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Government of India
Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Central Examination Organisation
Oct 2018 Pilot


Roll Number 19251648

Computer Number P-18455619

Candidate's Name PRANJAL SONI


DOB 04-07-1996

Applying For CPL

Center Details New Delhi

2. Examination Details

Category QPREF Paper Paper Type Subject Venue Name Exam Date Batch/Time

CPL 002 Paper-1 General Air Central Examination 21-12-2018 09:30:00

Navigation Organization O/o DGCA.

CPL 003 Paper-2 General Aviation Central Examination 21-12-2018 14:00:00

Meteorolog Organization O/o DGCA.
y R.K.Puram

CPL 004 Paper-3 General Air Central Examination 21-12-2018 17:15:00

Regulation Organization O/o DGCA.

3. Instruction To The Candidate

1. Candidates are required to report at the examination centre 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examination time.

2. Candidates MUST take their allotted seat 15 min prior to the commencement of exam and candidate will not be
permitted to enter the examination hall after commencement of examination.

3. Detail of Venue Address is available in Flight Crew Notice Board of Pariksha portal.

4. No Candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination without this admit card.

5. In addition to the above, Candidates are advised to carefully read the Instructions published on DGCA web site and

6. Failure to comply with any of these instructions will disqualify the candidate from appearing in the examination.

7. This admit card shall be used by the candidate only for the purpose of appearing In Pilot Licence Examination
Session as mentioned above.

8. Before leaving the hall, it is essential and mandatory for all candidates to sign the attendance sheet, failing
which candidature may be rejected.

9. In Addition to the Admit Card, Candidates must carry their Original Photo Identity Proof failing which, the
candidates will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

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