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Skema FIZIK kertas2

1(a)(i) State the name of liquid correctly 1
- mercury
(a)(ii) State the correct physical change 1
- Expansion / increase in volume

(b)(i) State the choice of instrument correctly 1

-thermometer X

(b)(ii) Give one correct reason. 1

- The smallest division is smaller // able to detect the smaller /smallest
2(a)(i) Total internal reflection 1
Pantulan dalam penuh
(a)(ii) The refractive index of Y is higher than the refractive index of X// 1
Vice versa
Ketumpatan optik Y lebih besar daripada ketumpatan optik X
(b) 1 1 1
Sin c = = = 0.4762
n 2.1

c = 28.44o // 280 26’ 1

(c) Prism periscope // prism binoculars // camera// endoscope and etc. 1
Periskop berprisma/binokular berprisma/kamera/endoskop dll
3(a)(i) Constant/ uniform velocity // acceleration is zero 1
Halaju seragam / pecutan sifar
(a)(ii) Constant acceleration // increasing velocity uniformly followed by
zero acceleration // constant velocity 1
Pecutan seragam / halaju bertambah seragam diikuti dengan pecutan sifar /
halaju seragam
(b)(i) zero //F = 0 1
sifar // F = 0
(b)(ii) constant / uniform velocity // acceleration is zero 1
halaju seragam / pecutan sifar
(c) 1- a curve with the increasing gradient (from 2.00 pm – 2.01 pm)
2- Straight line (> 2.01pm) 2


4 (a) Reflection of wave 1
(b) 1- The incident ultrasonic waves is reflected by the big rock to form 1
reflected ultrasonic waves.
2- The incident angle is equal to reflected angle 1
(c)(i) vt 1560 × 1.5 1
d= =
2 2
= 1170 m 1
(c)(ii) 1- Distance between two pulses is 3 cm 1
2- Amplitude is smaller 1

5(a)(i) The wall of a dam in Figure 4.2 is much thicker at the bottom than at 1
the top and withstand the higher pressure at the bottom of the lake.
(a)(ii) Pressure at B is higher than at A // vice versa 1
(b)(i) Dam in Diagram 5.2 1
(b)(ii) 1- When depth increases, pressure increases. 1
2- Thicker at the base can withstand high pressure. 1
(c)(i) Siphon system 1
(c)(ii) Diffrence in water level will cause different in pressure 1

(c)(iii) 1



6(a) Induced current 1
(b)(i) 1- Number of turns in Diagram 6.1 is greater. 1
2- Angle of deflection for galvanometer in diagram 6.1 is bigger. 1
(ii) 1- as the number of turns increases, the rate of change of magnetic flux 1
2- hence, induced more current 1
(c) Lenz’s law
(d) 1- The current induced produces north pole on the left side
2- so as to oppose the oncoming magnet
7(a) n-p-n transistor 1
(b)(i) 12 V 1
(b)(ii) 27 + 3 = 30 kΩ 1
(b)(iii 3 1
) V YZ = 3 + 27 x 12
= 1.2 V 1
(c) 1- Lamp L will not glow 1
2- because the voltage across YZ (i.e 1.2 V) is less than the
base-emitter potential difference of 2V 1
(d) Resistor R1 and R2 are swapped places 1
(e) 1-Resistor R1 is replaced by a thermistor. 1
2- Lamp L is replaced by an electric bell. 1
8(a) Atoms of elements which have same proton number, but different 1
nucleon number
Isotop ialah atom satu unsure yang mempunyai nombor proton yang sama, tetapi
nombor nucleon yang berlainan
(b)(i) 1- Show the line in the graph 1
2- T1/2 = 4 days 1

Shape of graph 1
One point is correct 1
Two or more point 2
(c)(i) Geiger- Muller tube 1

(ii) Back ground reading 1
(iii) 562 – 20/19/21 = 542/ 543/ 541 counts/min 1
(iv) 5 cm 1
(v) 1- At 5 cm, the reading form detector increase rapidly 1
2- In large scale/ number, shows the existing of α-particles 1

Number Answer Mark Remark

9 (a) Heat is the quantity of energy that is transformed from one hot object 1
to a cold object.

(b) 1-Figure 9.1 shows a situation where a solid changes into liquid / 1
Figure 9.2 shows a situation where a liquid change into gas
2-Both processes have a change in the state of matter. 1
3-Both processes require heat. 1
4-The heat absorbed is not to raise the temperature, to overcome the 1
force between the molecule particles during the physical change.
5-Concept involved is Latent Heat 1
(c)(i) 1-Water evaporates from the skin when we sweat. 1
2-for water to evaporate it use heat from the body 1

(ii) 1-Steam condenses to form water so, 1

2-latent heat of vaporization of steam is let out more steam. 1

Suggestion Explanation
Use insulator behind the To prevent the loss of
absorber panel heat energy 2
Use an absorber panel A black surface is a good
which is painted black. absorber of radiation so it will 2
absorb heat faster
The pipe inside the plate Metal is a good heat conductor,
must be made of metal so it will transmit heat to 2
water easily
Pipe embedded in plate Longer pipe will enlarge
must be long surface area will absorbs heat 2
A storage tank must be To give higher pressure
place at a higher level 2

