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Videos on drug abuse.

Guidelines for Finals Quiz 3 – 5.

1. This is a group work. Anyone who will not participate will not get the score of their groups and
will be given zero score automatically.
2. Each group should create a short video about illegal drugs. The video should surround but not
limited to the effects of drug abuse, a campaign against the effects of drug abuse, or
awareness of the severity of drug abuse in the Philippines.
3. Details of the video:
a. Time limit: 7 minutes
b. Format: any common video file formats or a website link.
c. The video should show original work. Any resemblance to any known videos will have a
lower score.
d. Title of the Video: the video to be submitted should have its title at the start of the
video. It should be related or relevant to the story behind the video.
e. Credits at the end should show the names of the group members in chronological order
and their role in the video making.
f. File name format: GROUP NUMBER + SECTION + SUBJECT (example: GROUP 0 SECTION 0
4. Deadline for submission is on September 30, 2017, 11:59PM. This should be submitted through
my e-mail, per group.
5. Queries for this activity may be coursed through my e-mail account above or through my
personal number.
Rubrics for Finals Quiz 3 – 5.

Section: _____________________________ Group Number: _______________

Criteria 5 4 3 2 1
1. Formatting
2. Organization
3. Length of presentation
4. Clarity of the message
5. Creativity of the title
6. Overall creativity
7. Impact of the message (Double points)
8. Appropriateness of the presentation
9. Delivery of the message
10. Errors in factual details (Double points)
11. File labelling
12. Submission
13. Video quality
Other deductions/ comments: Total score:

* Double points: scores on these criteria is multiplied to 2 (example: 5 x 2 = 10 points)

* Other deductions may arise if any errors not mentioned in the rubrics/guidelines. The deduction for
these errors is 2 points each.

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