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DepEd LU Format

I. Situation
II. Problem: Specifies the core difficulty or crisis
III. Generation of Alternate Solution
a. This portion brings about the possible approaches to solve the problem
IV. Plan of Action
a. Objectives: are the goal towards which all the efforts are directed
b. Time Frame; specifies the period or duration of the study, the beginning and
the ending
c. Target Subjects: are the focus of the study. They compose those who were
observed to possess the problem characteristics, thus corrective measures
will be addressing their need for improvement or enhancing.
d. Activities to be Undertaken: are the things to be done to achieve the
objectives of the study.
e. Evaluation Criteria: shows the process by which the success of the project
may be gauged.
f. Research Design: summarizes the research activities into sub-components,
the subjects, research activities, the data to be collected and the statistical
analysis needed to answer the objectives specified in the study.
V. Presentation and interpretation of Results
VI. Conclusions – summarizes in clear thoughts and ideas what the findings are, and
what these mean.
VII. Recommendation – are treaties, appeal and entities which are perceived to solve
problems and help establish new system to ease our present problems and make
better existing situations.
VIII. Reflection – talks about looking back at the original intentions of the researcher
and what has been achieved.
IX. Bibliography – list of references(textbooks, researches, websites) Follow the
APA format

Note: The action research proposal includes Part I-IV together with a letter of approval. The
write up of the completed action research includes all parts. Only duly – approved action
research signed by the SDS shall be given points for promotion or performance evaluation.