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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.



Background and Inception of the Company:

Aradhya steel private company limited was incorporated on 9th day of January 1989
having registration no 08/09761 of 1988- 89 as a small scale unit having PMT no
08/07/03065/PMT/SSI dated 31-3-90 and is also having ISO 9001 certification from Lloyds
register quality assurance. The company is manufacturing MS/HC steel wire black and
galvanized from 0.13mm to 5.00mm dia. The company has started its commercial production
during 1989-90 with a production capacity is about 7000 MTA. With the existing product
On in implementation of proposed modernization and expansion scheme the total
installed capacity of the company is expected to reach 18000 MT P.A the company’s
products are having utility in wire ropes, control cables and spring industry etc. to name a

Aradhya steel group was founded in1971by Mr I.M Aradhya and his brothers will a
borrowed start-up capital of Rs5000 (~ USD 100).The brother’s first venture was into
hardware products such as nails but gradually backward integrated into mild steel wires
which later led to the foray into high carbon steel wires.
Aradhya family with roots of 200 years at Davangere was in the business of hospitals,
education and banking, construction, food processing, packaged drinking water, steel wire
and ropes and cement products.

Nature of Business:
Aradhya steel manufactures wires, stands and flexible shafts for the automotive cable
industry. The premium range comprise of cables for gear, brakes, Parking brake, choke,
speedometer, accelerator, and others. It also includes outer FQ wire, and inner wire and

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

Vision, Mission and Quality Policy:

Aradhya steel aspires to be the preferred supplier of speciality steel wire and ropes to
the global automotive tyre, cable, spring, and wire rope industry and continually achieve
customer delight by delivering long term reliability and cost-competitiveness through an
effective quality management system
Aradhya wire ropes aspires to be the preferred supplier of the specialty steel ropes of
the global elevator, shipping, and finishing, mining, oil and gas and general engineering
industry and achieve customer delight by being consistently reliable and competitive!
Quality Policy:
Aradhya steel only an organization with a quality culture can remain a globally
competitive company in today’s environment. To build a culture of quality, Aradhya steel is
implementing several quality initiatives such as Is09001, TS 16949, 5S, TPM to ultimately
align towards 6 sigma across the organization.
Aradhya steel believes in a 360 degree approach to quality. As an ISO 9001 company.
Aradhya steel is constantly working towards customer delight with its products and services

1. Checking of equipment under manufacture at the appropriate stages has been

enumerated clearly in our above said enclosure of electrical and mechanical testing
2. Assessment of quality and compliance with the specifications for buying in items will
be undertaken as per the relevant standards.

Products Profile:
Our range of steel wires is manufactured from superior quality stainless steel. These
are offered in different quality, sizes and grade to be suitability applied in varied industries.
Our array of products companies of:

 Spring Steel:

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

We at Aradhya steels are consistently engaged in providing high Quality spring steel
meeting all the international standards that meets global standards and specification such as
EN, DIN, JIS, and ASME. We provide steel in brilliant finish and sheared edges to suitably
allow bending and mouldings in desired springs, our steel undergoes heart treatment to ensure
durability and hardness.
1. Steel For Auto Cable Industry:

Our highly durable range of steel for auto cable industry is flexible and endurable. We
provide steel wires. Strands and flexible shafts and import from GCR, Italy for stranding and
closing of automotive strands, these strands are mainly applied in guy wire, stay wire,
messenger wire, and steel core for ACSR, cable etc.
2. Steel For Conductor Industry:

We offer right wires and coils to be used in ACSR conductors, these are galvanized
with ceramic bath and ceramic sinker plate, which insures uniform coating and superior
surface finish.
3. Steel For Infrastructure:

Our steel wires and coils for infrastructure projects have high tensile strength and are
highly durable. Our product have properties like corrosion resistance, bright surface, and
strict control of chemical composition, high class welding, wetting and feeding
4. Steel for steel wire rope:

We provide steel wires, which are used for steel wire rope, these wires have high
tensile up to 1960 N/mm and are phosphate coated. Further these are also galvanized to
ensure corrosion resistance. The wide range includes:
 Wire dia: from 0.14 mm up to 5.00 mm
 Wire ropes: 1.5mm up to 32 mm in all standard constructions,
5. Steel For Type Industry:
The steel wires we provide are of a premium quality and in compliance with all
international standards. These are extensively used in tyre and industry and deliver all
their services perfectly
 Major ingredients for production and their availability:

