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Scharffen Berger

Chocolate Maker

Strength Weakness
1. Track record of innovation - Even though most players in the 1. Extra cost of building new supply chain and logistics network -
Organizational Development strive to innovate, Scarffen Berger has Internet and Artificial Intelligence has significantly altered the business
successful record ar consumer driven innovation.
model in the Entrepreneurship, Growth Strategy, Organizational structure,
2. Market Leadership Position - Scharffen Berger has a strong market strategic planning industry and given the decreasing significance of the
leadership position in the Organizational Development industry. It has dealer network Scharffen Berger has to build a new robust supply chain
helped the company to rapidly scale new products successes.
networks. That can be extremely expensive.

3. Success of new product mix - Scharffen Berger provides exhaustive 2. Low investments into Scharffen Berger’s customer oriented services -
product mix options to its customers. It helps the company in catering to This can lead to competitors gaining advantage in near future.

various customers segments in the Organizational Development Industry.

3. Declining per unit revenue for Scharffen Berger - competitiveness in
4. First mover advantage in the increasingly crowded market place. The the industry name industry is putting downward pressure on the
new products are rapidly increasing Scharffen Berger market share in the probability.

Organizational Development Development industry.

4. Gross Margins and Operating Margins which could be improved and
5. Strong brand recognition - Scarffen Berger products have strong brand going forward may put pressure on the Scharffen Berger financial
recognition in the organisational Development industry. This has enabled statement.

the company to charge a premium compare to its competitiors in 5. High turnover of employees at the lower levels is also a concern for
Entrepreneurship, Growth strategy, Organizational structure, Strategic the Scharffen Berger. It can lead to higher salaries to maintain the
planning industry.
talents within the firm.
6. Brands catering to different customers segments within 6. Loyalty among suppliers low - Based on the evidence provided in the
Entrepreneurship, Growth strategy, organisational structure, case study Scharffen Berger Chocolate. Maker is seems that there is low
strategic planning segment - Scharffen Berger extensive product level of allegiance among the members of supply chain parameters.
offerings have helped the company to penetrate different customer
segments in Organizational Development segment. It has also helped the
organization to diversify revenue streams