Use glass cover on the top To trap heat energy.

of the panel (energy is radiated in,
but cannot radiate out again).
Any five suggestions and explanation[ 10 marks ]

Total 20
Number Answer Mark Remark
10 (a) State the energy transformations correctly 1

Chemical energy → electrical energy
(b) Compare the arrangement of dry cells correctly 1
1 Figure 10.1(a): The dry cells connected in parallel,
Figure 10.1(b): The dry cells connected in series
Compare the voltage supplied correctly
2 The voltage supplied in Figure 10.1(a) is smaller

Compare the ammeter reading correctly 1

3 The ammeter reading in Figure 10.2(a) is smaller

State correctly the relationship between the voltage supplied 1

and the energy transferred
4 The greater the voltage supplied, the greater the energy
transferred to flow the electric charges around the circuit
State correctly the relationship between the current flowing and
the energy transferred
5 The greater the current flowing around the circuit, the
faster that the energy is transferred

(c) State the situation when touching the live wire correctly 2
1 Our bodies are at earth potential (0V)
2 If we touch the live wire, there will be a large potential
difference (p.d) the live wire
and our body. A large current flow through it, probably

State the situation when touching the neutral wire correctly 2

3 The neutral wire stays at earth potential (0V), roughly at the
same potential as our
4 If we touch the neutral wire, there is no p.d. across us and so
no current flows.
(d) State the method to make the cabin wiring more effective 1
The electric appliances are connected in parallel//diagram

State the correct reason 1

Allow each electric appliances to be switched on and off

State the method to protect electric appliances from damage 1

Fit fuse at the live wire in the fuse box //diagram// Use
miniature circuit breakers (mcb’s)
State the correct reason 1
To stop the flow of current by melting when a high voltage

of electric current flows through the circuit // switches itself off
very quickly if the current exceeds e.g. 15A (for 15A mcb)

State the method to prevent electric shock 1

Earth connection to the metal case of electrical appliances

State the correct reason 1

Earth wire connected to earth, so that when a fault occurs
and a current flows through the live wire and the earth wire, the
fuse in the live wire will blow and cut off the supply. It will
protect a person who may touch a faulty or live appliance

State the method to increase energy efficiency 1

Use low power lamps / install fluorescent lamp 1
Regularly cleaning and removing dust from the air filters of 1
air conditioners
Do not put more water in a kettle than needed for hot drinks

State the correct reason 1

To save the energy

Total 20

11 (a) When an object is immersed in a fluid, the buoyang force on the 1

object is equal in size to the weight of fluid displaced by the object.
Apabila objek terendam didalam bendalir, daya tujah ke atas yang
dikenakan keatas objek itu adalah sama dengan berat bendalir yang
(b) - B is denser than A. 1
- B lebih tumpat dari A.
- The weight of water displaced is the same of the weight of 1
the rod.
- Berat air disesarkan sama dengan berat rod. 1
- Weight of B is greater than weight of A
- Rod B lebih berat dari rod A 1
- B will displace more volume of water
- B menyesarkan isipadu air yang lebih banyak.
(c) - Material made from glass 1
- Diperbuat daripada kaca
- Glass does not corrode with acid 1
- Kaca tidak dihakis oleh asid
- Small diameter of capillary tube 1
- Diameter tube kapilari yang kecil
- To increase the sensitivity of the hydrometer 1
- Menambahkan kepekaan hidrometer
- High density of shots 1
- Bebuli berketumpatan tinggi
- Makes the hydrometer stays upright 1
- Supaya hidrometer tegak
- Big diameter of bottom bulb

- Diameter bebuli kaca besar 1
- To obtaine a bigger upthrust.
- Menghasilkan daya tujah ke atas yang besar 1
- Choose N 1
- Pilih N
- N is made from glass, has small diameter of capillary tube, 1
high density of shots and a big diameter of bottom bulb.
- N diperbuat dari kaca, mempunyai diameter kapilari yang kecil,
bebuli berketumpatan tinggi dan bebuli kaca berdiameter besar.
(d)(i) Weight of boat = weight of water displaced 1
2500 N = 1000 x V x 10
V = 0.25 m3 1
(d)(ii) Maximum weight = maximum water displaced

= 1000 x 4 x 10 1
= 40000 N 1

maximum mass = 4000 kg 1

maximum load = 4000 – 250 = 3750 kg.

Total 20

12 (a)(i) A transformer is a device that steps up or steps down the voltage of an 1

alternating current. [1]
(ii) Transformer Q 1
Ns>Np 1
(b)(i) Vs = Ns Vp = 500 x 240 1
Np 2000

= 60V 1
Vs = 1000 x 110 1
= 220 V 1
(c) • Heating effect in the coils 1
• Eddy currents in the coils 1
• Leakage of magnetic flux 1
• The magnetisation and demagnetisation of the core
Maximum 3
Characteristic Explanation
Low resistivity To reduce heat loss in the cables 2
Low density The cables will be lighter 2
Low cost Cost of project will be lower 2
Low rate of thermal The cables will not expand under hot
expansion weather 2
• Cable Q 1
• Low resistivity, low density, medium cost, low rate of thermal 1
Total 20