High carbon steel wire rods:

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

The required quantity and quality of high carbon steel wires in indigenously available in the
open market and the major suppliers are:
1) Tata steel Ltd.,
2) Mukunda Ltd.,
3) Vishakhapatnam steel plant, (Rastriyaispath Nigam ltd.,)
4) Ushamrtin industries Ltd.
 Power:
The required power will be sourced from Bescom without any hurdles.
 Gas:
The LPG/propane require for gas furnace can be sourced from
1) Indian oil corporation
2) Reliance petroleum Ltd.,
3) Super gas,
4) Bharath petroleum corporation Ltd.,
5) Hindustan petroleum corporation Ltd.,

 Water:

Water required for the plant will be sourced from own bore wells.
 Man power requirements:
The company is already having skilled and trained workforce for carrying out the production
activity. The additional requirement will be sourced from locally and trained according to the
requirements from the existing skilled and experienced technicians.

 Stores and consumables:

The technology used in the process in indigenous and the required store consumables are
readily available in the market.

1. Power Generation Plant:

Power plant uses the fibber of the processed sugar cane (biogases) as fuel to generate
electricity in an environmentally responsible manner. An integrated 11.2m.w. power generate
and supplies electricity to the stage grid produced from sugar cane waste used to rotate
turbines 7M.W power is utilized in the plant remaining power is supplied to KPTCL.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

2. Distillery Plant:
Distillery plant uses by-product of sugar mill viz; molasses as raw material for production of
spirits and alcohol.
 The capacity of plant was 60 KPLD which has been increased up to 120 KLPD in
November 2006.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,



HUMAN RESOURSE DEPARTMENT: Employees are the functional unit of any

organization. Their selection, training, placement and induction ate important for the
organization. Human resource staff deals with the process by which the employees are
recruited, deployed and developed for their current position and future up gradation. Human
resource management activity has been under the guidance of works manager carried out by
production in charge.


 To create and utilize an able and motivated work force to achieve organizational
 To build up credibility with employees and keep communication channels open all the
 To establish and maintain sound relationship among all the employees of the
 To train employees in all the jobs of the organization.
 To govern employee and company relationship with standard of conduct and integrity.


 Man power planning and recruitment are done properly so as to achieve good
 Selection, placement, induction and oriented are conducted properly and in most
efficient manner, so as to maintain good employee relationship and achieve good
productivity. Promotion, transfer and demotions.
 Performance appraisal, training programs are conducted for improvement of the
company and employee career.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

SOURCES OFFINANCE: Aradhya steel wires Pvt. Ltd., has available term loans from the
financial institutions namely Corporation Bank and united bank of India.



 Primary objectives is to satisfy customer.

 To establish business contacts.
 To access the markets.
 To present market players and dominate brands.
 To prepare a marketing plan.


 The marketing executives has to make marketing survey and make a research,
so as to potential markets.
 The marketing department has to get feedback from the customer and prepare
a reports so as to further meet their specifications and requirements.
 The marketing Department has to implement new plans, so as to increase their

Marketing managers focus on how to best implement the chosen strategy.

Traditionally, this has involved implementation planning across the “4Ps” of marketing:
Product management, pricing, place (i.e. Sales and distribution channels), and Promotion.


The company being a major player in the field of wire industry has good customer
base for its product. As the automobile industry and steel industries are growing at rapid
pace, the company feels that there is lot of untapped potential for its products and is confident
of tapping the same.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

Also, presently numbers of wire consumers in southern India are procuring their wire
requirements from northern part of the country and they will be at an advantage to procure
wires from our company due to logistic advantages. As per industrial survey, the total
requirement of wires in the southern India is about 30000 to 40000 tons per annum and is
about 12.00 lacks tons per annum in the country.

PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: Production department plays a very important role in the

entire organization. As such; it acts as a main center of the whole organization by converting
the raw materials into finished products. This department is responsible for carrying out the
production activities evenly and in most efficient manner.


To achieve quality products consistently and customer expectation through

continuous improvements and reliability

 Improvement of plant efficiency above 75%

 To follow up the daily production schedule as per the plan.


 The production and planning department will set standards and targets for each
section of the production process
 Directs and coordinates operations of all component organizations, encompassing:
 Executes security programs for protection of classified or otherwise restricted
materials, during production and distribution activities.
 The works department will be concerned with manufacturing of products. This will
include the maintenance of the production line and other necessary repairs. The works
department may also have responsibility f or quality control and inspection.


