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Shakespeare Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board Total Points ( 15) Write a two-paragraph interpretation/analyzation on one of

Shakespeare Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board

Total Points


Write a two-paragraph interpretation/analyzation on one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Choose from:

Create a short PowerPoint presentation on four of Shakespeare’s main characters. Create one slide for each character that provides background information, important characteristics/traits, internal/external struggles, and one quote from their play that is useful to their characterization.

Write a two-paragraph diary entry from the perspective of Juliet as she struggles with her love for Romeo and their families’ hatred for one another.

-Sonnet 130

-Sonnet 138


-Sonnet 24

Rewrite Hamlet’s soliloquy as if

Watch Damian Lewis’ rendition

Record a short two-minute video of yourself reenacting a quote or scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays. Video should be entertaining, creative, and appropriate. Video may be submitted via email to Mrs. Mann.


were spoken in the 21 st

of Mark Antony’s “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech

Century. Be creative and give it


modern twist.

from the play Julius Caesar. Write a half page analysis on his use of satire, specifically when referring to Brutus as an “honorable man.”

Be prepared to read your soliloquy aloud to the class. It should be at least 60 seconds in length.

Create a timeline of one of Shakespeare’s plays. The timeline should cover all the main events in the plot from beginning to end of the play. There should be at least ten points on the timeline accompanied by a small illustration and one sentence explanation for each point.

Create a two-paragraph re-write of the climax in Romeo and Juliet. Invent a scenario where the two lovers do not kill themselves in Act 5 Scene 3. What would have happened if their plan was successful?

Write a two-paragraph explanation of why or why not you think Shakespeare is important to read/learn about. Answer should be supported with valid reason and evidence.