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BIM 360 Docs: Bid Management / Information Sharing (1 of 2)

Who: Project Admin

SETUP Various construction roles, typically designer or owner

1 4
Create folder in Project Files for the Bid
Create Bid Package folder in Plans Package, with three sub-folders for:
1) Project Documents (for upload of specs
and supporting docs)
2 2) Pre-bid RFIs
3) Bid Submissions
Upload drawings to Plans section

3 Invite prospective bidders to Bid Package
Invite prospective bidders to Plans folder folder with upload-only permission (which
with View only permission will carry down to subfolders).

Set the Project Documents subfolder to View
only permission.

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BIM 360 Docs: Bid Management / Information Sharing (2 of 2)


Who: Project Member Who: Project Admin Who: Project Member

Prospective Bidder Various construction roles, typically Prospective Bidder
designer or owner

1 3 7
Review and respond to RFIs Incorporate RFI responses into
Review drawings in Plans folder
(externally) bid

2 Create sub-folder for RFI 8
Write and upload RFIs to Pre-bid response Upload bid to Bid Submissions
RFI folder folder prior to deadline
Increase permission level of all
participants to View only

Upload RFI responses

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