ongoing campaign, there could be
Herleif to call this place home. Further exploration lasting effects.
found the island and surrounding sea had just enough
natural resources to sustain the small Clan. Another thing to consider as the GM is how the
Herleif brought his idea to the rest of the Clan players will approach situations. It is important
and after a very short deliberation, it was decided to remember not all conflicts need to be resolved
the Red Hawks would call this island home. They with violence. For instance, maybe the Heroes can
would use the thick trees to provide cover of their offer the Red Hawks protection or take them into
agricultural efforts to anyone who might pass by their Clan. Maybe some of the Red Hawks want to
the island. They constructed small rafts to use for willingly leave the island and approach the Heroes
fishing during the cover of night. They found ways during the night with a plan to get off the island.
of collecting rain and snow for drinking water. It is
not an easy existence, but the Red Hawks have made While not necessary, this adventure works best when
it work for the past year. the Red Hawk Clan does not make an appearance
right away. In the initial exploration of the island
There were a few members of the Clan who tried while trying to find shelter, the Heroes can see signs
to leave early on. Jarl Herleif (with the support of of someone inhabiting the island; plowed plots of
many other members of the Clan) had the would be land, basins of water, small fishing rafts, etc. The
defectors killed in an effort to keep their location a first attack can happen without the Heroes even
secret from outsiders. The act served as an unspoken knowing and instead have them just discover
decree that the Red Hawk location must be kept one or two of their Clan mates dead.
The Great Winternights Mead Heist
by Dave West
This module may be played by any party, but some The finest mead of all is shared among the entire
story elements assume that the party has been out for Clan on the first night of the festival, and for that
at least one raiding season. It involves adventure, reason especially, this joyous occasion that is just a
investigation, battle, treachery, and mead! It centers few days away is the most eagerly anticipated time
around a rival Clan sending thieves just before the of the entire year!
Winternights (or New Winter) celebration, and the
Clan sending warriors to retake what they have lost. On the morning of the third day prior to the festival’s
It involves at least one NPC companion that may commencement, your party is called to the Great
be used by the GM to convey information, or just Hall to meet with the Jarl. This is curious. Yes, you
to make the story more interesting and fun for the had all availed yourselves well in the summer raids,
players. but you have already been recognized for that! When
you returned just recently, you were all given several
spiffy new arm rings, and the leader of your party
Opening was given a beautiful torc of interwoven strands
The days grow shorter, the air cooler, and soon of gold and silver, a rich reward indeed. Whatever
vetrnætr (Winternights) will be upon the Clan. It is reason the Jarl has for calling you in now, it must
a joyous occasion - as winter approaches, the end of be... interesting.
the raiding season has come and the people celebrate
with a festival lasting days! As you enter, the Jarl orders his herald and personal
guards to leave you alone. He stands up from his fur-
Once the snow begins to fall, the Clan hunkers down covered seat, his ornate mead-horn in his hand. He
until the Spring thaw comes. Until then, they enjoy welcomes you, drinks deeply from the horn, and then
warm fires, eat through their food stores, and drink - lowers it from his lips with a grimace. He swallows
of course - mead! How better to stay warm on cold with an audible gulp and smacks his lips with a
winter nights? sound of distaste. As you all stare at him in confused
curiosity, he slowly turns the horn sideways until
On top of that, your Clan is infamous for its mead- clear liquid comes pouring out of it. Water!
making prowess. Your Clan’s mead maker Maarav, is
renowned for making meads of exceptional quality, Out from behind the Jarl, Maarav the mead-maker
clarity, flavor, and of course strength! This festival steps into view, with furious tears in his eyes, an
is the biggest day of the year for your entire Clan, expression of hardly-contained rage on his face. He
but perhaps most of all for Maarav as he gets to see is a big, strong-looking bald man with an eye patch.
the entire Clan at once enjoying and appreciating his “It’s gone,” the Jarl quietly confides, “all of it. Our
craft. mead is gone. Our beehives, taken or destroyed!”

Maarav stomps his foot and spits out a curse loudly. Setting
The Jarl gestures for him to contain himself and to It is late October, the snows have not yet come.
be quiet. The story begins at your Clan’s settlement as the
people prepare for the multi-day celebration of
You are all aghast! How can this be? How could Winternights, but you will have to travel to reclaim
it have been managed? Your settlement is not that your stolen mead! Your Jarl has chosen your group
large, but your mead stores were disproportionately of warriors because he is confident that you can
vast! Getting the mead out would have been a reclaim what was taken from you and because he
massive undertaking! Besides that, it occurs to all believes you can be discreet. You don’t want to ruin
of you, the festival! It’s ruined! You can’t celebrate Clan morale and cause a panic! The Broken Axes
without mead, and on that note, you won’t get any settlement is a day’s travel over land to the north
mead! It is difficult to think of anything worse The Shattered Shields settlement is a day’s travel
happening. over land to the east.

“We know not who took it, who robbed us, but
there are few Clans that are so capable. It must have Questions
happened only last night, so there is still time!” • Which Clan stole from you, the Shattered
Shields or the Broken Axes?
There is no way they came over water, and only two • Which Hero was most excited about the
Clans could have made the attempt over land... the Winternights celebration?
Broken Axes and the Shattered Shields. • Which Hero has a cousin who married into the
Shattered Shields?
You are tasked with finding out who took the mead, • Which Hero knows the guard on the night watch
and more importantly, bringing it back! What’s who likes to hit the mead a little too hard?
more, the townsfolk must not find out that the mead • Which Hero loves mead the most?
is gone. It would be a massive blow to morale, and • Which Hero is a bit embarrassed to admit that
more than that, would ruin the festival! they don’t really like mead very much?
• (On second thought, maybe none of them ought
“You have three days until the festival. Find the to admit that in front of Maarav, unless you want
mead, and bring it back!” to stage a good argument).

