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Series eee eee Community Police Hearing Board Report for 2018 CHAIR Attorney Emesto Castillo MEMBERS Robert C. Jackson Albert Tranghese Rev. Gail Hill Paul A. Phaneuf Linda Caron Gary Berte TABLE OF CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION History and Purpose of Board PHB Members - 20°8 ‘The CPHB Case Review and Hearing Process CPHB Activities ~ 2018 DATA SUMMARY OF COMPLAINTS REVIEWED, 41. Calls For Service, Arrests, Complaints, Reviews, Hearings And Lawsuits Involving, Police Misconduct ‘Table A ~ Summary Data of Calls for Service ‘Table B- Summary Data of Arrosts Table C-U.S. Census Data for Springfield 2. Data concerning Complaints Reviewed by CPHB 2010 Tables D through H ~ CPHB Data for 2018 (Summary) 3. Police Misconduct Litigation Table | -Police Misconduct Lawsuits (Summary) CPHB OBSERVATIONS PHB RECOMMENDATIONS Appendix 1 CPHE Data - 2018 Complaint Detail Data Appendix 2 Data on Lawsuits alleging police misconduct (2006 to 2018) Appendix 3 Executive Order (December 2017) 10 10 10 " 2 12 8 1“ 48 16 8 COMMUNITY POLICE HEARING BOARD ANNUAL REPORT 2018 INTRODUCTION This Annual Report describes the work to advance the mission of the Community Police Hearing Board (CPHB) for 2018. The current report includes spreadsheets for the data generated by the work of the CPHB during 2018 set forth in an Appendix. The spreadsheets are summarized in tables provided in this report. In addition, the report provides statistics with regard to lawsuits involving allegations of police misconduct. ‘As a result of the Mayor's recent amendments in 2016 and 2017, and with the assistance of the Police Department’s Crime Analysis Unit, gathering and reporting statistics on behalf of the CPHB, 2018 Quarterly reports have been posted on the City’s website in accord with the Executive Order providing for improved reporting and greater ‘transparency and mare public access to information about police misconduct complaints in Springfet, In addition, this report has included additional statistics which involve new procedures requiring keeping track of *Calls for Service" (CFS). As such, a table has been included to report and reference for the years 2013 through 2018 with greater accuracy and detail Similarly, data on “Arrests” hes also been enhanced ‘The CPHB was created by en Executive Order of Mayor Samo in February 2010. The CPHE was an evolution from the earlier Citizen Complaint Review Board (CCRB) established by former Mayor Ryan. The CCRB was first created in response to a study ‘conducted by criminal justice experts Professor Jack McDevitt of Northeastern University ‘and his Associate, Dr. Amy Farrell. The study was conducted as part of a settlement of the filing of a complaint by the Springfield Pastor's Council with the Massachusetts, ‘Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). Beginning in June of 2009, the former CORB, under the coordination and guidance of the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Denise Jordan, began meeting to review the original Executive Order governing its activities and began discussing options amongst its members and legal counsel for improving the process and increasing the positive impact of the Board fon the community, The former CCRB had issued a recommendation and report on December 9, 2008 and had also held a public hearing on its draft suggestions on that date.