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Name: Tirza Haqia Purnama

Class: X

From: SMAN 1 Sawahlunto

Indonesia, Political Party and Democracy

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

Praise let us say presence of Allah SWT who has given us mercy and blessing so we can meet
together in the event of Sumatran English constitution speech contest. Peace and blessing do
not forget we also say to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has brought to enforce the
sentence of tauhid so we know the oneness of god. Lailahaillallah.

The honorable to all judges of Sumatran English constitution speech contest.

May I tell you first of all how pleased I’m to have an opportunity to stand here and deliver a
speech in front of you? My speech title is Indonesia, political party, and democracy.

My audience

I don't know how long our country is said to be a democratic country. But what is clear is that
until this moment I have not seen a healthy mental democracy in most people in this republic.
And the question here is why is our democracy giving birth to so many corrupt leaders? Why
do elections and elections that are held openly enough lead to the selection of incompetent
people? What is wrong?

The question is actually not only happening in Indonesia. The most recent example is Russia,
whose election was recently won Vladimir Putin for the fourth time as president. But actually
the Russian Law only allows people to become president for two periods.

In Indonesia, democracy not only gave birth to incompetent people's representatives (DPR),
but also produced many corrupt and intolerant people. Then, should we blame democracy?

Ladies and gentlemen

Let's reopen the history of political reform in Indonesia. Where political reforms that
occurred in Indonesia in 1998 were a "big surprise" for the world. The collapse of the New
Order regime which has been in power and dominated Indonesian politics for decades, is
usually only considered a fantasy, it actually happened. Marked by the end of Soeharto's rule,
the new dawn of Indonesian democracy came out, guiding this nation to the major socio-
political changes that occurred afterwards.

If we talk about politics, of course we will think directly to political parties, and talking about
the condition of political parties in Indonesia at this time is a very open and warmly discussed
in various public space such as social media.
Improving the quality of democracy is one of the main demands of reform. The power that
was once only commonly accessed and owned by a handful of elites, tried to be moved back
into the hands of the people through the revitalization of elections and political parties. My
speech today, will focus on political party reform and its influence on building the quality of
democracy in Indonesia.

One of the institutions that is very important in strengthening democracy everywhere, is a

political party. There is no democracy in the world without political parties. Even countries
that do not really embrace democracy, usually still have political parties, for example in
China, Cuba, North Korea and others. Of course the position, function and role of political
parties, will be very different between democratic and non-democratic countries. Today in
Indonesia, political parties are positioned as "missed" but also at the same time "hated" and
regarded as "a source of problems" especially about political corruption, bribery, abuse of
authority and political and economic nepotism.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Is this what is called the function of political parties in the reform era? In this way political
parties will not be able to achieve their objectives as stated in article 10 of Law Number 2
Year 2008 concerning Political Parties.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Why does this happen? Why after almost 20 years after the reformation, the conditions of
political parties in this country are still far from their ideal form. These questions are of
course reasonable to question, even by high school students like me considering that
Indonesian politics today are very open and warmly discussed in various public spaces such
as social media. Therefore, the curiosity of my generation regarding national political issues
is a necessity.

Since the reform of political parties in Indonesia have a strategic role and position in at least
two things, namely, first, winning the general election, and second, selecting candidates for
public officials through their representatives in the legislature. Political parties have a
substantial role in selecting candidates for public officials, both in the executive, judiciary,
ambassadors, police chiefs, TNI commanders and other state officials. Based on this fact we
can see how important the role of political parties in the development of democracy in

If we see the vital role of political parties in Indonesia's political system today, then logically
political parties must be able to become a strong institution, at least economically and

So, ladies and gentlemen

The improvement of political parties in the context of building democracy is a great work,
which must be carried out jointly by the government, civil society and of course the political
party itself, because wise people have said that "A leader is a seller and a buyer of hope".
If there are synergies between political parties I believe quality can be improved, and little
by little will improve public perceptions of political parties. And I think, the improvement of
political parties in order to build Indonesia's democracy is not just a dream.

In addition, we as the nation's next generation must have a strong personality so that in the
future we will not be awkward in facing the problems that occur in this country. Because
maybe 10 or even 20 years into the future this country will in our’s hand. Because Ir.
Soekarno once said that "My struggle is easier because it just to get freedom, but your
struggle will be more difficult because it is against your own people".

So, my speech is run I do apologize for my mistake and thank’s so much for your attention.
Hopefully from my speech today can provide great benefits for all of us for the present and
the future.

"Don't ask what the state gave you, but ask what you gave your country!"

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.