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nevertheless, a physical was required SOP.

Memah could
see that she wasn't going to get out of it; the droid was
firm and nonyielding as only a machine could be. She
acquiesced to the following day at eleven hundred hours.

"You are scheduled to see Captain Dr. Divini. Please

bring any medical records you have with you. Do you
need a reminder call on the morning shift?"

"No, I can remember that far in advance, thank you."

She shut off the comm and looked at Rodo. He gave her
another shrug. "I went yesterday. Apparently I am not a
carrier of any transmit-table diseases and thus am
deemed fit for habitation."

"Well, if I were Sangi Fever Sal, this would be a day late

and a dozen credits short," Memah said. "I could have
infected hundreds of people by now. There'd be bodies
dropping like brindlebugs in the hot sun."

"The Empire grinds slow but fine," Rodo said. "And they
did check everybody before we got on the transport
dirtside, like you said, so why do it again? There's no
chance of catching something on the way up."

"That's the government-everything and everyone gets

shunted through the Department of Redundancy
Department." Memah looked back at the requisition
form. "So tomorrow I'll go get thumped and probed by
the medics. See if you can't get the guy doing the exhaust