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Jennifer Djaja

MM UPH Batch 80B


1. Construct a multi-attribute model to compare three different restaurants for an

important celebration in your family. Apply the two different decision rules and
determine the choices that arise from that.

I-ta Suki Central Taman Santap Importance

Restaurant Restaurant Rumah Kayu Weight
Food Quality 8 9 7 30%
Ambiance 7 8 6 10%
Value for Money 6 7 7 20%
Service Quality 7 8 5 10%
Cleanliness – 7 7 5 10%
Location 7 8 5 20%
Total Score 7 7.83 5.83 100%

According to the multi-attribute model that I used to compare three different

restaurants above, I decide to choose Central Restaurant for celebrating important
celebration with my family. As we can see from my total score above, I will choose
Central Restaurant for the first one and I-ta Suki Restaurant for the second one. I
choose Taman Santap Rumah Kayu to be the last one, because the service quality and
cleanliness are not support enough to celebrate an important celebration, and also the
location is quite far from my house.

2. What are the backstage elements of (a) a car repair facility, (b) an airline, (c) a
university, and (d) a consulting firm? Under what circumstances would it be
appropriate or even desirable to allow customers to see some of these backstage
elements, and how would you do it?

- The backstage operations of any services plays a vital role and involve the technical
core of the total services system and is typically invisible to the customers.

- The backstage elements of:

a. Car repair Facility :
 Overall inspection routine (Accu, oil, air radiator, machine and etc).
 System and repairing process.
 Tracking history membership.
 After sales service.
 Warranty provided after service.
b. Airline :
 Promotion from the airlines.
 Price of the ticket.
 Food and Shop In-Flight.
 Convenience provided from the airline.
 Service from airline and flight attendant.
 Aircraft cleanliness.
 Baggage service.
c. University :
 Accreditation from the University.
 Lecturers Expertise.
 Program studies.
 University service facility.
 University grade.
 University partnership.
 Alumni graduated.
 Staff and administration.
d. Consulting Firm :
 Portfolio of Consulting firm.
 Experience from the team.
 Warranty after consultation.
 Accuracy for consultation.
 Convenience to sharing and get the solution as well.
 Worth price of service.
 Speed of service.

- There are few circumstances where it may be suitable to allow customers to see
some of the backstage elements. These backstage elements can really turn out to be a
part of the administration implementation if the service performance are carefully
planned and performed by the service provider, and they should performing these
backstage activities in front of customer to shows the better impact on customer. For
examples, a car repair facilities where the service operations are fully visible through
large plate glass window and advertisement for promoting an airline that can
describe their facilities and service provided.