As your party leaves the Jarl’s hall, a voice calls out

after you. Scenes
The story opens with the settlement, full of happy
“Wait, wait! I am coming with you!” says Maarav. Vikings after the recent return of the raiders and
amidst the preparations for Winternights. The party
Ordinarily, he is not much of a warrior, but he comes is summoned to the Jarl’s tent by the Jarl’s herald
carrying an axe and his large metal stirring spoon The meeting with the Jarl outlined in the Opening.
that he had the metalworker make specially for The party may split up or stay together to conduct
mead-making. a brief investigation. The party finds and picks up
the trail! Fights, travel time. Perhaps ambushes.
Maarav is passionate about his mead. You The showdown! At the Clan’s settlement, or still en
understand that there is no discouraging or refusing route (GM’s choice).
him. • If successful, The party’s triumphant return to
the settlement with the mead!
• If unsuccessful, an appropriate ending of
the GMs choice.
Challenges Other Considerations
• Find out which Clan stole the mead! One might think that the loading of a bunch of mead
• Track down the thieves. vats into wagons and their theft would leave an
• Get the mead back! obvious trail; come up with a reason why this may
• Manage Maarav, who might be a bit of a not be so! There is potential meat in the party finding
wildcard given his emotional instability at the out who took it, the seeds for which are planted in
theft of his precious mead. the Questions section.

Feel free to play with the Clan names as needed if

Complications it suits your campaign or your player’s Clan name.
• The terrain may be unforgiving If you have already been dealing with a rival Clan,
• The thieves may have left some warriors waiting feel free to blame them! Or perhaps it was not the
in ambush rival Clan, but your party may suspect them anyway
• Winter may come early - unexpected snowfall! because they already have a history / biases against
• The enemy may choose to hold the mead them!
hostage, threatening to spill it onto the ground if
the battle doesn’t go their way Maarav may be useful for answering questions the
• The party may encounter hostile wildlife; party might ask that none of them should know the
wolves, bears, other beasts perhaps. answer to. Try not to have him know the answers
• Maarav may let his emotions get the best of him to things he wouldn’t know given his position and
and do something rash at the wrong moment. experience. For example, Maarav should not be
giving tactical advice, but he might know some
things about the area, the rival Clan, and obviously
Hooks about mead that the party does not know.
• War can be declared between the Clans!
• The party may fail to recover the mead, in which There is a lot of potential humor, here. I mean,
case, revenge may be in order. Maarav is going to fight people with a giant mead
• Perhaps it’s not enough for the party to recover spoon!
the stolen mead, maybe they want to steal
something from the enemy! It is recommended, being that all players are of
• Odin forbid, what if Maarav dies? The Clan will appropriate age and responsibility, that mead be
need to find a replacement for him. consumed during this campaign. Have fun!
• Perhaps the party will discover that the enemy
Clan had some help on the inside - betrayal
amongst their own Clan? That’s worth following

The Skald’s Last Song
by Jonaya Kemper
This is for any Heroes who have a Skald, and have Several Jarls have sent their best Heroes, and after
completed a battle, journey, or great discovery, and your accomplishments you too have been sent to
is centered on the Midwinter celebration. It features this deeply honourable occasion. Upon arrival, you
high drama, investigation, storytelling, betrayal and hear rumours that Ingrid only took ill a month ago
brawling. after the White Raven clan came back from a long
expedition and presented her a gift of a new golden
harp. She was known to collect strange tales from
Opening those that went to new lands, and the Raven’s skald
Tell the true story and become a legend. spent many nights chatting with her. It was only after
Queen Ingrid announced a new epic of the White
Everyone knows the name of Warrior Queen Ingrid Raven Clan, that she began to show signs of illness.
Sivsdottir, one of the finest skalds to ever live. Her Incidentally, the White Raven’s skald was killed
tales of adventure, honour, love, and the gods have last week in a dispute over a dice game. Their new
enthralled many kingdoms for well over thirty years Skald, Torhild is known as one of the finest in the
and carved her a placed as King Troels beloved wife. Kingdom.
Due to her skill, his battles were enshrined in history
and gaining her favour has always been crucial for You suspect that this is no mere coincidence. The
any warrior hoping to earn infamy. White Raven Clan are tricksters and mortal enemies
who have always sought greater glory. It is up to you
Now, it is said that the once mighty Skald is on her Heroes to uncover the truth, gain glory, and tell one
deathbed and ready to sing her last song, which is of the greatest stories as yet untold.
a surprise to many since she had been up until very
recently in excellent health. Midwinter is supposed
to be a time for celebration, and so the King has Setting
invited all the Jarls to send to him their best Heroes This takes place in the King’s domain during
to regale the halls with stories and chase back the Midwinter but is also adjustable for the Midsummer.
sadness that is his wife’s decline. The King has It is centered on the illness of a prominent member
declared that whoever is able to lift the spirits of his of society, during a raucous occasion. Your Jarl is
wife the most, will receive a new and mighty long counting on you to gain honour and infamy for your
boat, a chest of gold, and a map to a new raiding Clan and is confident that you’ll secure the prize.
land. The competition will occur on the last night of You know that Ingrid’s illness is not natural, and if
the three-day Midwinter celebration. you can’t seek to cure it, you will expose its cause
to the entire Kingdom. The White Ravens are sworn
enemies to your Clan. Clever, ruthless, and greedy
for recognition you know they would do anything to
grab power of avoid being dishonoured.
You are on good terms with several of the warriors Into the Woods: A Hunt for Truth... and Venison.
trusted and loyal to the King: Arvid, Helga, Ylva, After yesterday’s feast some of the Heroes are
and Eirik. You’ve sailed with them, and they trust invited along to hunt venison by a few of the
you. They may know more than you. Both of the warriors loyal to the King. Heroes hear once more a
King’s twin children Britta and Bjørn are rumored to few of the stories that are being talked about when
be missing at sea, and foul play has been suggested. concerning the Queen’s illness. They confide that the
King is unwilling to name it suspicious because he is
waiting for his children to come home from raiding.
Questions As they Hunt they come across a White Stag... an
• Which of the Heroes is a known Skald who will omen. However, they’re not alone in the woods...
sing/speak your epic? The Heroes can use this time to question their allies,
• Who is familiar with Torhild, the White Raven’s plan, and hunt both animals and potential spies.
new Skald?
• Which of the Heroes overheard about the White Second Feast: The Night Mothers. In the Feasting
Raven’s potential deception? Hall several of the Eddas are told about Yule. The
• Which Clans are you most excited to see again? white Ravens tell a story about Night Mothers,
• Which of the Heroes is on the best terms with and the passing of the darkness to give birth to the
the King? Your Jarl? light It leaves the King unsettled and he calls for
• Which of the Heroes is unhappy about heading more stories, games and jests. Here the Heroes can
to the fest? challenge the White Ravens with their own stories
• Which of the Heroes is considered an excellent from Hunting, and what was found in the woods, or
Hunter and Tracker? wrestle and prove their might amongst the Clans,
while other Heroes seek out more clues to the White
Raven’s deception. Tensions run high, and several
Scenes fights break out. Animosity is made clear between
The First Feast: A Toast to the gods occurs on the the Heroes, White Ravens, and those Loyal to the
first night, all the Clans come together under the King.
King’s eye, and Ingrid, looks on. The White Raven
Clan is cocky about their prowess in both battle and The Last Feast: Sacrifices Great and Small.
entertainment and challenge several others to dice, It is the end of the three-day festival and all your
cards, and wrestling before a grand toast to the gods. investigation has led to reveals. You know how and
Everything seems merry, but a deep sense of distrust why the White Ravens have poisoned Queen Ingrid,
underlines everything. Rumours are everywhere. A and you have the power to reveal it... but should
Hero hears a drunken rumour about Ingrid’s illness, you? You know that after the sacrifice and dedication
and another hears that their twin children may have to the gods, and after Queen Ingrid’s poem, that her
been captured at sea. A third may hear that the death contest will begin. Do you let the White Raven’s
of the White Raven’s Skald had little to do with dice. deception go undetected until the very end? Does
The Heroes could choose to split their efforts and your skald tell an epic tale of good versus evil and
talk to Ingrid, play with the White Ravens, or simply reveal the treachery? Either way at the end of the
engage in feasting and investigating. stories, or after the Heroes reveal, the White Raven’s
make a move to kill the King and seize the Hall. The
Heroes must choose whether to stand and fight, and
potentially die or sail for the last known whereabouts
of King Troel’s children.

