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Punit Mangal

Marketing Manager – Loyalty

Well Creative Detail Team
Landmark Group, Qatar.
rounded Oriented Player
Doha Qatar. +97455976812

Brief Note:
A seasoned CRM - Loyalty professional with proven ability to lead targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty
programs that aim to improve acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers. Expertise in
developing customer loyalty strategies and increasing lifetime value. Successful history of leading formative
marketing efforts, direct reports, and cross-functional teams.

Education: I Believe I don’t want

Hard work and team work jointly make Just to get a job, I want THE job! I’m
Master of Commerce, Major in hungry for a challenge, and willing to go
miracles by knowing the consumer
Management, Jun-04  C.C.S.
insight and the current market with the extra mile to prove that hiring me is
University – Meerut
innovative technology. the best decision you’ve ever made.
Bachelor of Commerce, Major
in Commerce, Jun-02  C.C.S.
University – Meerut


 Partner Management
 ACE (Always Committed
to Excellence) Award -  Database Management
2012 in PAYBACK
 Order Management
 Certificate of
Appreciation-2011 in  Campaign Management
 Reports and
 Star Employee Award-
2011 in PAYBACK.
Key Skills Documentation
 Star Employee Award-2010 MS Sql
 Vendor Management
in PAYBACK. Oracle
 Star Employee Award-2008  Loyalty Management
R Programming
MS Access  Shopping Behavior
 Team achievement - “Best
Utilization of Man Power” Obiee Analytics
(87.35%) in TCS. Siebel  Process Interpretation
 100% achievement in
GALLUP Survey in MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
Executive MATC,
Manager – Corporate Rewards,
Sr. Executive – Operations, Continuing with
PAYBACK Landmark Group, Qatar

2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2017

HR Executive, VSNL Manager – Campaign
Marketing Manager – Loyalty,
Post Graduated Landmark Group, Qatar

Landmark Group, Qatar Sales contribution increased from 67% to
2016 75%, 500K new customers aquired,
Marketing Manager – Loyalty
Campaign Management, Consumer Shopping Repeat shopping decreased from 92 days
Behaviour Analytics, Customer acquisition, to 44 days, 10% increase in cross concept
2015 shoppers. Multi dimensional
Dashboaards creation.
°PAYBACK - An American Express company, India
Joined PAYBACK in 2007 (by then it was called Imint and was a start up with less than 20 employees).
I am privilleged to have a wonderful experience from the initial stages of the India's largest Loyalty
program till it reached its peak and still growing. This helped me in gaining a thorough knowledge of
doveloping loyalty program in business from the start to its peak and the growth.

Managed HPCL and IndiaMART accounts

°PAYBACK - An American Express company,
efficiently with no escalations. Created
more than 100 campaigns from concept
Manager – Corporate Rewards
to execution in 4 months. Brought New
B2B Partner Management, New Client
2013 Cllient onboard.
acquisition, Retaintion, New Client Onboard.

2012 1500 campaigns. Analyzed each campaign.

°PAYBACK - An American Express company, 20% increase in Communication database
India through data enrichment. Reduced the
Manager – Campaign Management
2011 Un-subscription rate to .01%. >1500 data
Campaign Management, Analytic driven data segments for campaigns. Created and
prepation, Campaign Analysis, Dashboards, New implemented the Campaign Execution
Process Creation & implementation. processes.
°PAYBACK - An American Express company, Shipped >200K orders & 1Mn products.
2009 India Managed 21 vendors.Analyzed the
Sr. Executive – Operations shopping behavior of the customers. 97
Order Management, Vendor Management, Percent of the orders fulfilled within 10
Catalugue Management, Consumer Data days. Complaints < 3 percent. Managed
2008 Analysis, Dashboards. >1200 products with 2 catalogues.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), India Recruited over 400 field staff. 100 percent
Executive – Human Resource payout on time.Taken care of whole
Reqruitment, Salary Management, Dashboards. administration process.

2005 TATA Consultancy Services , India

Executive – Manpower Allocation & Task Achieved 87.35 Percent utilization of
Committee Manpower.
2004 Project Allocation, Tracking Unallocated
Manpower, MIS on Branch Manpower.

Interests & Hobbies

I like to think that I am a somewhat interesting human being. I indulge in things both on the relaxing and
exciting spectrum, not so much now a days in the exciting spectrum [Growing Old). I also play several games, so
even if we are not work buddies, maybe we can join sometime.


 Ability to conceptualize and think practically.

 Ability to excel in my work alone and as a team.
 Very good understanding in principles of loyalty.
 Good technical skills enable me to use my knowledge of consumer insight.

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight into who and what I am. Why stop here, I would love to hear from you so
lets keep in touch.

Thanks & regards

Punit Mangal