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Student Name: Gibion Makiwa School

School: Mike Mountain Horse

Goal #1: Create a personal connection with my students in order to foster a positive learning environment Goal #2: Improve my classroom management skills

Grade/Subject: 3


Action Plan (What I will do to meet goals)

Resources Needed (people/books/inter net/etc)

Time Frame


Reflections To be completed prior to summative evaluation (Did I meet my goals? Why /Why not?)

(refer to

(how long)



Learn student names. Greet students and parents as they come in. Conversation with students during recess and lunch hour. Stand by the door at the end of the last class and wish students a good evening.

List of students from TA

By the end of week 2


took me roughly two weeks

Goal #1:

to memorize all my students’ names.

KSA #7



put a lot of effort to try and

KSA # 8

get to know all my students and what was going on in their

lives outside of school. I found the sharing time in the morning very important for teachers to get an update on how students were feeling on


a daily basis.

I also managed to interact with

a couple of parents.


Classroom management that works: Research based strategies for every teacher

By the end of week 5

I read about classroom

Goal #2:

Do a classroom management book study

management and implemented some of the

KSA # 7


strategies I learned. By the end of the practicum, I had noticed



Learn from my TA


great improvement in student behavior.



did not introduce new

classroom rules since my teacher associate had very good classroom rules. I found the rules very effective in reducing student behavior.