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The University of Aveiro is an internationally renowned

institution that has 16 departments, 4 polytechnic
schools and 18 research units, encompassing about
15 thousand students and 900 professors. Over the
40 years since it was born, UA has grown sustainably,
not only in the number of students, but also in terms of
quality and the variety of courses and research offered,
which has consolidated its standing as one of the most
innovative and highest placed Portuguese universities
in the several world rankings. Elected one of the top 100
young universities in the world (Times Higher Education
ranking) it is viewed, according to several rankings, as
one of the top 500 universities in the world. UA is also
the most prolific publisher of scientific papers and, in
recent years has the highest ratio of patents per capita
(professors) among the Portuguese universities.

It is a multi-faceted university, focusing on science

and technology, innovation and generating wealth.
Its organizational framework favors a harmonious
interaction between learning and research
environments, promoting a variety of different
educational paths, whether post-secondary specialty
programs or doctorate programs. In what concerns
research and innovation, several areas stand out:
ICT (Information and Communications Technologies),
Materials, Environment and the Sea, Natural and
Agri-Food Products, Education, among others. UA is a
privileged partner working with businesses and other
Portuguese and foreign entities, cooperating in several
projects and programs and providing specialist services.

A pioneer in promoting entrepreneurship, the university

carries out activities that convert knowledge into
economic value, creating innovative products and
solutions that contribute towards technological and
scientific progress and towards society. This action
is dynamized by two operational units: Technology
Transfer Unit of the University of Aveiro (UATEC) and the
Business Incubator of the University of Aveiro (IEUA).
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1 learning
2 training
3 protection


5 competing

4 capacity building


6 validation
7 growth

04 university of aveiro university of aveiro 05

UA offers a vast range of courses that lead to an academic degree, or not, starting
with post-secondary level courses to doctorates. These courses, which are taught
in its departments and polytechnics, are dedicated to diverse fields of knowledge,
reflecting the multidisciplinary appeal of this institution.

The courses offered by UA involve a universe of 15 thousand students who are taught
the technical and scientific skills that are required by the business world and society.

lear The UA degree programs are organized into three study cycles: the 1st cycle, which lasts
3 years and leads to a Licentiate degree; the 2nd cycle, lasting two years and leading to a
Master’s degree; and, finally, the 3rd cycle, lasting between 3 and 5 years and which leads
to a Doctorate. In some Engineering courses, UA offers integrated master’s degrees that
combine the 1st and 2nd study cycles.

UA courses include curricular units geared towards entrepreneurship, covering matters of

interest and teaching skills needed to implement business ideas and create Start-ups.
learning ua entrepreneurial

Formal learning in Entrepreneurship

Teaching entrepreneurship has been course units, which stimulate creative

a strategic investment made by UA. and innovative thinking by the students,
During the academic year of 2012/2013, encourage conceiving new products
this encompassed 13 course units (CU) and services as well as creating new
taught in 50 courses of the 1st and 2nd companies. Entrepreneurship course units
cycle degrees (which corresponds to are taught in classes composed of students
90% of existing cycles), as well as in a from various courses, taking advantage of
large number of doctoral programs, and the multidisciplinary aspect of the university
involved involved around 600 students. and favoring the interchange of different
The great diversity of programs, objectives competencies, and contributing towards a
and teaching approaches applied in these richer learning process.

Course units taught during the 2012/13 academic year:

Bio-entrepreneurship (2 CU)

Entrepreneurship (5 CU)

Entrepreneurship and forming companies (1 CU)

Entrepreneurship and innovation (1 CU)

Social entrepreneurship and community intervention (1 CU)

Project management and entrepreneurship (1 CU)

Innovation and entrepreneurship (2 CU)

Contacts: Further information (+351) 234 370 200

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r i n
2 t a ni g
UA organizes training with a considerable hands-on component, allowing all the entrepreneurs
to acquire knowledge and apply it to new business ideas and technology valuation.
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Technology-based Entrepreneurship Course (CEBT)