Challenges • While Fighting during the last feast Britta and
• Figure out how and why the White Raven’s Bjørn return from battle, now instead of fighting
poisoned Queen Ingrid. for your lives, you try to stop the White Raven’s
• Investigate how it is connected to the from escaping.
disappearance of King Troels’ heirs. • If the Heroes escape from the Hall, Queen Ingrid
• Convince the King’s warriors to tell you their gives them a map that may lead to Britta and
secrets. Bjørn’s whereabouts.
• Convince the Queen Ingrid to tell you what she • If the Heroes try to escape the doors to the Great
discussed with the White Raven’s former Skald. Hall are locked. They’ll have to find another
• Contest: Storytelling vs. a Skald from another way.
• Contest: Feats of combat vs. a Warrior of another
Clan (Suggested Approach: Any Combat). Hooks
• Contest: Feats of Strength vs. a Warrior of • The prize was stolen after the deception is
another Clan (Suggested Approach: Athletics). revealed and must be recovered.
• Overcome the White Raven’s treachery in a • There is a medicine that can reverse the damage
covert manner. and must be found.
• Montague Scenes of the First Feast and the • The King is slain and you must find Britta and
merriment that ensues before suspicion starts to Bjørn so they may reclaim their birthright.
grow. • The King is slain and you must protect the
• Montague Scene of hunting and winter traditions children of Britta as they are the true heirs.
in the forests around the settlement.
• Montague Scene of how the Heroes deal with the
brawl that ensues after the Storytelling contest. Other Considerations
Make sure to keep an air of mystery and subterfuge
about the gathering. Midwinter is a time for laughter
Complications and frivolity, and this mood and feeling should
• The White Raven’s may have brought their be stretched and paced so that the seeds of doubt,
entire Clan of warriors who wait at their signal to intrigue and finally the truth can come out. Pick two
take the Kingdom. truths about Queen Ingrid’s illness, and then allow
• The Queen reveals that the White Raven’s didn’t Heroes to discover what they thought was false.
poison her, her son poisoned her accidentally and Use their allies in the King’s camp to give them
fled the Kingdom under the premise of raiding. solid information, and the other Clans to give them
His sister is in pursuit. rumours that could lead them elsewhere.
• The Heroes find out at the second feast that the
White Raven’s Old Skald confessed the Clan This adventure involves lots of social activity
murdered Britta and Bjørn, and the Queen was and telling of tales, things actual Vikings revered.
set to reveal this and have the Clan sacrificed to Encourage Heroes to think of themselves as epic and
Freya on Midwinter. remind them that many of their journeys and quests
• During the Third Feast, the White Raven’s blame can be embellished and retold for great effect to
the illness on your Clan. garner more respect and honour for your Clan. Give
• While Hunting, a member of the White Raven’s them audiences with King Troels and Queen Ingrid
wounds the King’s most loyal warrior. Do you if they make an effort to entrance a hall or entertain
give chase or give aid? with anecdotes.

Any Clan can be substituted for the White Ravens. If you have players who wish to fight more, add
The point is to have a cunning adversary that more contests to feasts, and encourage a fight
you can continue to develop a relationship to or or skirmish during Hunting. Adding more secret
completely wipe out depending on how you’d like enemies to the forest is possible and will allow for
to play, and to be the one Clan who is out to ruin the a balance when you have Heroes who would like
whole Kingdom. The purpose of this adventure is to do lots of fighting and less intrigue. It’s possible
to give Heroes a sense of how much honour, loyalty to scale the size of the White Raven’s up or down
and tradition means in their world. This is a chance depending on the required feel of the play. If you
to raise your axes, but also tell their story. The way want more struggle, provide them and paint them as
they deal with the White Ravens, the Queen’s illness, mostly warriors who just so happen to have one of
and the disappearance of the heirs are all based the greatest Skald’s in the land.
around what they believe is best for not just their
Clan, but all of society. Allow players to create alliances with other Clans,
and fully explore and create the world around them.
Allow the King’s loyal Warriors to come from each
Clan they name and befriend, thereby furthering
their ties to the Kingdom as a whole, rather than just
your particular Clan.

