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CSUF Teacher Induction Program Lesson Plan

Teacher - Megan Gabler Runnells

Subject – ELA, Literature, Geography
Topic – Global Citizenship – Costa Rica
Date – March 2019
Estimated Time - 2 class periods (40 minutes each)

Lesson Title – Costa Rica 101

In connection to the school event, Olympic Day, the objective is to learn about the country of Costa Rica with
focus on location, geography, population, language, culture, economics, education, government, and exports.

Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the
Determine a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of
the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments.
Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to
develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.

Essential Questions:
 What are some of the common characteristics of Spanish-speaking countries?
 Where are Spanish-speaking countries located in the world?
 What are Latin America’s natural resources?
 How does the educational system of the region of study provide equal access and opportunity to members of both genders?
 How do the geographic characteristics of your entrepreneurship region of study promote or inhibit the movement of goods,
people, and ideas with other countries?

Before introducing the topic, the teacher will begin the lesson by asking the class, “What Spanish speaking
countries are there in the world?” Taking volunteers, the teacher will allow students to offer answers, while
filtering the correct responses. Then students will be introduced to the country our class will be representing for
the school event, Olympic Day. This annual event has each class participate by adopting a country to represent
throughout the day in athletic games, classroom lessons, and food tasting. Our class will represent the country of
Costa Rica, one of the responses for Spanish-speaking countries. For our in class lessons, we will begin with
watching a short overview video about our country on Discovery Education. Once the video is over, students will be
CSUF Teacher Induction Program Lesson Plan

volunteer answers about their viewing in a class discussion. The teacher will engage the students through questions
and pictures. The information will be recorded on a Circle Map anchor chart on the front board. Following the video
discussion, students will be asked to locate the country on our classroom map based on what they learned. This map
will remain on board next to Circle Map throughout the lesson.

Guided Practice:
Following the video discussion, the teacher will project a world map on the front board. Then, students will be
asked to locate the country on our classroom map based on what they learned. Then, teacher will hand out a
template of the Costa Rica map to each student. Next, the teacher will ask for volunteers to locate various cities
and topography. As sites are located on the class map, the teacher will instruct students to record the places on
their maps, as modeled by the teacher. This map will remain on board next to Circle Map throughout the lesson.

After the map, the teacher will hang 10 QR codes around the classroom, each with a question typed above the QR
code. Each question will ask a question about Costa Rica, referring to language, education, location, geography,
economics, government/military, exports, and culture. Then, students will be given a record sheet with 10 numbered
boxes. Working with a “Clock Partner” (pre-determined partners from a list generated at the beginning of the year),
students will utilize class ipads to complete a QR Code activity. They must read the question aloud with partner
and then scan the QR code. The QR code will take them to a website where they will find the answer to the
question. The teacher will demonstrate the process and expectation for the activity in front of the class using a
sample QR Code and iPad. Finally, students will record answers in the coordinating numbered box and write
information in complete sentences.

What are 2
Sample QR Code and question.
animals that live
in the Costa Rican
CSUF Teacher Induction Program Lesson Plan

Teacher will allow students to work about the classroom in any particular order to find the answers to the QR Code
questions, monitoring progress as they work. Finally, students will share responses with the whole group. Peers
will compare and give feedback on responses.

The teacher will close the lesson with an assessment involving individual oral response on Google Classroom using
Flip Grid, where students will share 3 new facts they learned about the country of Costa Rica.

The teacher will modify lesson times if students need more time to write responses. Also, for struggling students,
teacher will work closely in helping to develop responses and help edit if needed as they scan codes. If students are
struggling with locating sites on map, then teacher will have them work with a partner or site near teacher during
guided practice.