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Assignment for marketing 470

Subject: Multinational brand campaign that represents

Bangladeshi cultural

Group: Superintendent

Name Id
Najibur Rahman 1431147
Yamaha Beautiful Bangladesh

Our campaign plan about the brand YAMAHA that will represent the brand with Bangladeshi
culture. YAMAHA is one of the leading and preferable brand to choose a motorbike. They
successfully doing the business around the country even around the world. Their brand mantra
about the sporty product line is an adventure. So the campaign will be for them who has Yamaha
sporty bike.

Campaign insider and activities

Yamaha will open up an event page on Facebook. Where all the details will be given. The sporty
bike holders have to go to a good place or somewhere that represent the beauty of Bangladesh.
Such as highway roadside where has natural beauty or it could be hell top etc. Though nowadays
it’s become a trend to go hilltop like shajek, bandor ban with the bike. So here the participants
have to take a still photo or video nature with the bike and have to upload on their Facebook wall
and our event page with hashtag “#yamahabeautifulBangladeshcampaign”.
After the campaign ended 10 winners will be selected based on their like, share and comment.
Then we will make a team with the winners and we will arrange a campaign tour which will be
Dhaka to Chittagong or Dhaka to Tetulia. They will ride a bike by a team with Yamaha t-shirt and
some promotional stuff. For this tour, all expenses will be given by Yamaha.

The time frame for the campaign

The estimated time frame of the social media campaign, we will choose December to January
Because of the end of the year and beginning of a new year people usually love to travel. So if we
use this time frame. It will be easy to get more participant. Even it could influence people to make
a tour.
And for the next campaign tour, we will choose a few days between February and March. Because
the weather will be favorable to make a tour.

What the benefits will get Yamaha

 It will influence the bike lover to prefer Yamaha
 A consumer who has an adventurous mindset will be influenced
 It will represent the natural beauty of Bangladesh around the world
 Consumers will understand the brand position
 It will create brand awareness around the country for both who already knows about
Yamaha or who does not
 It will create a positive mind for the quality of the product
 People will be influenced to go to the places that will be uploaded on Facebook even so
many people don’t know the beautiful places that Bangladesh has. Even our campaign
could help to develop our tourism industry.

Budget statement for the campaign

Our approximate budget given below -
For the social media promotion per day 30 dollars = 2550tk
For two month =153,000
And for the tour campaign
Fuel cost per person 3000tk * 10 person and the five supervisors = 45000
Lunch, snacks, and dinner for per person = 400 * 15= 6000
Hotel cost for 1 night 1 day= 20000
Promotional stuff= 10000
Additional cost = 20,000

social media promotion 153,000

Fuel cost 45,000
Lunch, snacks, and dinner 6000
Hotel cost 20,000
Promotional stuff 10,000
Additional cost 20,000
Total cost 254,000