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The Real Secret

Word of the

D. M.

1st May 2004

The Freemasons have often been called satanic, which is something that they are very
capable of fending off. While its rank and file members are ignorant of the purpose of the
organization, some know. Freemasons deflect accusations of being a satanic society largely
by employing the cover of being a philanthropic organization. But what is at the core of the
Freemasons’ beliefs? It is the belief in a single architect of the universe. One must ask if that
architect is Satan, all the while bearing in mind that very few would knowingly worship Satan.
Freemasonry is based upon the legend of the building of Solomon’s Temple, which is said to
have employed thousands of masons and stonecutters almost 3,000 years ago.

For many reasons, we cannot verify Masonic history too easily. Some Attas have investigated
Freemasonry, both from within by infiltration and from without by investigation. Thomas Paine
is one of the Attas who undertook the task from without, while other Attas like Benjamin
Franklin and Mark Twain infiltrated the organization. Franklin disclosed many of the secrets of
Freemasonry to Thomas Paine and also provided him with copies of various records from
some lodges. For this, Franklin was singled out for express criticism by Illuminati founder and
high-ranking Freemason and contemporary Adam Weisshaupt, who is legendary for his
devious and twisted behaviour and character. It was Weisshaupt who supposedly founded the
New World Order. However, he was more of a shill for the ruling elite and did as he was

After thoroughly investigating the organization, Paine argued well that Freemason historians
either will not produce the facts, or they do not know them. To show the enormous corruption
by Freemason historians, Paine noted that according to Masonic history, Pythagoras of 580
B.C. was supposed to be an early initiate of a frontrunner sodality of the Freemasons.
However, according to their history, the society was fully established during the time of the
building of King Solomon’s Temple, which was completed more than 300 years before
Pythagoras was born. Pythagoras is one of the Attas. Freemasons falsely claim that he was a
member of their society.

Also, according to Freemason history, the famous Greek mathematician, Euclid,

communicated his knowledge to Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason. Abiff was the main decorator
of the temple, which was built in the tenth century B.C. Euclid was born more than 500 years
after the completion of the temple, making this an impossibility. Whether the history was
intentionally muddled is irrelevant, as Freemasons continue to present the misinformation
today, long after horrendous errors have been exposed.

Since its own history is corrupted beyond recognition and its historians refuse to correct it, this
discussion will attempt to explain some pertinent Masonic legends and further explain the
actual history. The reader should ever consider why the Freemasons would lie about their
history while contemplating things Masonic.

According to their legend, two of the main characters are King Solomon and Hiram, King of
Tyre. These kings got together and decided to build a fabulous temple. They then employed
Hiram Abiff, a master craftsman of wide renown, to adorn the temple and beautify it.

Abiff, according to what is presented to candidates for the third degree of Masonry, was
treated as an equal by the two kings. But that is questionable, as is the indication that all the
masons and stonecutters who were building the temple were considered to be worthy and
noble tradesmen.

According to Masonic legend, just before the completion of the temple, three ruffians
conspired to extract the secrets of a Master Mason from Abiff. They were unable to extract the
secrets by force, but ended up killing Abiff.