The Technology-based Entrepreneurship coaching sessions, boasting a team of

Course is a joint initiative by UA, the professors and mentor with vast know-how
University of Beira Interior, the University of and experience in entrepreneurship and
Coimbra and the Center Region Business innovation, CEBT has invested in a practical
Council / Center Region Chamber of component as a factor for differentiation, in
Commerce and Industry (CEC/CCIC). order to develop the Value Proposition and
These entities joined efforts in 2006 for the the Business Plan. Participants can explore
purposes of stimulating the capacities and technologies and projects from laboratories
skills needed to create technology-based and research departments in partner
companies. This course has included two universities, assessing business potential
Entrepreneurship Lab (LabE) Iberian editions (in 2012 and 2014), in and eventually their implementation, by
association with the Universidad Pontificia creating new companies (spin-offs).
de Salamanca, the Fundación General de CEBT is aimed for higher education students,
The Entrepreneurship Lab offers the In addition to this theory component, given la Universidad de León y de la Empresa, recent graduates, postgraduate students,
services necessary for entrepreneurs to by University staff, participants can also the Fundación General de la Universidad de senior staff and management in companies.
test the viability of their business idea. take advantage of the UA Mentors Network Valladolid and the Fundación General de la
During the LabE, participants acquire (external specialists), who can assist Universidad de Salamanca.
knowledge through modules such as them in defining their business strategy, By means of an innovative methodology,
Business Plan, Economic-Financial developing the Business Plan, as well as based on workshops, mentoring and
Analysis, Intellectual Property, Marketing preparing their pitch, presented in the
and Strategy and Communication. final session.

Contacts: Further information: Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 836 (+351) 234 370 836

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For projects that involve a considerable innovation factor, which may require protection,
UA offers support in analysis and defining the best strategy for their protection.
protection ua entrepreneurial

Intellectual Property Bureau

In order to assist the academic community Unit of the University of Aveiro (UATEC)
in defining the best strategy for protecting team, as well as the Portuguese Industrial
intellectual property, there is personalized Property Institute (INPI), the General
assistance for students, researchers Inspectorate for Cultural Activities (IGAC)
and professors. This initiative is regularly and Official Industrial Property Agents
supported by the Technology Transfer (AOPI) on specific occasions.

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 836

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Together with teaching, UA also promotes capacity building and networking, in order to
stimulate shared experience and knowledge in relevant fields, and supports potential
entrepreneurs in identifying the resources they need to implement their business ideas.

ty capaci
capacity building ua entrepreneurial

Intellectual Property Workshop IEUA Sharing

The Intellectual Property workshops aim to These workshops also involve the IEUA Sharing is a consolidated innovation, stimulate networking between
raise awareness and inform the academic cooperation of the Portuguese Industrial entrepreneurship experience and the academic community and citizens
community regarding the different types of Property Institute (INPI), the General knowledge-sharing initiative that takes interested in the subjects addressed.
protection available (patent, utility model, Inspectorate for Cultural Activities (IGAC) place in an informal environment, with the Simultaneously, business experiences
trademark, design, copyright, etc.), the and Official Industrial Property Agents participation of the University of Aveiro are shared, including any mistakes that
respective advantages and procedures. (AOPI), which are UA partners. Business Incubator (IEUA) and companies might have been made and the reasons
associated to this entrepreneurial ecosystem. behind them, as well as a variety of useful
Visiting speakers, who are well known information helping entrepreneurs develop
for their contribution towards the their business idea or project.
development of entrepreneurship and

Contacts: Further information: Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 836 (+351) 234 380 300

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capacity building ua entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurship Workshop Entrepreneurship Bureau

UA holds entrepreneurship workshops In addition to these workshops, there The Entrepreneurship Bureau is an UATEC UA are presented, the
that address issues such as the business are sessions staging specific events and IEUA initiative that aims to clarify value propositions for
plan, internationalization, and financial supporting entrepreneurship, such as and accompany potential entrepreneurs the business idea/company
support available for businesses, among the Entrepreneurship Passport, Ideas in the development of their project and in are analyzed by community
others. These workshops also involve Competitions and capacity building actions, implementing their business idea. During members, and the resources needed for
former UA students who have created performed by UA or outside entities. this personalized service, the support their market implementation/consolidation
their own business and have offered to services and competencies offered by are identified.
share their insight on the path taken until
it was formed.

Contacts: Further information:

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 836 (+351) 234 370 836 (+351) 234 380 300

22 university of aveiro university of aveiro 23

The purpose of the ideas competitions organized by UA is to validate business ideas
and obtain resources, including fundraising, and offer support in the development of a
Business Plan, Communication Plan and Incubation.

5 pe
com ting
competing ua entrepreneurial

Poliempreende IEUA Start Ideas Competition

Poliempreende is an ideas and Business This competition includes the countries The IEUA Start ideas competition is disclosure and fundraising projects via
Plan competition that evaluates and polytechnics, independent university intended to stimulate the development a crowdfunding platform; support in
gives prizes to the top projects developed colleges and polytechnic schools within of innovative business ideas with high defining the Business Plan and model; and
and presented by polytechnic students, universities. UA participates in this potential, award prizes for those ideas and participation in an event presenting the
graduates or professors. competition via its four polytechnic schools support the implementation of services respective value propositions.
(School of Technology and Management, and products that contribute towards the The first edition of this competition took
The competition has a regional component Águeda – ESTGA, School of Design, economic development of the Region of place between January and April 2013 and
and a national component. At regional
Management and Production Technologies, Aveiro. The competition is split up into the finalist business ideas raised funds
level each institute/school implements a Northern Aveiro – ESAN, School of several stages which include: capacity (a total of 12,909€) on the Massivemov
process that leads to giving awards to the Health – ESSUA and Higher Institute for building and support in promotion, Crowdfunding platform.
top three projects. Afterwards, the winners Accountancy and Administration – ISCA). The
at each institution are submitted to a jury, competition is coordinated on a rotational
which will choose the best three projects basis, but is always jointly organized.
in the country.

