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The number of people working online from home has grown in some countries?
Why is it so? What advantages and disadvantages can come of this trend? 1

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The number of people working online from home has grown in some countries? Why
is it so? What advantages and disadvantages can come of this trend?

Nowadays, working online activities are becoming increasingly popular and gaining
momentum, in line with certain nations’ development and economic progress. In addition,
those who work online at home not only comprise those who work in small companies, but
also those who work in large companies, even though they have a fixed job but high cost and
living conditions cause them to seek extra income. This suggests that working online at
home is getting a lot of warm welcome as it can benefit the users. However, working online
also has an unexpected downside.
Now there are companies that give employees the advantage of working from home.
There are advantages and disadvantages of working from this home. Here are list the
advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Advantages of Working Online from Home

More Time for Family
The biggest benefit of working online from home is that we can spend more valuable
time for our family. Apart from that, I think online work is perfect for those who are already
married or have children so that their time can be more spent on enjoying the moment with
their children at home.

More Freedom
While working at home we are not limited to a wide variety of office rules in general
and there is no supervisor who oversees us while working, so that we can be more free and
workable. However, sometimes this can cause us to be too relaxed and less productive
because that's the responsibility and focus that is really needed when we are doing the job at

Time Become More Efficient and Productive
Since we work from home, then we do not have to waste time for an out-of-way trip,
do not need to be cuddled in the street, and are much more cost-effective in terms of
transportation. But this comes back to their own personalities, there are people who are
given the freedom of time and even spend more time to sleep and play.
With flexible working hours, of course we can use it to work during productive hours
according to our taste, there are people who are more productive in the morning, there are
also those who are far more productive in the day, while working at home is also perfect for
those who are moody people because we can refresh whenever we want and also we are not
easy to stress at home rather than when we are just in the routine.

Do Not Like Work Pressure

Many who choose to work online at home make this reason a way to reduce or
eliminate stress or get stress at work. No matter the pressure comes from the employer, work
environment or work done. By working online at home, we can make our own plans
according to time and circumstances.

Disadvantages of Working Online from Home

It's easier to be bored and lonely
Although it seems free and fun, but sometimes working at home is quite boring
because no one else can chat or joke like office, but we will also feel lonely if we have a
home-based job for a long time. That's why we can deceive it by joining organizations or
communities at leisure, taking part in social activities and it would be better if we have a
colleague who is also working remotely.

Tends to be Less Focused

With the presence of the internet now, every second has always emerged as a burglar
of attention in the online media, social media, and so forth. Indeed, in our present day's
constant consistency is diverted by various issues, hoaxes, news, gossip, and so forth. For
instance, we will slowly open links on Facebook, playing video at YouTube, without
knowing maybe we have spent 5 hours circling from one website to another.

Moreover, by working from home we can procrastinate our work, so these
disturbances really become toxic in productivity while working. So it is wise to use the time
and stop the habit of dragging there.

Difficult to Evaluate Self-Esteem

When working at home, we do not know if the work done is satisfactory or not until
the client or customer who notifies us. Unlike working at the office where there is usually a
performance appraisal and better management system in measuring our performance during
work, besides that the boss will reprimand if we make a mistake or our performance declines
while working so we will continue to get positive feedback from our work environment .
Of course, feedback and face-to-face strikes will be more than just an email or
message, so it's worthless to ask people to come in from our closest family or friends, ask
them to assess how we work and focus on our self-development.

Although not all who experience such a situation, but the consequences of not long
associating with friends will make the mental courage a little decreased to deal with the real
world. For example, we're used to doing everything online such as buy online items, check
out online news, and respond online. This causes our response to be slow to the things that
are done in real life, as usually in the online world we are not dealing with problems or
events. If we are scared, there are some people who have difficulty talking to other people in
the real world, while in cyberspace are so loud and talkative.

All things considered, working at home has its pros and cons. In spite of the facts
remotely working avoids you from traffic challenges and gives you freedom, many people
find it difficult to manage time between work and home. Personally, I believe that working
from home is less stressful and it's up to us and our own ambitions get drawbacks or
advantages from working at home. To conclude, there are several benefits to working from
home. Many employers have already realized this and started encouraging their workers to
work from home. In the future, we will certainly have more organizations taking this route.
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