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July 23, 2017

S/o ABC,
Dubani Traders,
Shaheed –e- Milliat Road, Gilgit Baltistan.

Subject: Employment Contract on Daily Wage

Reference to your job application, subsequent interview and recommendation by
interview panel, we are pleased to offer you employment with Economic Transformation
Initiative Gilgit Baltistan (ETIGB) at Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) on following terms
and conditions;

1. Job Title
You are appointed as “Driver” and your appointment take effect on July 24, 2016.
2. Job Duration and salary
Your Employment shall be on daily wage as and when required basis”. You shall be “paid
Rs. 1000/- per day subject to verification of attendance sheet on monthly basis for 06
working days a week with one weekly paid off.
3. Job Description
Your duties and responsibilities are specified in the attached job description, given as
Annex 2.
4. Duty Station and Reporting Relationship
You will be deployed at Programme Coordination unit, Gilgit and directed to report to
Manager Admin & HR or any person designated by him to supervise and mentor you and
to assign role form time to time.
5. Working Hours
Your shall be on duty from 8:30 to 18:00 including half and hour lunch break, 06 days a
week with one paid off. You are expected to work a minimum of 48 hours per week.
6. Termination of Contract
The employer or employee may terminate this contract at any time by giving one day
notice in writing or by paying salary in lieu of notice period.
7. Outside Employment
You shall not undertake any other employment of whatever kind during working hours or
of a nature that affects your performance during working hours except with the written
consent of the employer.
8. Code of Conduct
You shall abide by the ETIGB’s code of conduct given as Annex 1. In case of disciplinary
process/misconduct; the employment contract shall be terminated with One week prior
notice. In addition, you shall respect any Circulars and Internal Memorandum that are
distributed from time to time.
9. Terms of Employment
Your employment will be governed by the rules and procedures mentioned PIM and HR
Policies applicable to the staff of ETIGB as amended from time to time (applicable to the
contract and daily wage employees).
10. Confidentiality
You are required at all times to maintain confidentiality regarding ETIGB issues and
11. General
a) You will devote your full time to you role/assignment with ETIGB and will not
engage directly or indirectly in any other trade, business or occupation what so
ever during your working days and hours, except with the prior approval of the
appointing authority.
b) Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) will be paid as per eligibility scale for field
visits however DSA will not be paid for day return and will not be eligible for any
other monetary and non-monetary allowance benefits.
c) The terms and conditions of this contract can be changed or amended by the
appointing authority observing the prescribed government and donor
procedure. However, nothing in this regard shall be done unilaterally or in
manner prejudicial to principle of equity and fairness.
d) All rules/polices/Instructions formulated for ETIGB by Government, donor and
management from time to time after issuance of this letter will be applicable to
you without any exception, unless made expressly inapplicable.
e) In case of any ambiguity regarding any rules, policy or instructions of ETIGB or
terms and conditions of your internship contract, the interpretation thereof given
by the appointing authority shall be final.

Two copies of this letter are enclosed. If you accept the terms and conditions mentioned
above, please sign one copy of this letter on both pages and return the same to the
appointing authority

We look forward to mutually beneficial association.

Dr. Ahsanullah Mir

Programme Coordinator, ETIGB

I have read foregoing letter and I accept the offer on the terms and conditions mentioned above

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Signature: ________________________________

Date: ________________________________

Witnessed by:

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Enclosed: -Code of Conduct

-Job Description