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A Trip To The Beach

Last weekend, ________________ and _________________ decided to take a trip to the beach.
(Name (Name 2)
________________ packed a bag full of __________________ ________________ and a big jug of
(Name 1) (Adjective) (Food)

_________________. _________________ brought a towel that had a picture of a _______________

(Liquid) (Name 2)

_________________ on it. The beach was crowded but there were a few spots left.
(Adjective) (Animal)

________________and ______________ wanted to learn how to swim so they rented a pair of

(Name 2) (Name 1)

______________and hopped into the water. Soon it was time for more snacks so ______________
(Plural noun)

went to a stand to buy ______________. A lifeguard blew on his

(Name 2) (plural food)

_________________ because someone was _________________ too far into the ocean. The sun was

_________________ so _________________ and _________________ rubbed _________________

(-ing verb) (-ing verb)

on each other for protection. Eventually the tide came too close and _________________ all the
(Name 2) (Name 1) (Noun)

_________________ away from the beach. _________________ and _________________ packed

(Past tense verb)
their _________________ and went home.
(Plural noun) (Name 1) (Name 2)