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"Contractor's on his way to install the tables and chairs.

He says it's a two-day job, tops."

"Yeah, right. And the Emperor's packin' a lightsaber."

"Apparently there was a recent visit from the Emperor's

favorite envoy."

He cupped his hands over his mouth and did a creditable

impression of Darth Vader's respirator sound. "Since he
left, things have run very smoothly. I believe the
contractor is sincere."

The comm on the computer blipped. Memah answered it.


"Memah Roothes, please."


"This is the scheduling droid for Sector Medical. When

might it be convenient for you to meet with one of our
doctors to complete your physical examination for
preadmission to the station?"

"I hate to point this out, but I arrived here some days
past. Besides, they gave me the standard once-over
before I dusted Despayre."

The droid politely acknowledged the error, citing

shorthandness and overscheduling problems;