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(25 marks)
Based on the notes, complete the text with the correct information.

RM 1 000 is a lot of money. Many people who get this much money

wouldn’t know what to do with it. As for me I have already planned what to do

if I am given a chance to spend RM 1 000. First of all, I will (i)

_______________________________ because I love them very much. Next, I will

buy (ii) _______________________________. I have been longing to read it. I will

also not forget the poor and needy. I will donate some of the money (iii)

_______________________________. I will also treat (iv)

_______________________________ at her favourite restaurant. Finally, I will save

some of the money (v) _______________________________.


You want to tell your friends at your neighbouring school about the campaign.

Write a message to inform one of your friends about the campaign. You may

include details such as time, venue, date and any useful information. Write

your message between 50 and 80 words.

(12 marks)