To establish themselves as a world class leader in the wire drawing industry, Aradhya
steel wires with advanced technology has laid increased emphasis on devising its business
strategy and an aggressive top line growth and increased operational efficiencies.
Aradhya steel emphasis on three key elements that from the corner stone of the
company’s growth strategy;

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

 Developing a new product strategy.

 Enhancing supply capacities.
 Creating an organization with world class technology and full service supply



 Collection of quotations.
 Negotiations.
 Raising the purchase order.
 Collecting the indents from the departments.


 To ensure purchase of good material at lower prices and good quality.

 To ensure availability of raw material in time, so that the production should not be
 To ensure Deliver of order in time so as to maintain good relation with the customers.
 To ensure good quality of the ordered materials, so that the products manufactured are
defect free.


1) Purpose:
To establish a procedure for general purchase, reviewing of the purchase
ordered and evaluating supplier/subcontractor and also to ensure that the Quality
of purchased materials/products confirmed to the specified requirements.

2) Scope:
This procedure shall be applicable for the purpose of direct, indirect and
critical for the process and general materials for plant and machinery.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

3) Selection:
The Managing Director / Works Manager decide the parameters (including
that of Quality assurance requirements) for selection of supplier, raw materials
and critical process materials.

QUALITY CONTROL DEPARMENT: The Company mainly emphasizes on quality

which is the fundamental concept on which the business was started.


They are committed to enhance satisfaction of all customer by manufacturing cost effective
products, providing safe and healthy environment through effective implementation and
continual improvement of the quality management system.


Quality is the essential attribute attached to any product. All products and services that want
to be lender in the market should provide the superior quality. Aradhya steel wires also
follows the same strategy. Quality control departments at Aradhya steel wires ensures the
quality of the steel and products to the prescribed standards .it also responsible for
formulating the quality control policies and development standards for the steel and steel
products from time to time. The standards are mandatory and include the latest quality


 Take customer issues personally, responding with urgency and decisiveness to

quickly resolve them.
 Self-improve containment, hesitation, where variation is an issue or the root cause is
not known and eliminated.
 Aggressive implementation of the protect the customer process with comprehensive
control plans on all new parts and programs.
 Everyone in the organization must be accountable for quality improvement.


Aradhya steel wires have been able to implement the objective of quality through the
below mentioned mean:

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

 Design Quality which is measured through reliability analysis.

 Manufacturing and continuous improvement.
 Six sigma and continues improvement.
 Customer Service Engineering.


For achieving the Quality objectives of the plant, it is necessary to organize and co-
ordinate total operation which is the combined responsibility of all the functional heads of the

Each and every employee of the plant/organization/factory is responsible for assuring the
Quality. The top management emphasizes consistent and continuous effort to promote
Quality consciousness.

Works Manager is ultimately responsible to maintain the Quality of the product,

process and systems. He sets objectives, implements, measures for Quality through
management reviews. Managing Director has transferred the responsibility to Works
Manager for planning, introduction, monitoring and Up gradation of plant.

Quality control department has the responsibility of incoming materials, in process

materials and outgoing materials through identification and testing techniques and with
necessary instruments, facilities and skills for achieving the required Quality.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,


The objectives of industrial training are:

 To provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career

before permanent commitments are made.
 To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations.
 To develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.
 Internships will increase a student's sense of responsibility and good work habits.
 To expose students to real work environment experience gain knowledge in
writing report in technical works/projects.
 Internship programs will increase student earning potential upon graduation.
 To build the strength, teamwork spirit and self-confidence in students life.
 To enhance the ability to improve students creativity skills and sharing ideas.
 To build a good communication skill with group of workers and learn to learn
proper behaviour of corporate life in industrial sector.
 The student will be able instilled with good moral values such as
responsibility, commitment and trustworthy during their training.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,



Sketches of several industrial machinery parts which are helpful in the manufacturing of the
tyre bead wire.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,


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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,


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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,


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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,


We had done the internship in Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd., for the duration of 4 weeks.
The main production of Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd., is to manufacture the tyre bead wire which
are helpful for the strengthening of the tyres and the wire ropes which are used in the heavy
lifting of the objects in the crane. The main supplies of raw materials for this industry is
Jindal steel.

