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Name: Georgi Beck

Curriculum Title: Art + Psychology: How the Brain Revolutionizes and Transforms the Arts

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3

Organizers Biopsychology of Art Motivation of Art Social Psychology of Art

Artists use knowledge of principles,

Knowledge of principles, elements, Artists use knowledge of principles,
Form elements, and science of art
and science of art experience allows elements, and science of art to
experience to make critical decisions
for artists to build base of technical create art that is motivated by their
about work in order to appeal and
skill interests
draw in others to their work

Artists create work in order to share

Identity Each individual understands and Artists create and engage in work to their human experience with others,
interprets art differently based on make a statement that is relevant to connect with others with shared
their culture/world their ideals/values/morals/concerns experiences, and to share new and
unknown experiences with others

Art is produced based on the

Society Art is produced based on the society
motivations of the artist, and the Art is produced as a way to engage
it is created in; art is created with
artist is either implicitly informed and change opinions of others, and
available technology, materials,
by societal motivations or the message is created with that
mediums, and styles available to
intentionally disrupts societal audience in mind
that society

Artist and viewers biophysical Artist motivations for creating art Artist have created art to reach a
Past/Present response to each work is dependent have changed throughout history specific audience throughout history,
on the time period in which the and continue to change based on and that audience has changed over
work was created and the person’s real-life events time.
knowledge of that time period
Interpretation Knowledge of how the brain The elements of art can be Art presented to society can be
processes the elements present in art manipulated by artists to create an interpreted in meaningful ways that
informs how the art is interpreted intentional and purposeful meaning bring change or awareness to society