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What do you say on these occasions? Cross (x) the correct answers.

1. On someone’s birthday
a. Well done!
b. Happy Birthday!
c. That’s fantastic!
d. Congratulations!
e. What brilliant news!
2. One someone’s graduation
a. Congratulations on your graduations!
b. You finally graduated; it’s about time!
c. Happy graduation!
d. Merry graduation!
e. Hooray!
3. On Christmas Day
a. Congratulations!
b. Merry Christmas!
c. Happy Christmas!
d. What a fantastic Christmas!
e. Congratulations on Christmas Day!
4. At a wedding
a. Congratulations on getting married
b. Congratulations on getting wed.
c. What a wedding!
d. Happy wedding!
e. Merry wedding!
5. When someone’s just had a baby
a. Finally!
b. Hooray!
c. Well done!
d. What a baby!
e. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

This incomplete text is for number 18-20

Hello, Everyone. I’m pleased to introduce my best friend, Dion, to 6) _________today. Dion is a tenth
grade student just like me. He is from Jakarta. He 7) ___________a younger brother and two older
sisters. His parents live in another town. Dion lives in this town with his grandmother because 8)
__________ house is near his school. Dion is a friendly friend. He loves meeting new people. He likes
travelling. He usually goes to the beach. That’s all about my best friend. Thank you.

6. a. you d. we
b. them e. him
c. us
7. a. have d. lives
b. are e. stay
c. has
8. a. his d. her
b. hers e. them
c. him

Questions 9-13
Answer the text correctly.

Son : That’s a nice scarf, Mom.

Mother : Thanks.
Son : It is really nice. Where did you get it?
Mother : I got it at a second-hand market in exchange for the red purse.
Son : And you got rid of the red purse?
Mother : Yeah. Well, what else was I going to do with it?
Son : But it was a gift from Grandma.
Mother : I know, but that’s okay, she wouldn’t mind. I’ve used it enough.

9. What does the man compliment woman on?

a. Her scarf
b. Her purse
c. Her decision
d. Second-hand market.
e. Her grandma’s house
10. How did she get the scarf?
a. She got it from Linda.
b. Someone gave her it as a gift
c. She bought it at a fashion shop.
d. She exchanged her red purse for the scarf.
e. She bought the new scarf at the second-hand market.

11. Why doesn’t the man agree with the woman’s decision? The red purse was….
a. Unique
b. Still good
c. Very expensive
d. Very memorable
e. Given by Grandma
12. What is the meaning of 2“got rid of”?
a. Threw away
b. Postponed
c. Purchased
d. Replaced
e. Repaired
13. What is the meaning of “exchange”?
a. To repair
b. To barter
c. To replace
d. To bargain
e. To embark
14. He should control ___ words so that he wouldn’t say something bad.
a. her
b. his
c. their
d. our
e. you
15. bag – belongs - , - Harry – little – my – to – brother – the – blue – sleeping – small
What is the correct arrangement of the words above?
a. The small blue bag belongs to my little sleeping brother, Harry
b. The little blue sleeping bag belongs to my small brother, Harry
c. The small blue sleeping bag belongs to my little brother, Harry
d. The blue small sleeping bag belongs to my little brother, Harry
e. The sleeping bag small blue belongs to my little brother, Harry
16. new – that – Japanese – belongs – car – to – director – the – black – expensive
What is the correct arrangement of the words above?
a. That black new expensive Japanese car belongs to the director
b. That Japanese car new expensive black belongs to the director
c. That new Japanese black car expensive belongs to the director
d. That expensive new black Japanese car belongs to the director
e. That new black expensive Japanese car belongs to the director

17. Look at the card below!

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

I’m so glad to welcome your newly born baby.
Wishing happiness will always be with you and your baby.


From the card, we know that the writer congratulates her uncle and aunt for their …..
a. Winning
b. Wedding
c. New born baby birth
d. Son’s graduation
e. Job promotion
18. Man : what are you going to
buy at the new
Woman : I’m going to buy a a
novel. I have waited for
this novel since last\
Man : I would like to go to the
stationery store near the
bookstore. Let’s go
there together.
What will the woman buy?
a. b.

c. d.


19. Jane : Do you know Roy’s brother?

Ryan : Yes, I do. What’s wrong?
Jane : How old is he?
Ryan : ……….

What is the most appropriate response to say next?

a. He is my classmate
b. He lives with his grandmother
c. He likes hiking very much.
d. He is eight years old
e. His name is Raditya

20. Syifa : What time are you going to call

Salsa : ……..
a. I would like to call her
b. I’m going to call her at 7 p.m
c. I would like to see her
d. I meet her at 7 p.m
e. I’m not going to tell her

II. Essay!