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Lac felinum

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

Lac felinum Sycotic, a bit Tubercular Dogs – had to suppress all their rage- to be

Dogs – had to suppress all their rage- to be enslaved Cats- came of their own will, self contempt for enslaving themselves

(Massimo) To try to leave their family as soon as


To try to live an independent life

But what is interesting is how much this family is still with them So they leave, with idea they will be


They try to avoid relationships where they will suffer

I fear that a friend will leave me

To I prefer not to have friends

I suffered so much from first boyfriend who left me

I prefer not to have boyfriend

Or to have boyfriends just on the surface—friends just on the surface

FEAR of VIOLENCE They are afraid they will do something violent (Massimo does not see prostitute analogy) What is important is to NOT be emotionally involved They can be a playboy or a playgirl They might have an open sexual life (Most of his case, tho are lonely people) They avoid stable relationships They want to avoid ANGER, they do what ever is possible avoid their anger Their Dreams—full of animals, often very close to them (not snakes or insects) (vs Lac- c) that is wild and aggressive and destructive


The idea of making mistakes, or thinking they did anything wrong is very problematic They prefer to avoid making a choice (like Lac-c)

Appearance, Fragility (in Lac-c—giving too much, servile) In Lac-f you see more fragility (like Silica) (the master say think Lac-f is Silica doesn’t work)


Violating their inner space Over defensive strategy in order to avoid penetration

Lac felinum

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

Like in Silica salts—similar fears of pointed things, spears, needles This penetration might affect their eyes (a fear) They need to avoid injuring their eyes To be blind is the WORST dependence You have to be back in the cage of your family forever The pains go from piercing to cramping, squeezing

Depression Something is unavoidable (not with periodicity like with lac-c) Suffering is an issue which cannot be avoided Lots of symptoms of photophobia To protect their eyes is very important

Can be very athletic Can need this for competition

Physicals Stye, problems with eyes Men: Enuresis, prostate problems (end Massimo)

with eyes Men: Enuresis, prostate problems (end Massimo) Prostitute cats are considered the prostitutes of the


cats are considered the prostitutes of the animals of the domestic world giving up independence, freedom, self-respect for protection & material resources Issue of Self-respect often a woman's remedy would marry for protection/material things but feel bad about it, which comes out of an issue of self-respect less than morals also feel stupid strong fear of being laughed at; they can't stand it because it is humiliating Nothing against my will aversion to doing anything against her will


I want it the way I want it

I don’t understand myself, when he wants to get sexual, I just want to push him away Sex: Aversion on someone else’s terms Desire if it’s on their terms Tubercular aspect Wanting to travel, Wants to leave home To escape from those people as wanting to trap her

Lac felinum

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

Lac felinum Sycotic, a bit Tubercular And to run from her own state of mind Ambivalence

And to run from her own state of mind Ambivalence to themselves Allergies to cats, Love of cats will also talk about being dirty, hating themselves, being revolted by themselves Clairvoyance know what's going to happen before it happens esp. when it relates in importance to them Need for precision, Fastidious (in reaction to turmoil/chaos inside) Need for precision and order on a small detail level – (Ars) A defense against this chaoticness inside esp of feeling trapped I think I want this, but when comes to be, I’m trapped A turmoil inside, confusion I’m conflicted and feels chaotic inside (Val says not Cancer miasm, but Tub) Creating order Very fastidious (like cats) Also desire to flee (Tub response) Every paper clip in right place

sensitive to criticism want independence but feel stuck, trapped in a situation they can't let go of feel like they're not confident on their own to provide for themselves outpowered, helpless and angry

Appear Aloof 'don't let the cat out of the bag' ! don’t want to express what they feel people can appear very aloof haughtiness and self-contempt

Fears: of being more dependant fear of being blind, fear of being disabled = being more dependent fear of sharp, pointed things, especially when pointed at their eyes fear of being trapped; suffocated desire to be up high, but also fear of falling from high places fear snakes and dogs think that dogs are gross and clingy

Fear of being needy fear of getting attached because they don't want to get hurt aversion of being needy, of needy persons feeling that relationships are risky business, being in a relationships is putting yourself at risk

Teasing, Playing with Men’s Affection

Lac felinum

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

tease people, toy with men's affection the state is most easily seen in teenage girls get a great deal of amusement just out of playing with people's affection

Admire Cats

like cats, have harmonious relationships with cats also admire bigger cats are more likely to feel left out than the dog is

