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White’s script

Playing chess

Mr. White: Herbert do you hear the wind and the rain?

Herbert: Yes! But even the sound of the rain will not stop me from winning you, father.

Mr. White: Long ago that not rain so strong.

Mrs. White: Oh, Yes... It’s a dark and cold night.

Mr. White: I’m wining the chess game to Herbert. Jajajajajajajajaja.

Herbert: You won the battle, but not the war.

Mrs. White: I’m so happy because you are good friends and we are together. Herbert, you are a good son.

Mr. White: Oh no! I have already won the game. You’re better than me, I love my son.

Mr. White: I’m concerned. Tom Morris said he came tonight. Perhaps the rain delayed him.

Mrs. White: Maybe the rain if I delay it a bit, but you calm he will come soon

Mr. White: Since we were children I don’t see him. I already want that he arrives.

Herbert: The rain will not be an obstacle for your friend.

Mrs. White: Let’s go Mr. White, you’re a little patience.

Tom Morrison and the monkey’s paw

Toc, toc.... Mr. White open the door.

Tom Morris: Hello, old friend is a pleasure to see you again. Cold Night is very strong these Night

Mr. White: Go ahead, it’s raining very hard. Sweetie... He is Tom Morrison, we were friends when we were

Tom Morrison: Pleased to meet you, Mrs white and Hebert. (al sentarme) Thank you!

Mrs. White: Nice to meet you too, Mr White was anxious about his arrival.

Herbert: It's a pleasure to finally meet you

Mr. White: Please come and sit down. It’s cold. Do you want to drink whiskey?

Tom Morrison: I have a lot cold, dearly friend thank you by this Whisky

Mr. White: Tell us Tom, what have you done all this time?

Tom Morrison: I traveled to India because an old friend had died, and his things came to me when he died. And
a monkey's paw was with his thing, but The monkey's paw brings unhappiness with it.

Herbert: Unhappiness? a monkey's paw? it's crazy

Mrs. White: A monkey’s paw? What is it?

Mr. White: If the monkey’s paw brings unhappiness, then give me the paw.

Herbert: What can be done with this strange monkey paw?

Tom Morrison: This paw is magic and it can give three wishes to three people. when i I was young, I wanted
many things, fast car, money, but my wife and my young son died in an accident in the car

Mrs. White: Oh my God, that’s terrible...I am really sorry.

Tom Morris Yes, Oh! look at the time it's late. Thank you for a very nice evening and thank you for a very
good dinner, Mrs. white.

Make a wish!

Mrs. White: Did you give some money to Tom Morris for that paw?

Herbert: Yes, how much did you give?

Mr. White: I had to give him money, he not wanted give me the paw.

Mrs. White: Ok. If the paw is really magic, we need thirty thousand pounds.

Herbert: Jajaja Tomorrow we will know if this monkey's paw is magic or not

Bad Notice
Mrs. White Good morning family, I’m going to the shop this morning. I want to get something nice for
dinner. Are you going to come with me?

Mr. White ..

Herbert Oh no, I have to go to work, let's hope that the money appears today, I want a part of the money

Mrs. White Come on son, I’ll walk you to the door. That you have a great day.

Herbert Goodbye, Mother

Mr. White …….

Mrs. White There’s a man in front of our house. He is a stranger- very tall and well dressed.

Mr. White ……

Stranger men Good afternoon. I am looking for Mr. and Mrs. White, I am from Maw and Meggie

Mrs. White Well, I’m Mrs. White, what can I do for you? Please come in! What’s the matter?

Stranger men I am very sorry…, But this morning there was an accident at the Factory.

Mrs. white Is Herbert?... Is Herbert OK? Is he in hospital?

Stranger men It was the machinery an accident, Herbert called Help, the men heard him and ran to him
quickly, but they couldn’t do nothing. The next minute he was in the machinery. I am very very

Mr. White …..

Stranger men Maw and Meggie want to give to them........... Thirty thousand pound, Mr. white. I am very
sorry. Goodbye, Mr. and Mrs. White

Second wish

Mrs. White I want to see my son. Quickly go and get the paw. We’re going to wish to our boy to come back
to us.

Mr White ......

Third Wish and final.

Mrs. White Oh this is great, This is Herbert’s favorite toys. I know you’re fine and that’s why I’m happy.

Mr White .....