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Pure Research

1. Developing tool to help novice programmers to help them in learning coding. For
example, the tool built in my Final Year Project which was an interactive educational site
which helped student in learning and practicing Coding.

2. Research Paper: CoRE addresses the most important requirements problems identified
and prioritized by its member companies
For safety critical systems where requirements are given a lot of importance and they are
focused upon, different verification, validation techniques are used upon them to check the
correctness. The Software Productivity Consortium (the Consortium) has developed a
rigorous requirements engineering method called CoRE ("Consortium Requirements
Engineering"), building upon proven formal and object-oriented methods, in order to make
sure requirements are correctly implemented. Development of Core Method is an example
of Pure Research. CoRE addresses the most important requirements problems identified
and prioritized by its member companies.

3. Developing algorithm for performing classification based on pixels.

4. Research Paper: Combining Distributed and Multi-Core Programming Techniques to

Increase the Performance of K-Means Algorithm
A three phase distributed / multi-core version of k-means algorithm is presented, to
enhance the huge masses of data production or extraction by computational systems.

Applied Research
1. Research Paper: CoRE addresses the most important requirements problems identified
and prioritized by its member companies
A part of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Lockheed Aeronautical Systems
Company (LASC) has incorporated CoRE into its C-130J aircraft program, to develop
avionics system requirements. C-130J is a safety critical application. The results then
verified that this method's proved to be practical and effective in building the correct
requirements in requirement analysis phase.

2. A study into the ways of improving the response time of compiler, the times it takes to
execute a code and display its output.
3. Automatic Tracking System and Personal Trainer, the company’s hardware system
attaches to the gym equipment, where users borrow a GymTrack bracelet that connects
with their smartphone to track tempo and form while they work out.
4. Research Paper: A Soft-Structured Agile Framework for Larger Scale Systems
Researching about Scaled Agile Framework, also known as SAFe and then finding if it
solves the issue of rapidly changing requirements for larger scale systems.

Descriptive Research

1. Research Paper: Lean Software Development: A Tutorial.

Lean Software Development: A Tutorial, in this research Lean software development’s it's
useful similarities and differences with agile software development are pointed out.

2. Research Paper: Impact of different teaching paradigms on student learning in

technically intensive courses: observations from a software analysis and design course
In this paper, certain observations were made that what are the effects of teaching from a
software analysis and design course in the following paradigms: traditional classroom,
online, and augmented online classroom.

3. Research Paper: Observations on collaboration in agile software development.

Collaboration is an important or workgroups involved in agile development processes, so
observations are conducted and reported in agile development workgroups to validate and
identify criteria for the collaboration evaluation. This is an example of Description

4. Observing how the salesperson behaved and what effect was made on the sales of the
product he was selling.

Correlational Research

1. Research Paper: The correlation between creativity and engineering knowledge among
engineering undergraduate students.
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between creativity and
engineering knowledge among undergraduate engineering students. A non-experimental
correlational research design was used in the study.
2. Research Paper: Student feedback & systematic evaluation of teaching and its
correlation to learning theories, Pedagogy & Teaching skills.

In this paper the relation was observed that there is a strong relation between the
student feedback for his teachers with student perception of teacher’s knowledge his
skills and his personality.

3. A researcher finds the relation between a student’s attendance report with his academic
records. The more absents he has the poorer his grades get.

Explanatory Research
1. Research that looks at how callers behave with various genres of hold music is another
instance of explanatory research
2. Research Paper: Agile software development: Impact on productivity and quality
To assess the impacts of agile software development on software, and how agile software
practices prove to help increase in productivity and quality of software.

3. Research done that the why the country with more poverty have more crime rate.

4. Research what and how the impact of automated systems will save the time of employees
of a company and what effect will it do on profit.

Qualitative Research
1. Research Paper: Qualitative research of indigo development between Japan and
The purpose of this paper was to know about the development of the indigo industry in
Japan and Taiwan. Researcher interviewed nine craftsmen from Japan and visited their
workplace. They also interviewed three craftsmen and visited their workplace in
Taiwan. The qualitative research data was collected from the semi-structural
questionnaire. The comparison of Japan and Taiwan indigo development differences
are identified domains.

2. Research Paper: A qualitative research evaluation of a Portuguese computerized

cancer registry

The aim of this paper was to evaluate the north regional cancer registry (RORENO) of
Portugal using a qualitative research. In their semi-structure interviews and
observation of north regional cancer registry they observed and identified a serious
problem which was the lack of an automatic integration of data from the different
sources, which was manually being done.

3. In a convenience store they were looking for ways to improve their sales among
women. In depth Interviews were conducted by them with different women customers.
Which then concluded that the store was not stocking enough products suitable for
women, variety of products was not available and there was no one to guide them
about products.
4. In a University Faculty Evaluation system, students were asked to make comments
about their teachers, as this was an open end question, students experience, remarks
about teachers and their teaching style data was collected.

Quantitative Research
1. A survey was conducted for the production of toys, questions from parents were asked
like what is your child afraid of snakes or pandas? Most of the parents agreed that their
child was afraid of snakes and wouldn’t prefer to have a toy of snake shape, so the
result was obtained that the panda toy production would be more beneficial.

2. To get the data on how many visitors visit a website in a month, and then analyzing
the data received to get the stats that how much the website is popular among people.

3. Research that consists of the percentage number of students get in order to qualify for the
medical colleges.

4. Quantitative Research done by doing the survey that how many people found the
software user friendly.