Wolves at the Gate
by Benedict Hewetson
This adventure is for brand new Heroes or can be murmur of the wind through the trees people began
a staging for a new adventure for existing Heroes. to whisper and ponder. Yule is almost upon you and
The adventure relies on Heroes having ties to their all visitors to the village have stopped, your Jarl
current Clan and village. A Party should have assures everyone that nothing is wrong and that they
narrative bonds, created either during the previous should continue to prepare for the feasting.
adventures or perhaps through Character creation.
The first part is based in the home village of the Clan Info for the GM:
and will later lead into the surrounding area. Players Years ago when the Jarl first took power, an enemy
will explore loyalty and honour, trust and truth, as Clan attemped to destroy your people by attacking in
well as investigation and deduction. the heart of Winter. On the night before Yule a man
dressed in the coat of a wolf came to them in the
night and warned them of the attack. The settlement
Opening was not ready for the attack and the Jarl feared for
The only good thing about this time of year is the their people. The man was Haven chieftain of the
preparation for Yule (Midwinter). The summer raids Night Wolves. A Clan only believed to be a story
have long ended and the deep cold has set in. Around told to children. Haven offered to eliminate the
you all is white and washed with the soft light of a attackers but the price was one son of the Clan for
meager sun and the howl of the wolves cuts through any man lost of his own. The Jarl accepted and
the nights as they come south seeking food. immediately started planning to betray the Night
Wolves, attacking them as they found victory against
As Yule draws closer the village fills with life; the enemy.
travellers and merchants come to hawk their wares
bringing with them strange foods and stranger On the 12th night of Yule the enemy came and the
clothes, along with the heavily armed mercenaries Wolves fell upon them. Once victory was clear the
who guard them on the road. The streets are filled Jarl lead forth your own warriors to defeat the Night
with the buzz of people preparing the village for Wolves. Haven is cunning and was prepared for
the 12 days of feasting and drinking. As always, the deception and quickly retreated to the forest with
wolves join in the drinking songs that ring forth from his warriors vowing to return for what was owed
the hall. him and throwing his Axe at the Jarl who was hit
but survived. No one from the Clan remembers what
But this year the wolves are silent. happened but they all remember that the forest was
Silent that Yule too.
‘Sigurd’ the woodsman was the first to notice and
at first no one thought it strange but after a week of Only three people knew of the deal with the Night
still nights whose silence was only broken by the Wolves; The Jarl, The Greatest Warrior in the
settlement, and the Seer/Elder.
Years have passed and the Night Wolves have not Scenes
returned and the settlement celebrates the Jarls See Yule tomorrow: The winter is at its deepest and
victory against their enemies every Yule. The danger the new day will bring the first day of Yule and the
has faded and even the Jarl has started to believe that great offering to the gods to thank them for their
perhaps Haven and his pack were truly just a fairy protection and provision. A hard morning has left
Tale. the Heroes with an afternoon free of chores and jobs
and the pall of dread that has been hanging over the
Haven wants warriors not Plunder. Haven will take village since the wolves went silent is starting to
the Jarls life if he has the chance. Haven respects lift in the light of a clear, bright, winter’s day. This
Honour, Bravery, and loyalty. If the Heroes decide to is a time when the Heroes can explore their own
offer themselves as a sacrifice to Haven he will take curiosity about the wolves. Leaving the settlement
them into his Clan. The Night Wolves are a nomadic can be as hard as you like. The wild is dangerous.
Clan that lives in the forests in the north. They have
tamed some wolves and wear their skins to inspire Yule love it: The first morning of Yule brings a
fear that they are wolfmen. sacrifice to the gods and a great feast. There is
music and games and before long the thoughts of the
wolves is lost in songs and poems and mead. The
Setting Heroes should take part in these events, establishing
Set in the week approaching Midwinter and the 12 or reestablishing bonds within the Clan between the
days following. Centred on the settlement and the Heroes and others.
surrounding area; mainly forested. The silence of
the wolves has put the settlement on edge. Some The First night of Yule the wolfmen brought to me:
merchants have come to your settlement but none The village is mid feast on the first Night of Yule
since the wolves went quiet. when shouts are heard from the settlements gate.
Fire is a grave danger to the settlement, especially
in winter, so all the Clan are turning out and there is
Questions tension in the air.
• Which of the Heroes has heard stories of the
Silent Wolves before? What do they remember? The Heroes should join anyone rushing to see what
• Which of the Heroes loves Yule and is still trying is happening. Upon arriving at the gate the Heroes
to bolster everyone’s festive spirit? see the following. A large fire has been built and is
• Which of the Heroes has a brother who is part of roaring just outside the main gate of the settlement.
the Jarls’ guard? The gate is open. At least 6 figures stand in the space
• Which of the Heroes is afraid of the dark? What between the fire and the settlement. Each one is
do they carry with them to help ward of the evil hunched over and silhouetted against the fire. After
spirits that dwell there? a time a single wolf’s howl is heard ringing through
• Which of the Heroes is looking for romance the forest and the 6 figures disappear into the
and sees Yule as a chance to pursue their crush? shadows. Your Jarl stares at the gate not moving.
What are their plans?
• Which Hero is an outsider who was rescued An elder or seer, if one is already established, should
from the wild and raised in the settlement as one come to the party and say ‘The time is up. The debt
of the Clans own? is to be repaid’.
• Which of the Heroes Lost a parent to the Clan
whose defeat is celebrated every Yule.

There is not much for the Heroes to achieve here but The Seer - The seer is most free with information
may try talking to some people or getting a closer but only knows that Haven saved the Clan but does
look at things. The Jarl won’t let anyone leave and not know the price. They should heighten the Heroes
everyone is on high alert so sneaking should be suspicions that something is being hidden.
The Old Wolf - If the Heroes wish to brave the
The Heroes may choose to speak to people of the wild, the Jarls wrath, and the Night Wolves’ claws
event or investigate the area. Most people will be then the may try and speak to Haven. He should be
confused and disturbed by the encounter. camped near the settlement but not close enough to
Investigation of the figures will reveal that they be seen. Sneaking in should be very difficult. Unless
appear to be wolfmen. Investigation of the fire the Heroes attack any of the Night Wolves then they
should reveal that there is no real danger to the should be captured rather than killed, unless you
village and that the fire will burn out without harm. wish to make the Night Wolves more malicious.
An axe is imbedded in the gate of the settlement. It
is an icon of the Night Wolves (Can be any weapon If the Heroes pursue Haven then he will tell them the
or symbol if this works better with an existing or whole story.
future planned narrative).
The losses to Haven were Twice the number of
Yule never see it coming: The second morning Heroes. He tells the Heroes out of respect for their
of Yule is clear and bright but the mood in the bravery that they can return safely to their settlement
settlement is dark. The events of the night before and tells them that they will return for the blood
hang over the people like a cloud. Most people go price on the last day of Yule. Haven is an honourable
about their work looking over their shoulders back to man who values his men and living by a code of
the gate while some few are still trying to bolster the Justice, however He is out for blood and will kill the
Yule spirit with games and challenges. The Heroes Jarl and enslave the Clan if nothing is done to stop
will use this time to try and find more information him.
about what is happening.

