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 All food waste and scraps  All recycling  General waste

 Meat, chicken and fish  Steel, tin aluminum cans,  Plastic Bags
including empty aerosols.  Packets, wrapper cling wrap
scraps and bones.
 Clear, brown and green bottles and bubble wrap.
 Tea bags and coffee grounds
and jars (rinsed, no lids)  Nappies and sanitary waste,
 Fruits and Vegetables scraps wrap tightly and stored in
 Plastic bottles and containers no.
 Cake, Breads, Rice Pasta 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 (rinsed, no lids) well-sealed bags.
 Garden waste: lawn clipping,  Cardboard boxes, milk and juice  Pet waste, kitty litter
pruning and small sticks, cartons.  Foam, polystyrene
 Newspaper, magazines, office  Light globes, mirrors,
twigs and flowers
papersand junk mails, including ceramics cookware and
 Shredded paper, paper
envelopes. drinking glasses.
towels and serviettes.
X Plastic bags, light bulbs, mirrors or X Building materials, syringe, oil
X Plastic bags, food drinking glasses ,foods or general or paint, gas bottles, hazardous and
packagingcling wrap ir waste ceramics, crockery or chemical waste.
recyclable. ovenware, foam or polysterene
X Medicalwaste (speak to your
waxed cardboard boxes.
doctor or pharmacy)