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Life on the Other Side:

A reaction paper on a prospective family business

By Abigail Elbambo

Over the course of the past few years, the country’s GDP per capita have risen by 2.00 %
with an annual growth rate of 5.80%. Because of the said growth, disposable incomes experience
the same increase which allow individuals to splurge more. Furthermore, with the shift towards a
fast-paced and high-stress lifestyle, the need and want to escape from these environments draw
favor. With the country’s lush and abundant natural resources, having more or less 7,000 islands—
most of which having easy access to, the activity of travelling is one to be exploited. Having such
justifications in mind, it is of my recommendation that in any case that a family business be
established, it would be one of “travel and tours”—firstly focused on the Philippines and later on,
possibly, the international scene as well.
In considering this however does one have to evaluate both the advantages and
disadvantages present in the said venture. Two main points of contention against the engaging in
travel and tours are a) competition b) complexity. With the said type of business being one of the
fastest growing at that in the 2015, the idea of delving into the said endeavor is one not exclusive
to oneself. Just as such as seen as a good business opportunity, many may have grasped the same
realization. Having said so, an increase in competition may be expected and with that, one must be
ready both with capital and strategy in order to be at par or exceed such opponents. Furthermore,
the nature of the said business entails a certain form of complexity because of the amount of
individuals, entities, and institutions one has to coordinate with. The implications on assuring safety
of its customers are one of a concern as well. From the transportation, lodging, activities, and
overall location, all will have to be excellently coordinated. Additionally, an extension of trust
towards these entities in taking care of their customers will also have to be present—although, it is
known that trustworthy beings are those hardest to find thus the complication.
However, despite these major points of concern, several advantages are present to
encourage the continuous inclination towards this venture. Currently, a trend towards an increase
in out-of-town travelling and travelling in general at that within the local, and even international,
community may be observed. This may be attested to through observation, quantitative
measurements, and even personal identification. Such is especially relevant in young adults such
as myself and young professionals—although it may also extend to a higher age bracket. Having
identified so, such is an opportunity that may be taken advantage of especially considering the
economic upturn the country is experiencing. Furthermore, new travel location within the country
are slowly being discovered and recognized thus expanding the range of options and destination
choices for potential customers; more discoveries are to be expected as well seeing the expanse of
the Philippine territory. Being able to provide packages that appeal to both price-conscious
consumers and well-to-do customers will be crucial in this business and shall be considered greatly
therefore. Consequently, engaging in the said business will contribute to job opportunities for the
Filipino people in the country and in turn will also aid in increasing the country’s tourism rate and
further down the road, contribute positively to the Philippine economy as well.
In identifying therefore the business of choice in the hypothetical question raised, If your
family does not have a business, what family business would you establish in the light of the
economic upturn in the country? Why?, are the preceding paragraphs aimed to answer such. And
although aware that certain issues are yet to be resolved, with the current trends in society
(economical included), one cannot ignore the potential found in “travel and tours”. And being a
family who has lived their whole lives abroad, the thirst we have of exploring the great wonders in
the Philippines would be of great motivation in the said business. Such would add authenticity to
the service being offered as it would be born out of personal curiosity and want. And as the ancient
Chinese sage, Confucius, once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day
in your life.” –and delving into the said business is exactly as that. A returning expatriate’s salute
to the home he is yet to know.