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F. No. U-306/ 20111- FC

Government of India Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (Forest Conservation Division)


The Principal Secretary (Forests)

All State /Union Territory Governments

Indira Paryavaran Bhawan

Aliganj, Jorbagh Road New Delhi - 110 001

P66gd; l$th J3nuary, 2015

Sub: Guidelines for diversion of forest tand for non-forest PurPose under the Forest

(Conservation) Act, 198G Simplified procedure for grant of permission for felling of

kees standing on forest land to be diverted for execution of linear ProFcts: res'


I am directed to refer to this Ministry's lettir of even number dated 8t August 2014

on the above-mentioned subFct wherein this Minisrry comrnunicabd a simPlified

procedrue for grant of perrrission for ftlling of tfees standing on forest land to be diverted

for execution of linear projecc, and to say tl|at it has been brought to notice of lhis Ministry

that in the said letter, it is not clear as whether the project autirorities can suo-ttroto start the

works after depositing the statutory funds, or some authority has to issue permission in this


AfEr careful examination of the matter, for the sake of clarity, I am dilecbd to say that

state Goverunents may authorize an officer not below the Rank of the Divisional Forest officer having jurisdiction over tl|e forest land proposed to be diverted to issue pemrission

for felling of tree; once, amount in compliance to conditions stiPulated in the Stage'I FC are

realized from the user agency and where necessary, for comPensatory afforestatio& transfer

and mutation of non-forest/revenue forest land in favour of stab Forest DePartment is


This issuec with approval of the corrpebnt authority'

Copy to:-

1. Prime Minisbls


Yours faithfully,

(ILC. Chaudhary)


Offre (Kinit atlrl.;: Shri Santosh D. Vaidy+ Drcctor) Nortt Block'









Bhawan, New Delhi.

Chairman, Railways Board, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi'

Secretary, Ministry of Road TransPort and Highways, Governnent of India'

Transport Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Secretary (coordination), Cabinet secretaria! Rashtrapati Bhawan' New Delhi.

Director General, Border Roads Organization, New Delhi'

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, a State/UT Govemments'


10. All Regional


Offices, Minishy of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

Govemment of India (GoI).

11. Joint Secretary imharge, Impact Assessment Divisiorv MoEFCC, GoI'

12. All A.ssistant Inspector -General of Forests/ Directors in the Forest Conservation

Divisiorv MoEFCC, GoI.

13. Director, Regional Offices Headquarbrs Division, MoEFCQ GoI'

t x{'

sr. Director (Technical), NIC, MoEFCC, GoI wit}r a request to Place a coPy of this

letter on website of this Ministry.

15. Sr. PfJS to the Secretary, Minisfry of Environment, Forests and Climate Chango GoI'

76. Sr. Pt to the Director General of Forests & SPecial Secretary, MoEFCC, GoI'

17. sr. Pf to the AddI. Director General of Forests (Forest Conservation), MoEFCC, GoI.

18. t to the Inspctor General of Forests (Forest Conservation), MoEFCC, GoI'

19. Guard File.