The key people to try and discover information from: Challenges

• Finding out the stories of the battle of Yule years
The Jarl - While in a dark distracted mood the Jarl ago.
has always been welcoming to anyone in their Clan • Connecting the silence of the wolves to the
who wish an audience. Today their current mood approaching of an enemy.
would make them secretive and dismissive but may • Sneak out of the settlement to explore the forest.
be provoked to anger. The Jarl should have the Axe • Compete in games or challenges with other Clan
with them. mates.
• Confront the Jarl (Suggest that if provoked they
The Warrior - The leader of the Warriors of the Clan; may let something slip).
this figure should not give away any information but • Confront The Warrior.
cause the Heroes to feel they are hiding something. • Confront The Seer.
In his house is the Axe that was thrown at the Jarl • Montague of the Heroes attempting to find
and if pressed with this evidence he should reveal Haven.
the story. • Confront Haven.
• Montague of the attack of the Night Wolves on
the 12th night of Yule.
• Montague of the Heroes betraying the Jarl and
letting the Wolves into the settlement.
Complications Other Considerations
• The Night Wolves may attack early. It is important that the Heroes feel invested in their
• After finding out their Jarls betrayal the Heroes settlement before the Night Wolves arrive. If needed
may have to go with him to attack the Night the timing should be changed to give the Heroes
Wolves. time to have fun and pursue the relationships with
• While exploring the forest the Heroes encounter their Clan mates.
real wolves.
• Haven may kidnap the Heroes instead of freeing The ending to this is open and up to the party about
them. who they will villainize. Haven is honourable and
has a code that he sticks to while living a brutal
existence outside of tradition. The Jarl holds on
Hooks to the traditions of Viking life but has lied and
• If the Jarl is killed then who will take their deceived, however they did this to defend the Clan
place? and protect them.
• The Jarl is a betrayer and if they survive, what is
to be done about it.? The purpose of this adventure is to put the Heroes
• The Heroes may wish to escape from the Night in a position where they must decide who is in the
Wolves and return home. wrong and stand up for what they believe or let fate
• The Night Wolves may force the Heroes to take run its course.
part in an initiation ritual.