On the first day of the internship I had of the gone through the systematic procedure for the
manufacturing of tyre bead wire. The main procedure of the tyre bead wire consists of:
 Pre-drawing of the raw materials.
1. Loading of the coils.
2. Descaling of the wire is made in order make it free from scales.
3. Jet wash is been in order to improve the impurities.
4. Acid Bath is made with the help of the HCL acid.
5. Water rinsing.
6. Borax Coating is been done which acts as the lubricant and also neutralizes the
acid content in wire.
7. Drying.
8. Inspection and turning of the wire.
9. Storage.
 Pretending-1and Pretending-2 the heat treatment in order to increase the properties of
raw materials.
1. Heat treatment at the several zones that is zone 1 of 950°c,zone 2 of
1045°c,zone 3 of 1010°c,zone 4 of 990°c, zone 5 of 980°c.
2. Lead bath is made in order to cool the inner core.
3. Water cooling the cold water is used as the lubricants.
4. Acid bath using the HCL acid.
5. Water rinse which will wash the acid.
6. Phosphate Bath which is used for coating and lubrication proposes.
7. Water rinse which neutralizes from the phosphate bath.
8. Borax bath for the bonding the neutralizing proposes.
9. Dryer the hot air is been used.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

10. Take up.

 Bead wire machining which consists of several types of the drums in order to reduce
the thickness of the wire from the 5.5-6.5mm to the 1.6-3mm. The several die are
been used in the decreasing order in several drums in order to decrease the thickness
of the wire.
 Rolling quality machining which also consists of the several types of the drums which
is helpful in reduction of the thickness of the wire from 1.6-3mm to 0.965-0.30mm.
 Tire Bead Coating is done in order to increase the properties and the surface finish of
the wires.
1. Lead bath of 445°c relieves the stress.
2. Charcoal is used to avoid the lead with wire.
3. Sand tray is used to avoid the lead and the charcoal.
4. Quench bath the water is been used to remove the dirt.
5. Alkali bath of caustic soda use for cleaning propose.
6. Water rinse to avoid the alkali content.
7. Acid bath of HCL having the 16% and 18% concentration.
8. Water rinse to avoid the acid.
9. Air wiper to dry the wire.
10. Activator bath the small amount of HCL is used.
11. Bronze Bath for the coating and the chemicals used are copper sulphate and
tin sulphate.
12. Temperature maintenance of 23° to 17°c.
13. Hot water bath of temperature 70°c.
14. Air wiper.
15. Dryer of temperature 145°c.

The main procedure for the manufacturing of the wire ropes:

 Pre-drawing of the raw materials.

 Wire draw is been made to reduce the thickness of the wire. It consists of two types of
1. Wet machining: Galvanized sized wire is been made by the draw wire with the
suitable die of 0.20mm and the water coolant is been used.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,

2. Standing machining: final rope is been made of 20mm having the inner rope
of 8.8mm.

I had allowed the several departments of the industry like HR department, Purchasing
department and the Maintenance department etc.

For the rest of the days I have asked to do the sketches of the several machinery parts
by using the solid edge software by taking the dimensions manually using the
instruments. The sketches of the machine parts are above mentioned.

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Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd.,



Organisation study at Aradhya steels PVT ltd., provided me a very good opportunity
to know about the organisational structure, formation and its working. It helped me to gain
practical knowledge about different functions of various departments of the company. All the
staffs in the company were very much co-operative and very keen to explain each aspect.
This study helped to acquire practical knowledge in this field. This study will be of great
benefit for my future career.
The main purpose of the study is to make the students acquainted with the practical
knowledge about the overall functioning of the organisation. It gives opportunity to study the
human behaviour and also makes one ready to face different situations, which normally
would come across while on work in the factory or office environment.
The study gave an opportunity to know about the industrial world. Being with the
company helped me to learn how the management theories and concept are applied in an
organisation. It gives an opportunity to see how few managers manage a number of
employees and machines to run the company with a profit. More over the company visit was
a good exposure to learn about the working conditions of the organization. It also helped to
know how the companies optimally utilize its assets, reduce its cost of production which well
helps them gain profits. Important aspects noticed in the company was the company has
maintained good discipline and even employees are very friendly and co-operative.
The functions and complex nature of work carried out at Aradhya steels Pvt Limited
was understood during the course of preparation of the project. I got the clear picture about
the company financial structure and how to manage all the department and the company
current financial position.

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