MENTAL suppressed feeling that they should be regarded with contempt for having 'prostituted' themselves aversion and desire for touch and sexual affections sensitive to criticism very tubercular sense of wanting to travel, run away; keynote: wants to run away from home love of cats; allergy to cats clairvoyance real need for precision and order on a small detailed level (like ars.) = defense against that feeling of chaotic, of being trapped

= defense against that feeling of chaotic, of being trapped GENERALS allergy towards cats HEA D

GENERALS allergy towards cats

HEAD headaches, penetrating; coming through the left eyeball going to the back of the head, coming back through the brain toward the eyeball again eyes; frequent styes, conjunctivitis, inflammation; photophobia, even more than natrums and belladonna pains in the eye; sharp pains, stabbing, stitching; without diagnosis conjunctivitis, very painful in a distractive way mouth: dry tongue; feeling like the tongue is always burnt; also canker sores

U/G painful menstruation with cramps skipping periods complicated sexual feelings because they want it they way they want it or no way

SLEEP cannot sleep at all; cat napping profound stupurous sleep dreams of being chased by dogs

BACK/EXTREMITIES sharp, stiff pain on the nape of the neck (where you would grab a cat)

Lac felinum

CASE: Lac-F 28 y.o.woman CC: severe allergies to cats (often allergies to cats are asthmatic, more serious) Lived w/parents til 26 Left, then returned When gone, had no menses Still not menstruating After asthma, dryness in throat Sticking feeling Liked being on stage Being noticed Felt ugly fat and bloated on stage Mood: lethargic and depressed (can tend towards dramatic side) Wanted a boyfriend, alone w/o one Muscle aching Fatigue Slept okay Unrefreshed sleep (might be KN) Had cat when young, loved that cat When cat climbed in lap – like medicine If energy was low, it would come up (when cat in lap) Both things came on when she left home She felt like a cat- liked curling up in warm places She was quite cold (Lac-f can be quite cold) With boyfriend, liked curling up in his lap and purring, and he’d call her his little kitty and she loved this She liked to be in high places Liked to see all the little people scurrying around

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

the little people scurrying around Sycotic, a bit Tubercular By LM6 – asthma 50% better, got

By LM6 – asthma 50% better, got period **** CASE: Boy 5 y.o. Went around with hands like claws and hissing at mom Didn’t have a cat or any pets But wanted a cat (worked) ****

Lac $Felinum,, $, a,transition,

Between prey and predators Talks in terms of dependence and independence



Lac felinum

Has been domesticated Not dangerous

Has need for space, self-esteem like bigger cats Took an in between route, kept independence, self-esteem, and ego And allowed itself to be domesticated They only walk into the house when hungry or need sleep The cat has to decide Once the cat is okay with this, then… The cat laid the rules and it follows, then it allows you to pet When it doesn’t like the petting, it will jump out of your lap



You need that protection On other hand – you still call the shots Maintain you individuality – aggression You can use me, but I will still decide who will use me

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular



Severe headaches Very bubbly very sweet Never allows me to take consultation further

It’s such a difficult world outside, its so terriorizing I need my husband He give me my freedom

I tell husband – look this is my time

Goes to gym for 2 hours He allows her to do what she wants to do Didn’t realize she wasn’t jewish, husband was

Happy to have dominance of husband, within this has own space


If not having freedom, totally constricted and cornered

When husband home all day long

I want to scream and get out the house

You’re taking away my space Like my claws, I want to get out

I need my husband, I can’t be on my own, but i can’t do what he wants He knows I have to have my space She’s given up her name for him

I decide when i get up in morning

I decide what to make for the party

I decide…

(this is how she handles her independence)

(she gives into dominance because of vulnerability, but maintains independence)


You think you are a master But they are taking you for a ride


CASE – Lac-F All alone and different Dream: wants to be Nelson Mandella Freedom fighters Fought for the rights of people He rose to such fame Fame = different from the rest He was one of the group – then rose up

Lac felinum

Sycotic, a bit Tubercular

He was guy that he could do what he wanted What I want to do

I need my friends circle – I need them

I want to be friends, yet I want a mind of my own

I don’t like to be treated like this

I don’t want them to look at me I have these blisters

I want to look at me like I’m Nelson Mandella

I want to be different, part of them, yet won independent identity Being in class and yet different

I love cats

The cats decide Then won’t decide for me

I will decide and set myself apart from them (Mom) So independent Own ideas Yet will want all of us to approve