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Ashley Ramirez


Digital Media Facilitation Project Reflection

There were challenges that were faced during this project but I believe they were

very beneficial for everyone in the group. I have learned how to problem solve, use critical

thinking, and being resourceful in a induvial and group aspect. I used those things I learned to

help me further my knowledge in the photoshop program, in making video GIFs, and setting up a

lesson plan.

Not being very knowledgeable about what photoshop could offer I am very proud of what

I was able to accomplish. I was able to learn how to import, edit and export a video GIF as well

as making a lesson to teach others on how to make a video GIF. Knowing the process and how to

create a lesson plan will help me develop future lesson plans for other classes and when I get into

the classroom. My original thought of what GIFs were, were short looping videos I saw on social

media websites that were for quirky or snarky responses to comments. Now I see that there is

professional artist that create GIFs for personal art work and for commercial use. A GIF can be

more than just a quirky or snarky response. I had a fun time making a GIF that I physically made

using photoshop. I never thought I was going to learn the skill of making a GIF, I thought it was

something that only people with high computer skills could make. One problem I had on my own

was learning how to share the GIF to the web. However, I solved the problem by looking up

videos and articles on how to share a GIF to the web.

I am glad I was able to be in a group with Teema and Ryleigh, they are both hard

working individuals. We were able to communicate successfully, split the work of the project
evenly, and find time to physically meet with each other to work on this assignment. Everyone

was willing to work hard on this lesson. I had a positive group experience because of them.