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If you are looking for a job, you may wonder what are the top paying jobs in 2019,

this post will describe the most paying jobs in united states. note that some of
the jobs here are also top paying in most of the countries :

10. Software architec

This job is highly on demand in the united stated as it's on top of the top paying
jobs worldwide. A software architect (also known as Chief architect) is an expert
in making software standards and design, choosing appropriate tools and
plateforms,He assists coding and workflow of making software.
Anual Salary :

9. Nurse practioner
Nursing is also highly on demand in the usa, in this job you are asked to assess
patients and their needs, prescribe medecins and interpret laboratory tests. The
salary is very motivating for a good trained nurse;
Anual Salary :

8. Software engineering Manager

As a software engineering manager, your task is to assist and coordinate between
your team members and other departments in developping a new software or enhancing
an existing one, You must also have good understanding of softwares in addition to
management skills.
Anual Salary :

7. Physician Assistant
Also abbreviated as (PA), this job requires working on collaboration or under a
supervision of a Physician. a PA may prescribe medications, diagnose weakness,
interprets test and may assist in a surgey.
Anual Salary :

6. Development manager
Maybe this is the most stressful job in a company, a development manager should
keep an eye on development, customers, sells, relations and many other tasks, the
main responsability of a DM is to deliver products to the costumer as planned
without misses or retardings.
anual Salary :

5. Corporate Councel
Organizations, corporations and businesses usally hires a lawyer known as a
Corporate counsel, a law degree is required to this job. A corporate councel task
is to advise empoyer and companies on a legal matters.
anual Salary :

4. Enterprise Architect
An Enterprise architect is a well trained and skilled employee that verifies if
the compagny's business strategy fits best on the appropriate systems architecture
to achieve desired goals. this job requires a high sens of responsability as it's
the core of the business or company.
anual Salary :

3. Pharmacist
Here we are on the top 3 most paying jobs in the united states, the number three
belongs to the Pharmacist, a job where the pharmacist provides the key information
about medecins such as side effects, how to use, contradiction with other drugs and
more. the daily tasks of a pharmacist could be resumed in education patients about
drugs, checking prescriptions accuracy, recommanding drugs and checking for any
contradictions, oversee daily ordering ...
anual Salary :
2. Pharmacy Manager
this is the second most paying job in the usa, a pharmacy manager is responsible
for maintaining the management of the pharmacy. He also supervise staff in a
pharmacy and assure the normal operation of the pharmacy.
anual Salary :

1. Physician
The top paying job in the US belongs to the Physician (alson known as medical
practioner or simply Doctor), this job don't need a description as it's well known
eveywhere. When you are sick you simply seek for a Physician !
anual Salary :