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Javy Ann G.

JMC College of Law
Environmental Law
Sat / 9:00am-10:00am


The film An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary in which Al Gore, the former President of the
United States of America, describes the problems of climate change against the backdrop of the
political climate of the time, including the hotly-debated 2000 election that cost him the
presidency. The film won several awards including two Oscars and the Nobel Peace Prize in

The film is rich with detailed graphics, info graphs, flows chats, visuals and video clips. The
former President Al Gore noted our influenced and perception of the Earth and invoked the
modern environmentalism. The documentary is an eye-opener, which largely revolves around
the speeches of Al Gore in various regions to make people aware of the harmful effects of
global warming and how we consciously and unconsciously are playing our roles significantly in
promoting global warming in the world. The film is also a revelation of the severe effects of
global warming that may have seen by scientists and it was worth watching how motivating all
those factors become when they are delivered altogether.

The former President Al Gore was very informative and instructive of his speeches as he used
extensive research data to back up his claims such as the increasing level of CO2. He begins
by explaining the overlap between increases in carbon emissions and increases in global
temperature. He provides a brief explanation of the basic foundational theories on how climate
change works. He then goes into the impact of these temperature changes on the weather and
increases in major storms, like Hurricane Katrina. He holds mankind solely responsible for all
damages we done for Mother Nature in terms of global warming. Meanwhile, Al Gore
emphasizes the need for appropriate actions to be taken in order to save the Earth and save
human kind.

The issue of Global Warming has been around for years now and it was not new to me.
Nevertheless, it was refreshing to watch as it was not just a documentary of the global warming
and its effect to human kind. The former President delivers his speeches by cracking jokes while
presenting a slideshow on the adverse effects of Global Warming on the entire world. It was an
excellent approach to get the attention and convince the new generations which was spawned
by a generation that has been exposed to the glory days of industrialization, to stand up for the
world and immerse themselves in a lifestyle that contradicts have grown accustomed to, and
which to some extent, contributed to the Global Warming.

The approach on how the film or documentary was presented was very effective. It gave me a
deeper understanding of what Global Warming is and its consequences if we do not do
something about it. It was a surprise to know of how the figures have increased as to the effects
of Global Warming in our dear planet Earth. It was such an eye opener and at the same time
terrifying to accept the fact that the data presented by Gore have been taken are way more than
ten years ago. The sheer increase of the data they have measured over the past decades got
me thinking as to how much the numbers have increased in the past years. The marginally
increasing number of typhoons wreaking havoc over the Pacific and all around the world is also
a sign of the negligence of the Global Warming issue over the years taking its toll. Typhoon
Haiyan, locally known as Typhoon Yolanda, is one of them. The typhoons being formed over the
Pacific are getting stronger due to the heat being trapped by the high levels of Carbon Dioxide
in the atmosphere, and this, again, is a bad thing.

The documentary of Al Gore is very moving, because it does not only give you information about
global warming but also it will awaken you to take good care of our mother earth. The film was
exceptional on its approach of raising awareness as it manages to get its message across its
audience. The film aims to raise awareness to its audience as it brought the issue to the
forefront of public consciousness. The message it aims to deliver to the greater public was
effectively relayed as it clearly showed the environmental conditions that our planet is facing.

Part of the reason why I find the documentary interesting was that Gore presents a powerful
message that combines information, humor and, hopes as he provides what could we do to
lessen the rapid increased of our contribution to the Global Warming. Gore argues that a
country that abolished slavery, landed a man on the moon, and contributed to the reverse of the
hole in the ozone layer must now join other nations in vigorously tackling the problem of global
warming. He envisions a "Century of Renewal" with a combined emphasis on energy
conservation, carbon capture technology, transportation, alternative energy sources, and
engineering for efficiency that can alter the course of global devastation. And this gives hope to
its audience and the public at large to participate in the actions to be taken by various nations in
addressing the concern in Global Warming.
It was very moving when Al Gore relates his life story with what was happening in the earth,
especially Global Warming. The Global Warming issue was properly and well explained by
giving animations, graphics, and video clips. I realized how much we take our actions for
granted, never giving any thought if those actions will have negative impact on the environment.
I really like what he said in the documentary, “We no longer have much time left to change, but
we do have time.” I was awakened by the documentary and it made me feel that it's our time to
secure our future and the future of the next generation to come. I learned that if we are humane
enough about the issue of global warming, we must encourage ourselves to make the change.
As the saying goes, change starts from us.

Indeed, the film An Inconvenient Truth hits hard the truth of our actions and its consequences
that could result to our disruption. It is the truth that we are responsible for the danger that
brings about by the Global Warming. If we love our mother earth, we should start making
changes, to save the Earth for ourselves and the next generation who will inherit it.