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Brittany Tennier

244 Elmore Drive

Acton, Ontario L7J1T9
(905) 691-3945

August 12, 2018

Halton District School Board

2050 Guelph Line
Burlington, Ontario L7P 5A8

To whom it may concern,

I’m currently entering my second year at Sheridan College, in the Educational Support Program. I am expressing
interest for the Supply Educational Assistant position (Job Code: 2576908). After seeing this opportunity posted on
the Apply to Education website, I thought I would be a perfect candidate to apply for this position due to my love
and joy working with children, combined with the experience I have gained over the last year.

The qualifications asked in the Supply Educational Assistant position are what I feel like I can offer to HDSB. I
have had opportunity from my placement in the HDSB to engage with students in the school setting while, and
understanding the own individual needs every child may require. Being able to use my skill set learned at Sheridan I
was able to assess situations with students with autism, and also aggressive behaviour in some situations. I had a
lesson in lifting, transferring, dressing, feeding that can also be used when needed while on the job.

The Supply Educational Assistant values that we must be wanting to achieve the mission together, inspire and
support the learning of students, create a safe, healthy, inclusive and engaging environment for the students. Having
been in the school setting I know what this looks like, and how to be the part to help this happen in every school.
The one thing I ultimately took away from my placement in the HDSB was from a video watched on a P.A day, and
it touched me. The positivity project, where teachers express their feelings to students on how much they are
important, inspiring, appreciated, the reason for coming to work. If a student knows you believe in them, it makes a
worlds difference. It made me realize that this isn’t just a job, it’s a opportunity to build a relationship and make an
experience out of it together,

I am a hardworking individual that is dedicated to whatever work that is required. I am available during the 10-
month school year. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further show my enthusiasm for this opportunity
during an interview setting. Please feel free to reach me at or telephone 905-691-3945
and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Brittany Tennier