Midwinter Outpost Blues
by Jonathan Gilmour and Ian Moss
This adventure is meant to be a lighthearted and and claim an outpost that has been abandoned to the
comedic take on Viking culture. Inspired by Erik the north. His bodyguards escort you to your ship with
Viking, Norsemen, and other ridiculous stories! your belongings and the Jarl informs the Clan that
you bravely volunteered for this noble quest. He
also sends his larger bodyguard Lief with you, for
Opening protection.
The gods have given you a blessed Midsummer and
as it comes to a close, your Clan is as prosperous
as it’s ever been. Preparations for New Winter are Setting
underway long before the first chill sets into your Begin with the conclusion of their journey to the
bones. Your homes and camps are warmed by large new Outpost. It’s a shell of your settlement, with
fires as the first snow falls on your settlement. Along only a couple of storm-damaged buildings and a
with the snow arrives an envoy from the King. At handful of half-collapsed tents. The journey was
first, you believe it to be only a messenger, but you long and arduous, so you may wish to have them
soon recognize a messenger wouldn’t have brought begin with setting a fire and resting before getting to
that number of bodyguards or that many supplies. explore their new surroundings.
Soon your fears are realized as the Jarl gathers
everyone in the main halls. Your Jarl announces that Once they have gotten settled, the bodyguard Lief
they are greatly honoured to become the leader of announces the Jarl has left a series of tasks for your
another settlement to the west. The new Jarl for your group to keep you busy for the Winter. He keeps the
settlement will be the King’s son (by way of the list in a leather book that he won’t let anyone see.
King’s recent marriage to the boy’s mother), Karl. Anytime the Heroes convince him they have finished
a list item, he will tell them to start on the next one.
Within days, Karl has proven unfit to be a Jarl
and has placed everyone in danger on multiple Send the players through at least 3 of these (or until
occasions. The first day, he sent a ship full of they bring up talks of being fed up with Lief’s list):
warriors out into the frosty seas to go pillage an
outpost that was “not very hospitable” when he • Hunt the rabbits in the area to extinction.
had asked them for directions here. Next, he had • Pillage the market for as many varieties of
eliminated almost an entire month worth of supplies berries as possible.
and food for a celebratory feast in his honour. The • Construct a large sign to ward off other Clans.
longer he remains, the more jeopardy he places • Deliver a plentiful bounty and broker peace with
your Clan in. Before you can confront the Jarl on the Blood Serpents Clan to the west of your
his failures, he takes your group aside in a private Outpost.
meeting and explains that you are to venture forth • Melt all of the Outpost’s weapons to construct a
statue to Odin.
Add anything else you think is humiliating if they food in exchange for weapons and armour. He was
wish to keep going on the list. Once the Heroes are the blacksmith for the previous Clan, but for some
fed up with the list, they will begin to see options reason, he is still here after they left. Do the Heroes
of what to do next. Venturing into winter storms is approach him and trust his stories, or do they treat
almost impossible, so if they choose to go back to him with suspicion and aggression?
their Settlement or find their old Jarl they should
take time to be prepared. After a letter was sent to Karl about the progress,
more of his bodyguards and a couple of your Clan
Questions members arrive at the Outpost. They inquire about
• Who among you secretly thinks they’ve seen a the list and how many items have been completed.
Frost Giant? When? What is their purpose here? Just to humiliate the
• Who took something from Karl’s hut before you Heroes, or could it be something else?
left for the outpost? What was it?
• Which one of you has an artifact of great power? Lief’s list will never end and the Heroes can tell
What do the legends say that it does? that he is just trying to keep you here and out of Jarl
• Your former Jarl needs information that you Karl’s way. As Midwinter stretches on, the group
have, what is it? has to decide how to handle the Jarl’s bodyguard and
• One of you has a relationship with the former where to go after they do.
Jarl, what is it? Is it positive or negative?
• Which of you witnessed Lief’s secret hobby? The Heroes decide to leave the Outpost. A heavy
What is it? storm rolls in as the Heroes venture across the seas
to their destination. The night will be long and all
Heroes will need to lend a hand if they wish to see
Scenes the sunrise with their heads above water.
After you bring the ship to land, the Heroes first task
is to get the outpost in order. It’s in an overall state After weeks of searching the southern shores
of disrepair as it appears it hasn’t had a Clan here in for signs of your former Jarl’s new Clan, you
years. They could repair the existing structures, or land upon an island that seems untouched by the
burn them all down and build new ones. devastating winter storms. You see dozens of people
participating in what looks like a fall festival. They
Hunting white rabbits in the white snow is a welcome you to their Clan, the Dancing Foxes, home
mindless task and as your fingers begin to freeze to island. You find your former Jarl at the head of the
your weapons, you must use all your hunting skills festivities, laughing and dancing along with the other
to kill enough of the creatures so you may claim they Clan members. When they see you, your former Jarl
have become extinct. tries to pretend they weren’t just having the time of
their life. Can the Heroes convince your former Jarl
The North Market is a two-hour trek in good to leave paradise and help save your Clan?
weather, but since it is Midwinter the trip takes you
the better part of a day. When the Heroes arrive they When you return to your Settlement, instead of a
see a dozen small stalls situated in a semi circle welcome party you see goats. Hundreds of goats.
facing the path running through the clearing. Only Moving along with the goats are a couple members
a handful of shops have anything besides snow in of your Clan. Talking with them you find out
them and the purveyors all watch you expectedly as that Karl has sold out your Clan to a larger, less
you approach. threatening Clan: Loki’s Goats. Your Heroes are
outnumbered (not just by sheep), but they don’t look
While exploring the outskirts of the Outpost hunting, too tough. How do you Heroes free their
the Heroes come across the hermit Ulfar asking for friends and reclaim their Clan?
Challenges Hooks
• Search the broken down outpost for signs of • The mystery of who the former Clan of this
what fate came for the previous Clan. outpost. Clues are spread throughout the land as
• Montage of hunting the local rabbit population to to who the Red Dragons were, but no one seems
“extinction.” to know (or at least no one is talking) about why
• Midwinter storms have lashed out and are worse they are no longer around.
than previous winters. Ready the outpost for the • The Heroes deal with Jarl Karl’s ridiculous
heavy storms. demands and mismanagement. Continue to give
• Warrior from the Blood Serpents Clan challenges the Heroes ridiculous tasks from his ‘list’ as
you to open combat. long as they will do them. If they investigate the
• Montage of searching the southern ridge for list, they find that it only has a single sentence
signs of your former Jarl. written in Karl’s script handwriting: “Do not
• Battle with Loki’s Goats Clan for the freedom of allow them to return to this settlement.”
your Clan members. • The neighboring Clan to your Outpost, Blood
Serpents, are generally unaware of your presence
but will slowly start hearing stories about the
Complications new Clan that is occupying their former enemies
• Lief sends one of your workers off with a secret land.
note to Jarl Karl. Karl will not look kindly upon • The Heroes find their former Jarl having the time
what it says about the Heroes. of their life with their new Clan, the Dancing
• Lief has orders from Karl to make sure they Foxes.
don’t return to the Settlement. If the players • If the Heroes return to their Clan’s settlement,
choose to venture back out, what will Lief do to they will find that the Jarl has made
prevent them from leaving? arrangements with a neighboring Clan “Loki’s
• Ulfar the Blacksmith makes fine weapons Goats” and turned the warriors, workers, and
but doesn’t enjoy a new Clan taking over that villagers into goat farmers for their Clan in
Outpost. Or maybe he just doesn’t like people exchange for a seat of power among them.
stealing his rabbits. He’s odd, that one.
• Midwinter rages on and is preventing the Heroes
from seeing anything beyond the shores. What Other Considerations
lies just outside of their view? This module is supposed to be a strange and
• The Clan is blamed for a recent North Market ridiculous adventure for your Heroes. Imagine a
raid, and while they claim innocence, the Blood Monty Python world populated by Vikings. The
Serpents Clan is sent to administer their own best way to engage your Heroes in the story is to
verdict. make every person they encounter an interesting
and wonderfully weird character. Lief is slow and
straight forward, but he has a bit of menace when he
speaks. Ulfar is odd and his years spent alone have
left a mark on the way he interacts with your Heroes.
Every new character you introduce should feel like
they fit in, whether they be too serious about silly
things or too silly for a serious situation. Most of all,
let the Heroes have fun exploring this new Outpost
if they wish. They don’t have to run off and return
to fight Karl immediately and they may just wish to
spend all Midwinter rebuilding the outpost.
by Meghan Dornbrock
This adventure is for any Heroes, and is suitable for Setting
players of all ages. Younger Heroes and younger It will take place during the midsummer celebration.
players are encouraged, as this adventure features You are visiting the stronghold of the Grey Wolf
mystery, exploration, and cunning without violence, Clan, most likely setting up a camp on their
and can be played in the tone of your favourite kid outskirts. The festival carries on for a week. Most
detective series. If you’re playing with seasoned warriors from your Clan and theirs will be away
adult characters, this could instead be played as a raiding, but the Jarls have stayed behind to broker
flashback to an adventure in their youth. this peace. It’s intended to be played by younger
Heroes, and could be set as a flashback adventure,
but seasoned Heroes can play as well.
It is the height of the midsummer celebrations and
though many of the greatest warriors are away on Questions
raids the usual festivities are proceeding in earnest. • Which Hero had a relative who told tales about
The neighboring Clan, the Grey Wolf Clan, have the Wolf’s Tooth Axe and what do they think of
extended invitations to your Jarl and any who remain it?
in your stronghold to join them to celebrate not • Which Hero has had a positive encounter with a
only the season, but your newly forged alliance and member of the Grey Wolf Clan? Why, and who
friendship. A week of revelry awaits you with your are they?
new comrades, and you may be eager to witness • Which Hero has had an unfortunate encounter
their prowess at the various festival sports. with someone from the Grey Wolf Clan and who
are they avoiding because of it?
In fact, you may be most eager to witness the Jarl • Which Hero is excited to participate in the
themself as they wield their fabled Wolf’s Tooth festival and what do they look forward to doing?
Axe. Stories of this axe date back further than even • Which Hero believes the most in curses and
the elders in your clan can remember, as it has magic?
passed from Jarl to Jarl within the Grey Wolf Clan,
felling enemies and game, splitting timber for the
finest boats, and giving rise to more than one song Scenes
in its honour. Surely this will be a celebration to Setting Up Camp on the outskirts of the Grey
remember! Wolf stronghold happens a day or so before the
celebrations start. Heroes may spend time helping
their Clan and getting a read on how they feel about
the event, as well as mingling among the Grey
Wolf Clan and getting to know their hosts better.
Not everyone is feeling joyful, and whether it’s
because of the festival, the alliance, or something
else entirely is up to the heroes to discover. The before the festival.
Games Begin and offer a myriad of contests that the • An unknown soothsayer from a far northern
Heroes may choose to participate in. The closing of Clan has been staying with Clan Grey Wolf for
the day and the ushering in of the night’s feast sees three weeks now. They will encourage the curse
the first test of Wolf’s Tooth. The Jarls and some theory.
of the other warriors show off their axe-throwing • The Jarl of Grey Wolf, or your own Jarl, may
skills with a nice amount of spectacle until the express some doubt in their alliance.
unthinkable happens - Wolf’s Tooth shatters into • One of the people in your Clan may have a
pieces. The Grey Wolf Jarl is convinced someone relation from Grey Wolf.
has cursed them - it’s the only explanation, and a • Wolf’s Tooth was recently tended to by the
local soothsayer can back them up - and everyone blacksmith whose brother did not return from
is under suspicion, especially the visiting Clan. The last year’s raid.
Heroes may assist their Jarl in convincing them to • Extremely convincing replicas of Wolf’s Tooth
be reasonable about getting to the bottom of this are found.

