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All successful hospitals, without exception are based upon a triad- good planning, good design
and construction and good administration. Designing and building a hospital is an intricate job.
Even minor defects in designing can make the operation inefficient, requires more employees
and markedly increase the cost of maintenance. As a team leader, the architect does all the
planning and ensures good standard of patient care and operation efficiency. It is the
responsibility of the architect to translate clinical and administrative needs into architectural
and engineering realities. It is the architect’s job to integrate different departments of the
hospital in such a way that different types of traffic traversing the building are as much
segregated as possible, traffic routes are kept short, and important functions are protected
from prying eyes or intrusion. The skill with which the circulation is handled determines the
efficiency of the hospital during its life.

This semester, the design studio VIII problem is a 500 bedded multi-specialty hospital located in
the city of Gwalior. The aim is to inculcate an understanding needed to design a facility with
such varied functions and hierarchies. While designing a hospital one must remember the
following rules of hospital planning.

 Planning should not be hurried

 The detail should be complete
 Hospital planning starts with circulation
 Protection of patient is the primary rule
 Plan for the shortest possible traffic routes
 The separation of dissimilar activities
 Control

The hospital must be planned in units of service. All areas or rooms related to any specific unit
should be grouped together and arranged in such a way that co-ordination is possible.
1 Entrance Foyer
2 Emergency 1.5
3 Out-patient Department 1.5
Consulting examination rooms
 Orthopaedic
 Gynaecologist
 Physician
 Paediatrician
 Surgeon
 Physiotherapy
 Visiting Doctor examination room
 Treatment room
 Plaster room
4 Clinical lab/ Pathology 2.7
5 Radiology (X ray, Sonography) 3.5
6 Physical therapy 1
7 Food and Dietary 2.7
8 Pharmacy 0.5
9 Public spaces 1.2
10 Admission and Discharge 0.2
11 Administration (including cabins for CMO, MD, 3
Accounts department and other staff areas)
12 Medical Records 0.5
13 Employee Facilities 1
14 Seminar hall (25 people) 0.5
15 Nursing units (IPD) 25
 General ward (200 bedded separate for Male
and Female)
 Paediatrics ward (12 beddedx3)
 Semi Private Ward (20)
 Private Ward (20)
14 Haemo – Dialysis
15 Housekeeping 0.5
16 Central store 2.5
17 Laundry 1.4
18 Engineering and Maintenance 5
19 Surgical suite 4
20 ICU 24 bedded
21 Delivery suite 1.4
22 NICU/PICU (2) 0.5
23 Medical staff facilities 0.2
24 Circulation 12

The design problem will be submitted in different stages i.e. 8-10 stages who’s grading will be
done on the submission date itself.

Total Area- 37365 sqm (9.23 acres)

Site Location- Near gole ka mandir, Gwalior

Site dimensions- 175.86,162.41,101.77,96.07,225.37