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1. The concept of Culture and the Importance of Understanding the Concept

Meaning and the concept of culture
Race and ethnic in Malaysia
Race and ethnic demography in Malaysia
The Importance of understanding the concept of culture to teachers

2. Socioculture and Sociocultural Development in Classroom

The meaning of Socioculture
Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory
Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory of Development
Role of teacher in sociocultural development in the classroom

3. Awareness of Sociocultural Diversity in Malaysia

Awareness of sociocultural diversity in Malaysia
- Race
- Language
- Social Structure
- Belief System
- Custom and Rituals

The importance of socio-cultural awareness to teachers in Malaysia

4. Roles and Implications of Sociocultural Diversity to the Education System in

Roles and implications of Sociocultural diversity in following aspects:
- Students
- Teachers
- School
- Curriculum

5. Equality in Educational Opportunities in Malaysia

Equality in Educational Opportunities
- Gender
- Social Class
- Interior
- Minority groups

Education Programmes For All in Malaysia

- Education Programmes for Indigenous and Interior
- Juvenile Education Programmes
- Remedial Education Programmes
- Education Programmes for children with special needs
- School in the Hospital
- School for the homeless and abandoned children ( Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih )
- Under-enrolled school

Challenges of Educational Equity in Malaysia

6. Developing Nation Building in the School’s Sociocultural Diversity

The concept fo nation building
- To enhance the national language
- To strengthen national integration
- To instill the passion towards arts, heritage and national culture

Initiatives to develop nation building

The roles of teachers in developing nation building
7. Management of a Cultural Friendly Classroom
Aspects of management
- physical
- emotion
- social
- sociolinguistic

Cultural Friendly Pedagogy

- Pedagogy for the main stream
- Pedagogy for combine class
- Pedagogy for the Indigenous

Cultural friendly based assessment

8. Effective Communication in a Cultural Friendly Classroom

Effective communication skills
- verbal and non-verbal
- language register
- politeness

The national language as medium of unity

The importance of effective communication skills

9. Teacher as an Agent of Cultural Friendly in the Community, National and Global

Cultural friendly programmes
- Collaborative programmes with Parent Teacher Association
- Smart partnership with government and private agencies

Characteristics of cultural friendly teachers;

- Personal
- Professional
- Behavioural practice

Role of teacher as cultural friendly agent