A Meeting of Justice is scheduled for three days Hooks

later. The Heroes may use the time in-between • The Jarl of Grey Wolf has tokens from your rival
sussing out the true cause of the shattering of Clan tucked away in the mead hall.
Wolf’s Tooth, or else their Clan will have to choose • Some of your clansmen may have snuck off in
a warrior to fight for their innocence. Finding the the night after setting up camp.
truth may preserve the friendship between the Clans, • If you present a suspect from your own Clan,
although the Heroes may choose simply to fight it Grey Wolf may become an enemy.
out. • If you present a suspect from Grey Wolf, the Jarl
may choose to not believe you and become an
• Keep the attitudes of your surlier clanmates in
check during the festivities. Other Considerations
• Calm down the Grey Wolf Jarl so they allow an While the Jarl of Grey Wolf certainly wasn’t cursed,
answer to be found. there’s no shortage of potential suspects between
• Find the most likely saboteur with motive, your two Clans. Keep your Heroes wondering with
means, and opportunity. every interaction and see where they take it. You
• Handle anyone reacting wildly to the possibility may choose to designate a culprit - the blacksmith,
of curses being thrown around. the soothsayer, the Jarl themself - or allow your
• Potential: fight the Grey Wolf champion for your Heroes to draw their own conclusions. Combat
Clan’s innocence. should be a last resort, but it could also be the only
• Potential: make your case to the Grey Wolf Jarl option that keeps Grey Wolf friendly.
and accept their verdict.
• Festival: contest of strength vs the other Clan. The Heroes have three days to gather clues and
• Festival: contest of agility vs the other Clan. evidence. They should be encouraged to use all their
• Festival: contest of combat vs the other Clan. skills to interrogate and observe - everyone will be
talking about the incident, not just to the Heroes - so
set up opportunities for them to suspect everyone.
Complications They could even suspect each other.
• Someone saw (or claims to have seen) any
number of the Heroes near Wolf’s Tooth the day
by Emily Care Boss
An adventure for any Heroes. It takes place on Your band of Heroes has arrived in the court of
a journey across land and sea to consummate an Angarr laden with gifts. Strong spears and sharp
alliance, but treachery, honour and true love get in swords for your new allies, as well as valuable
the way. The Heroes will need courage, battle skill, pottery and wine from southern lands. But the
seacraft and diplomacy to win through. court you enter is in an uproar, and your welcome
is marred by the wrath of Angarr. Agata comes to
you with an offer. Out of deference to the hope for
Opening peace for her people, she will travel south to your
The gods have smiled upon your Clan. An alliance, court. But she has a bargain of her own in mind.
long negotiated, is about to be sealed with a She offers ancient, intricate and priceless gold
marriage. It is with the Two Wolf Clan, who are rich and amber adornments, part of her heritage and an
in elk they hunt on the craggy mountains of their inheritance of her line. These she will give in place
home. The agreement would bring much needed of her bride price. And she will pledge her sword
meat and pelts to your people. The crafty Jarl of Two arm in service of your Jarl in return for her freedom.
Wolf clan, Angarr, has found a way to make this She is willing to give her life to create the alliance,
deal while taking care of another troubling problem. but on her own terms. Able to make no promises
A long simmering conflict with neighboring Clan as to your Jarl’s acceptance of this offer, the group
Fjoldr has recently boiled over into an escalating agrees to accompany Agata and several warriors
exchange of raids and counter raids. At the heart of who travel with her out of loyalty. The Heroes have
it, leading daring raids and humiliating ambushes varying feelings about the likelihood or rightness of
against the Fjoldr, is Angarr’s oldest daughter, Agata, her request being granted but have made an oath to
a fearsome warrior. Fjoldr have called for her blood. return her safely to their home.
A convenient marriage to a distant Clan is hoped
to reduce tensions in their land, while cementing a Before you can bring this problem to your Jarl,
lucrative new relationship between trading partners. you must first pass the territory of the Fjoldr, who
have some different ideas about whether their hated
There’s just one problem with this. Agata refuses enemy can disappear so easily. You will travel
to be shunted away, and has the force of arms, and through dangerous waters once more, hoping to use
loyalty of her troops, to make a claim to stay. Angarr your experience to travel more safely, but facing
begins to fear for his seat. difficult terrain and terrible weather. Through a long
journey you will learn more about Agata, her plight
and her mettle, and make choices about how and if
you will support her when you reach your home.

