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Spry Training

Installation and Key Synchronisation



In order to run Spry (or Gantt Scheduler) you will also need to install the License Administrator
software provided by Precision Mining as well as potentially install other prerequisite software that
may or may not already be installed on your computer. Spry requires a Windows environment
(Windows 7 and up) and it is strongly recommended to be a 64-bit version. Spry and the License
Administrator also require a Precision Mining supplied USB security key to be plugged into your
computer at all times.


Spry, the License Administrator and any other mentioned prerequisite software is available from


If you are running Windows 7 before downloading Spry or the License Administrator software please
download and install the “Microsoft .NET Framework 4” installer (either the “Web” or

If your USB security key starts with 0-9 or A-G, you may also require the “USB HASP Key Driver”. You
can wait until you install the License Administrator to see if it is required.


Spry comes in both a 64bit and 32bit version. It is always recommended that you use the 64bit
version unless you know that you are running 32bit Windows 7 (rare). The License Administrator
only comes in a 32bit version which will work on both types of Windows.

Both Spry and the License Administrator come in an “Online” and “Offline” version. The “Online”
version is preferred because it updates automatically and ensures that you as the user have easy
access to the latest version of the software. The “Offline” version is used primarily in the following

1. Your IT department requests it

2. You are unable to install the “Online” version
3. Your internet connectivity is sporadic and/or very slow

If Spry can detect an internet connection when loading, it will check for a new version. If it finds one,
you will be unable to use Spry until the new version has downloaded. Spry updates are normally 10-
20mb but can in rare instances be larger (up to around 200mb) so if your internet connection is slow
then this may cause problems. Update frequency varies but updates can occur several times per day.
You will only update when loading Spry, your usage will not be interrupted to force a new version to
be downloaded.

If you are using the “Offline” version and wish to update the process is as follows:

1. Download the new “Offline” installer

2. Uninstall the current software you wish to update
3. Install the new version


The License Administrator is the software Precision Mining uses to update your USB Security Key
with licensing information (such as hours or unlimited time available). Software security can be
summarised as follows:

1. You will need to “Synchronise” your key in the License Administrator at least once every 35
days. Once you synchronise, the timer restarts to another 35 days from that point
2. Spry will only use hours when the software is active (in a minimum 5 minute block) so if you
leave your Spry unattended and not actively running a schedule/script then the most time
that will be used is 5 minutes.
3. You will require an internet connection to synchronise your key

To synchronise your key, hit the Synchronise icon. Synchronisation will take a few seconds. If you do
not see your key in on the screen you may need to hit the Refresh button.

If you don’t see your key or see an error message that states that licensing is “in use by another
program” the simplest solution is to unplug your key, plug it back in then sync again.