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Partner / Citroen Berlingo

M59, 2007, 1.6HDi, cluster with CC LCD
Eeprom ST95020W6, MCU: NEC D78F0828B(A)
wri]en with Keeprog USB programmer (5V)
in circuit with soic8 adapter

Trip mileage
mileage (KM) (KM when last reset to 0)
mileage (KM) checksum
mileage repeated

byte for
Miles or KM
18 (KM),
also seen as: 1A as string
serial number back of
78 (Miles) cluster: 00822400
also seen as: 7A
PSA part number:
Date producaon
96 579516 80
back of cluster:
start of serial number
back display
first 2 le]ers:

Mileage calcula*on:
0xF0531500 byte flip = 0x001553F0
0x001553F0 in decimal = 1397744 / 10 = 139,774.4 KM Trip mileage:
Recorded as KM from mileage
Checksum calcula*on: when last reset to 0.
0x001553F0 XOR 0xFFFFFFFF = 0xFFEAAC0F Trip is the difference between
0xFFEAAC0F byte flip = 0x0FACEAFF current mileage and the number