Setting safe waters again. Two ships lay in wait and to
The journey home would take place during a part board and capture the Heroes. Their target is Agata,
of the year when travel by sea is possible from the but they will capture others of the party if they are
far north where Two Wolf Clan lives, likely not in unable to take her. Their ships are hidden along a
winter. The adventure takes place over the course sudden bend of the coastline, near a place on land
of the journey home from Two Wolf Clan’s land far with clear water and good hunting commonly used
to the north. Bringing back Agata to your Clan is by travellers for re-supply. They take the ship as
a matter of honour and survival, since the alliance payment for her crimes against them, and they
will bring needed trade. Members of the Fjoldr Clan attempt to catch members of the party for ransom.
hold a grudge against Agata and will take action to But the Fjoldr fight over whether it would be worth
capture or possibly even kill her. the blood price they would incur to kill Agata who
has cost them so much in her raids. Your group
has an opportunity to escape and take it, either
Questions by fighting your way out or finding a way to gain
• Which of the Heroes has formed a deep sympathy of Fjoldr who also hope for peace between
emotional bond with Agata during their stay? the Clans.
• Who saved everyone on the way to Two Wolf
Clan’s land? How? Escaping into the icy wastes, those surviving the
• Which Hero fears most that the alliance will ambush take a desperate course across wild lands
break apart, and urges the group to do all they which include a glacier spilling down from frozen
can preserve it? Why? mountains. Their destination is two days and two
• Which Hero is in charge of the tricky navigation nights away, where they have relatives and allies
which brought them here and must be passed to who will help them find a ship to travel the rest of
return home? the way home. These lonely lands have broken ice
• Whose parent fought Angarr in the past and still which is risky to traverse, and are hunted by wild
nurses anger at him? Why? packs of wolves who circle and attack when the
party is most vulnerable. The icy lands are holy,
and walking there is seen as a dangerous privilege,
Scenes but the group is caught without needed supplies and
Navigating dangerous waters below the lands of equipment. There are outcroppings of trees and some
Two Wolf requires a choice. The ship may travel animals to be hunted. All of their experience and
through coastal waters ando cling close to the rocky ingenuity will be needed to help them survive this
shore. But this area has unexpected shallows and crucible of winter.
many sharp craggy rocks which could damage the
ship. The alternative is to go deeper into the ocean To negotiate for Agata’s freedom comes when they
where great creatures have been sighted and a storm finally return home to their own lands. The Jarl is
looms. The ship you travel in, the Mistrunner, was furious that Agata refuses to wed. If Agata has won
made by one of your Clan’s best shipwrights and the loyalty of the group of Heroes they may argue
has won you through many a difficult pass in the on her behalf. The Jarls sets a huge honour price,
past. Travel between your lands and those of Two which may be paid by parting with dear and valuable
Wolf are difficult for just this very reason making belongings, or the score may be settled by combat.
the resources offered all the more valuable to your If one of the Heroes offers to fight for her, she gives
people. The Heroes must make work together and them her magic wolf skin or her sword as a token of
look to those most skilled in navigation and seacraft appreciation. If they do not support her, one of them
to bring them safely through. may be named as the Jarl’s champion to fight her
themself, with the Heroes own honour now on
The Fjoldr ambush the party at sea when they reach the line.
Challenges • The players may choose to parlay with the Fjoldr
• Steering past narrow channels and rocky shores, who attack them. They will find that their leader
vs stormy seas and dangerous creatures. in the ambush has been driven to distraction by
• Fighting off the attack of the Fjodlr. grief. His fellows may be convinced that his
• Rescuing captured Heroes. leadership is flawed.
• Survival in the extreme cold of the wastes. • The icy wastes are unexplored due to their
• Fighting off a hungry pack of wolves. remoteness and the danger of travelling there.
• Helping Agata bargain with your Jarl. The party may find a new way to cross this
• Working out the alliance to everyone’s region, and signs of inhabitants who may be
satisfaction. contacted by their Clan.
• Members of their own Clan see Agata’s offer
as an insult and suggest going allying with the
Complications Fjoldr and going to war with Two Wolf Clan
• One of Angarr’s court accuses the Hero close to instead.
Agata of using a love potion on her to bewitch
her. Other Considerations
• One of the soldiers who volunteers to travel The adventure begins with the group having agreed
with Agata is actually a Fjoldr spy, with orders to bring Agata back, knowing her conditions. Having
to kill her if she decides to return and challenge made an oath to bring her home safely, despite any
Angarr’s rule. reservations they may have, this is the only way
• Agata refuses to leave any captured by the Fjoldr they can fulfill their obligations. This story is a
behind. It is on her account they came, her spin on the Celtic story of Tristan and Iseult, but
honour demands she rescue them. instead of having a love potion bind a man and his
• After defending themselves from wolves on the uncle’s intended wife together in love, it is Agata’s
Wastes, Agata and another from Two Wolf are own desire for freedom that threatens the marriage.
visited by spectral silver wolves who give their But there is an opportunity for one of the band to
blessings. Pelts from the wolves killed in the become a beloved, whether romantic or platonic, of
attack on the group gain a luster as if moonlight this strong character. The player of that Hero has the
is trapped within them. choice as to how the relationship develops, and each
• An enemy of your Jarl attacks when you return member of the group will have their own reactions
home, giving Agata a chance to prove herself in how this unfolds.
Agata is a pivotal figure in the story. She is bold,
ferocious and heroic, but is not meant to upstage
Hooks the group, or to be a helpless victim. The goal is for
• Mapping the rocky shore may help your people her bravery in the face of a difficult plight, and the
reach Two Wolf Clan more safely in the future, if loyalty she shows to the Heroes and her followers,
you can bring home a map of safe passages. to inspire confidence and support among the Heroes.
• The group may choose to explore a safe harbour If she does not, it is their honour which binds the
they miraculously find in the dangerous storm. If Heroes to the task, and they may leave her to her fate
they do they find an island in the narrows where when she faces their Jarl.
flowers bloom all year long. They find clean
water and leave refreshed, but none of them ever
see the isle again. They can never agree on what
the flowers looked like there.

The Fjoldr and their relationship with Agata are It is possible that Agata and the group will choose
open-ended. Agata and her father are estranged. Her to turn back to fight Angarr with Agata, instead of
father and Jarl has decided that her ferocity against completing their journey. If so, let them know that
the Fjoldr is a liability, but she has fought to protect they will be oath-breakers and as such no longer
her people and to work towards their prosperity. As welcome at their home. This would likely begin
a GM, decide event motivates the Fjoldr: did she kill a war between their peoples, and they would be
someone’s child or spouse, and they hold a grudge welcome in neither place. They should be prepared
despite the blood price paid? Did she destroy or steal to help Agata take clear leadership of the Clan, or to
something of value? become exiles, seeking a new home in new lands.

A special note from designers, Tim & Kristin Devine

A special thanks to the original greywolves: Dave West, Jess West, Andrew
Murphy, Clint O’Brien, Amy Porter, Brooke Sheridan, Glenn Sheridan, Tony
Hooligan, Justin Orleans, Tim Mosher, Josh Byrne, Corey Scattergood, and Ryan
LeGault. This game would not exist without you.

Thank you to good friends and family who supported us along the way. Especially;
Kent Blue, Doug Shute, Amanda Kahl, Joshua Melville, Michael Harrington,
Banana Chan, Morgan Nuncio, and all the writer’s who created amazing stories
that help bring this game to life.


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