Contacts: Further information:

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 380 300 (+351) 234 370 836

26 university of aveiro university of aveiro 27

competing ua entrepreneurial

Empreende + Business Ideas Competition

The Empreende + Business Natural persons, individually or as a team

Ideas Competition aims to with up to 5 members, can participate
appraise the innovative in Empreende +. The jury in this
potential of business competition is composed of
ideas, and foment representatives from Venture
entrepreneurship Capital companies, Business
and the creation of Angels and public or private
new companies. entrepreneurship support entities.
Prizes are awarded to
The prices can include financial support
the best projects in different
to include in the share capital of the
categories: Regional Entrepreneurship,
future companies.
Technology-based Entrepreneurship,
Creative Entrepreneurship, among others.

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 836

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UA offers incubator and accelerator programs for companies that are adapted to specific
needs in each stage of the entrepreneurship process, from the creation of the business idea
up to when the company gains its independence and is consolidated in international markets.
validation ua entrepreneurial

IEUA Start Incubation Program | business ideas IEUA Start Incubation Program | companies

Support for pre-incubation of business geared towards creating value and closing In addition to the PRE START stage, implementing the business strategy and
ideas generated from knowledge acquired businesses deals. During this stage, which geared towards business ideas, the defining the communication strategy.
at UA is developed via IEUA Start, an lasts 1 year at the most, the business idea IEUA Start program involves another The START PLAY stage is designed for
incubator program divided into four stages: and the creation of the product, process three stages (START UP, START PLAY increasing sales, the number of clients and
the first, pre-incubation (PRE START) or service is supported, together with the and START GO) for companies, lasting organizing the internationalization process
of business ideas, and three (START development of the business model, the 2 years at the most, including access to and attracting investors. During the final
UP, START PLAY and START GO) for Business Plan, proof of concept, prototypes incubation areas, equipment, capacity stage, START GO, the internationalization
companies. During the pre-incubation and market validations, which means that building services and a network of partners process, financial sustainability and
stage, the promoters of a business idea the promoters can test and evaluate if geared towards creating value and closing business autonomy is consolidated, without
can access areas, equipment, capacity forming a company is viable. businesses deals. the assistance of the incubation program.
building services and a network of partners The START UP stage, which requires By virtue of this program, UA contributes
the definition and prior validation of the towards the creation, development and
Business plan and model, is designed sustainable growth of innovative companies.
to support starting business activities,

Contacts: Further information:

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 380 300 (+351) 234 380 300

32 university of aveiro university of aveiro 33

grow th
Companies can resort to the competencies and services offered by UA
to leverage their resources, develop R&D projects, stimulate additional
activities and accelerate their growth in international markets.
growth ua entrepreneurial

UA Competences and Services Portfolio Technological Platforms

The UA Competences and Services This Portfolio is directed to companies, The purpose of the technological platforms integrated in business hubs, clusters and
Portfolio combines the vast range of local authorities and other private or public created for key sectors in the national associations. These partnerships result
competences and services offered by UA. entities that want to find out about and economy is to strengthen the bond in economic benefits, both for UA and for
It is an integrated and easily accessible benefit from the competences and services between the University and Businesses, the companies, therefore achieving the
catalogue of all the resources existing at offered by UA. This tool will facilitate and promoting the appearance of R&D projects third mission of universities: transferring
the university, available in paper version stimulate interaction between UA and and stimulating complementary activities, knowledge and cooperation with society.
and online. outside entities.

Contacts: Further information:

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 370 691 (+351) 234 370 611

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growth ua entrepreneurial

IEUA Graduate Program

Support for the acceleration of companies The IEUA Graduate program is geared
that successfully conclude the IEUA towards the consolidation of the Business
Start incubation program is developed Plan and model, of the internationalization
by means of IEUA Graduate, a program process, increasing the value of intellectual
lasting 2 years at the most, which property rights and attracting institutional
promotes acceleration and growth in and private investors, thus contributing
international markets. This program offers towards the maturity, sustainability and
companies access to areas, equipment, scalability of innovative companies.
acceleration services and a network of
partners geared towards creating value
and closing businesses deals, at a cost in
proportion to the size of the chosen area.

Contacts: Further information: (+351) 234 380 300

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