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F. Bustamante Central Elementary School

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Lungsod ng Dabaw


Date: March , 2019 Section: Malaya

Content Standard The learners listens critically to different text types;

expresses ideas logically in oral and written forms;
demonstrates interest in reading to meet various needs.

Performance Standards Uses the correct function of nouns, pronouns, verbs,

adjectives, and adverbs in general and their functions in
various discourse (oral and written)

Learning Competencies ENG5SS-Iva-1.8.1

I – Learning Objectives 1. Use Compound Sentences to show cause and
2. Create compound sentences showing cause and
3. Value the importance of Cause and Effect in their
daily lives.

II – Subject Matter Cause and Effect Sentences

III - LEARNING RESOURCES/Textbook Pages ENG5SS-Iva-1.8.1
K 12 Curriculum Guide in English 5
Language Learning Made Easy
Pictures, Cartolina, Laptop, Manila Paper
K. Reviewing previous lesson/s or presenting the new Our last topic was about Problem-Solution Text, Now I will
lesson post different kinds of sentences and I want you to choose
the Problem-Solution Sentences.
L. Establish a purpose for the lesson The teacher will give a scrambled words.
Strategy: Match Column A and column B

The teacher will give the students a scrambled words in

Column A, after they found out the word they will match
the definition in column B.

Cause- the reason why it happen

Effect- the result of the action or event
Cause and Effect- is the method of paragraph or essay
development in which a writer analyses the reason for
and/or the consequences of action or event.

1. The boy missed the exam because he overslept.
2. Due to students absenteeism the teacher do home
3. They practice had for their presentation, so the
result was remarkable.

M. Presenting Examples/instances of the new lesson Strategy: Group Activity

1. Group the students into 3

Group 1: They will create a short story showing cause and
Group 2: They will make a poem showing cause and effect
Group 3: They will make a song showing cause and effect

N. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills #1 Directions: In the same group, the teacher will provide a
cause or an effect through an image.
The groups must provide their own cause or effect
depending on the activity given.

G1: What would be the effect if there is an Earthquake?

G2: What do you think is the cause of flash flood?

G3: What would be the effect if there is a water shortage

in the community?
O. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills Presentation of each group.
P. Developing Mastery Which among the compound sentences below shows a
cause and effect relationship?
1. Because of bad weather, the game was cancelled.
2. Although very long, the movie was still enjoyable
3. He studied very hard because he wanted to pass
the entrance exam.
4. Develop you sense of humor so that you will feel
less stress and enjoy life more
5. She turned the computer after she learned that it
was damaged.
6. Wherever you go, you can always find beauty
7. Due to students absenteeism, the teacher do
home visitation.
8. Until the bell rings, stay in the classroom.
9. Father won the jackpot in lotto and the family
were so happy.
10. The children prepare and practice for their
Q. Finding practical application of concepts and skills Show video clip
in daily living Follow up question:

The video Clip is about?

What do you think is the cause of bullying?

What do you think is the effect of bullying?
How many students do you think is a victim of bullying?
As a student how can u stop bullying?
R. Making Generalization and abstraction about the Can you define Cause and Effect Relationship?
lesson Give at least one example of Cause and Effect Sentence.
S. Pagtataya ng Aralin Underline once the cause and underline twice the effect.
(Evaluating Learning)
Ruben is very determined to pass the exam. He studied
every night because of his determination he pass the
T. (Additional Activities for application or Assignment:
remediation) In a ¼ sheet of paper, write five (5) Compound Sentences
showing cause and effect


H. No of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation

I. No. of learners who require additional activities for

remediation who scored below 80%
J. Did the remedial lessons work?
No. of learners who have caught up with the lesson
K. No. of learners who continue to require remediation
L. Which of my teaching strategies work well? Why did
these work?
M. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal or
supervisor can help me solve?
N. What innovation or localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish to share with other teachers?

Prepared by:

Teacher I

Observed by:

Master Teacher II/ Mentor